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13 Best Wireframe Kit for Sketch – Figma and XD

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 Mockplus is a great wireframe kit for Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. It offers a comprehensive library of components, templates, and UI kits to design your wireframes quickly and easily. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to customize your wireframes or create completely new ones from scratch. Mockplus allows you to share your work with others in real-time, making collaboration easier. With its intuitive dashboard, versioning control system, and built-in image editor, Mockplus is the perfect tool for any designer who needs an efficient way to create great-looking wireframes.

Web design is more than just about aesthetics. Your website’s functionality and usability are equally important. After all, visitors don’t just love looking at it, and they use it too! It would help if you looked after your website’s usability as you do its visual aesthetics.

This is possible with wireframing. Wireframing is a visual guide that web designers use to visualize the structure of their websites. It is very similar to blueprints used by architects.

Wireframes are essential because they help you communicate your ideas to clients, your team, and even yourself. You want your ideas to be recovered.


List of the best wireframe kits for sketch/figma/XD


1. Wireframy

Wireframy is a product from Sydney-based Raw. Studio. It has undergone a complete overhaul, including an up-to-date of all components and updated Figma Auto Layout.

Wireframy 3.0 Figma-specific features include 2,300 reusable wireframe elements, over 170 website templates, and 1,500+ vector icons from streamline icons. It integrates seamlessly with the new Figma Variants features and bonus mobile layouts.

The Raw. Studio team announced in 2022 that they would cease maintenance for Sketch and Adobe XD Wireframy versions. After receiving feedback from Platforma users, they decided to focus on Figma only.

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2. Paper Wireframe kit

You can make wireframing simple when you can simplify it. Use Paper to simplify your wireframe. Although paper is quite simple, it can be used to create amazing wireframes for websites. Its page states, “It’s a sketch on paper.”


3. Platforma

Platforma is a creation of the Design Files team. It offers wireframe flowcharts to help those who want to create a web prototype. The design team also offers kits for Sketch and Adobe XD users.

Platforma sells a selection of four wireframe kits. You can either purchase them individually or as a whole set. Platforma’s well-crafted Figma collection feature’s full-width layouts and access to a basic component list.


4. Basic Wireframe kit

Basic, a simple wireframe kit, is designed to simplify the whole wireframing process – simplicity is always better when laying out the skeletal framework for a complex website.


5. Form

InVision offers a free wireframe tool called Form. Also, it is a simple and elegant wireframe kit. There are 19 categories, plus 190 templates and more than 200 elements. It is sleek and simple to use, making it easy to create wireframes.


6. Outline: Figma’s ultimate wireframe tool

The outline allows you to create multi-purpose wireframes. We have eliminated unnecessary colors and scales from the typography so that you can wireframe more efficiently.

Outline was created by the Shipfaster UI team, the most popular Figma UI Kit with more than 2,000 designers worldwide. It has been deliberately designed to remain a low- to mid-fi wireframe tool. We have eliminated unnecessary colors and scales in typography to make it easier for you to design faster and more efficiently.

The wireframe kit has a large component library that you can drag and drop to create more complicated UI design wireframes. There are more than 350 components available, plus over 90 pre-built templates for marketing and the foundational global styles. You’ll also receive more than 135 icons from Unicons and 20 social icons to help keep your designs consistent and polished.


7. Carbon

Panagiotis, an artist from Greece, created carbon. It consists of 15 artboards as well as well-structured layers. You can also use it for wireframing purposes by having many reusable elements.

This kit is ideal for high-quality wireframes and mockups, especially for Android e-commerce apps.


8. Method – Wireframe Kit for Adobe XD

The method is a large bundle of wireframe components you can use when designing websites. This bundle includes over 200 components, in 15 categories, including pricing and product features. Each component can be customized and is available in both Adobe XD and Sketch formats.



9. Square+ – Web Wireframe Kit For Adobe XD

This wireframing tool will help you find inspiration for your website design. This kit includes 35 screen designs covering all website layout aspects. Every screen comes with free icons and fonts. You can also customize them with Adobe XD and Photoshop.

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10. Savvy

Savvy is a great option for app developers on iOS.

Savvy was created with iOS app developers in mind. Savvy is available for iOS 10 at the moment. You can skip digging into the archives or categories to see how elements are organized. Savvy was created for iOS and is optimized for iOS apps.


11. Minimalist Wireframe Set

The minimalist Wireframe kit is available on Envato. It features 32 ready-to-use elements, organized layers, and compatibility with Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma.

This kit is ideal for those who prefer wireframing the old-fashioned way, pen to paper. This minimalistic wireframe kit was specifically designed to replicate paper and is ideal for simple designs and quick projects.

Adobe XD is a popular tool for creating user interfaces for desktop and mobile apps. Adobe XD can also be used for wireframing, which most designers need to learn.

These wireframe kits for Adobe XD will save you time and effort when designing buttons, shapes, or other elements. These templates already include them. They can be easily customized and edited as you wish.


12. FreeWire – Free Wireframe Kit For Adobe XD

This wireframe kit is designed for modern website designs. This kit includes over 300 screen layouts for 19 categories, including headers and portfolios, galleries, and pricing sections. Each component is made from vector shapes, making them easy to customize and resize.


13. Sections

Sections have more than 330 layouts and are customizable to your needs, making it one of the most popular wireframe tool’s on the market. Sections can be used in Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop.



Two factors are essential in choosing the best wireframe kit: ease of use (or simplicity) and compatibility with different platforms (such as Figma, Sketch, and XD). You need a wireframe tool to help you create and navigate your website’s skeletal structure.

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