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Beautiful.ai vs Canva – A review for choose the best one.

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Beautiful.ai vs Canva

Beautiful.ai provides an easier and more efficient way to create stunning slide decks with its AI-powered content intelligence. Beautiful.ai makes it simple to design high-impact presentations without spending hours learning complicated software or manual design techniques. The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to quickly create custom slides using vibrant images, layouts, and animations that make them look professionally designed. Additionally, Beautiful.ai’s unique AI technology automatically generates powerfully persuasive text for each slide, which can be tailored to fit any presentation style or tone of voice.

Canva is also a popular online graphic design platform that simplifies the process of creating visually appealing materials such as posters, social media graphics, logos, infographics, and more. Canva users are able to access over 60 million stock images, graphics, and illustrations to customize their designs. They can also leverage the platform’s drag-and-drop user interface to upload photos, add text, insert shapes or lines, use grids and frames, and create custom color palettes for a truly unique look. With Canva Pro subscribers have access to advanced features such as animation tools and team collaboration options.

Overall, both Beautiful.ai and Canva offer efficient solutions for creating stunning visuals for various online projects. While Beautiful.ai is optimized for presentations of all kinds with its AI-driven content intelligence capabilities, Canva provides a more robust suite of design tools for other types of projects. Ultimately, the choice between these two platforms depends on the specific design objectives and preferences of each user.




Canva is an online design platform that allows users to create high-quality graphic designs. The online design tool is easy to use with its drag-and-drop interface. There are around 8000 templates you can use to make appealing designs. You can also create custom designs that reflect your brand. This software also supports configuration and collaboration. Multiple users can view and modify the designs. You can create presentations and social media graphics using this user-friendly program.


Beautiful.AI creates software that understands great design principles and offers smart templates that communicate hundreds of concepts. This makes it easy for anyone to create stunning presentations in a fraction the time.


Comparing Beautiful.ai vs Canva



– AI-powered content intelligence capabilities

– Intuitive drag and drop design interface

– Automatically generates persuasive text



– 60 million stock images, graphics and illustrations

– Drag and drop user interface to customize designs

– Animation tools and team collaboration options with Canva Pro

– Robust suite of design tools for other types of projects.



Beautiful.ai has a free version and paid plans ranging from $9 to $29 per month. Canva also offers a free plan, with additional features available for its Canva Pro subscription which costs $12.95/month or $119.40 annually.

Overall, Beautiful.ai is more tailored towards creating stunning slides, whereas Canva provides an extensive suite of design tools for other types of projects at a slightly lower price point than Beautiful.ai. Ultimately the choice between the two depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences.


User Experience

Beautiful.ai’s user experience is simple and intuitive, making it easy to create professional-looking presentations with minimal effort. The platform’s AI technology automatically generates persuasive text for each slide which can be further tailored to any presentation style or tone of voice.

Canva also provides an intuitive drag and drop design interface that makes it easy to customize designs with stock images, illustrations, shapes and text. With Canva Pro users have access to advanced features such as animation tools and team collaboration options for a more robust design experience.


Sharing and Storage

Beautiful.ai allows users to easily share presentations online with a single link and provides convenient storage options for saving, organizing, and retrieving presentations at any time.

Canva also makes it easy to share designs with a link or directly via email with colleagues or clients. The platform also offers the ability to store original files in cloud storage applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive for easy access whenever needed.



What are differences between Beautiful.ai and Canva?

Beautiful.ai and Canva are both popular online graphic design tools, but they have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Beautiful.ai is a powerful tool designed for creating professional-looking presentations quickly, while Canva offers an extensive library of templates, images and illustrations to provide users with creative flexibility in designing stunning visuals.

Beautiful.ai offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create visual content with just a few clicks, making it suitable for those who don’t want to spend too much time learning complex software or DIYing their designs from scratch. It also features text formatting options such as changing the font size, font color, line spacing and more. Additionally, Beautiful.ai includes animation options that allow users to add transitions and effects to their slides.

Canva, on the other hand, is great for those who want more creative control over their designs. It boasts an extensive library of templates, illustrations and images that can be used to create stunning visuals without needing to start from scratch. Additionally, Canva offers a range of features such as text editing tools, design grids and color palettes that make it easier to customize your designs.



What similarities Beautiful.ai and Canva have?

Both Beautiful.ai and Canva offer users easy-to-use interfaces with drag-and-drop features to make creating visuals a breeze. Both tools also feature a wide range of templates, illustrations, and images that can be used to create stunning visuals with minimal effort. Additionally, both tools offer text formatting options as well as grids and color palettes that make it easier to customize designs to individual preferences. Lastly, both Beautiful.ai and Canva are suitable for creating high-quality visuals for digital marketing campaigns, branding materials and more.



Both Beautiful.ai and Canva are excellent graphic design tools with different strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for different types of users. Those looking for quick presentation-building should opt for Beautiful.ai while those who need more creative freedom may find Canva more suitable. Both tools are great options for creating stunning visuals that can be used in digital marketing campaigns and branding materials.

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