12 Best Design Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories

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You will need a strategy to use Instagram Stories for more followers and to grow your reach. You need to grab their attention to keep your Instagram followers from scrolling past your Stories. There are many easy ways to improve Instagram Stories. All you need is a smartphone. This article will show you the top design apps to create stunning Instagram Stories.


Best Design Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories app can create cohesive, high-quality stories that will inspire your followers and keep them returning for more!

These are the top Instagram Story apps that allow you to edit both videos and photos simultaneously. Many of these apps also have additional functionalities like text overlays and transitions. These are our top picks.



The new Storyluxe app is the latest Instagram Stories template app capturing users’ attention.

There are many dynamic Instagram story template’s, such as the instant film, neon, and floral polaroid templates. It is known for offering the most creative and up-to-date templates.

Storyluxe has teamed up to create a new set of Instagram Stories template’s. These were made with our users in mind—iOS Free download (premium subscription $2.99/month).



Squarespace created Unfold, which I love when editing my Instagram Stories. My favorite app for creating collages is Unfold. The app provides free templates to give your Instagram Stories a fresh look. They have many amazing templates, from simple to sophisticated. You don’t have to be proficient in Adobe Photoshop to create and using templates. Instead, you can use the Unfold App for Instagram Stories to create templates.

Best Features:

  • 400+ template collections (a mixture of free and paid ones)
  • Filters and photo editing tools built-in
  • Text fonts, stickers, and GIFs are exclusive.
  • You can also plan your Instagram feed using the ‘Feed Planner.

PRICE FREE with premium paid features (monthly/yearly plans)


Lightroom, CC

Self-made filters can give your Instagram Stories a fresh look. Lightroom has been my favorite photo editing app. While the desktop version requires an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for Lightroom CC, the mobile version is free. You can create your own filters (presets), or purchase presets from influencers or photographers.

The key feature is

  • Photo and video editing.



Canva, a popular photo editor, allows you to create stunning collages. You can choose from one of the many templates available or create your own. You can edit the background and text, add icons and illustrations, and more. It is easy to use and has many great features. Canva is not as popular as Unfold, even though it has more features. This is because I find Canva too complex and have too many options. The things you can do with no previous design experience are amazing.

The key features:

  • Many templates can be used to create collages.
  • Select from over 1,000,000 (!) Background images.
  • Grids, stickers, and icons are excellent design tools.



Seen has a lot of seamless transitions that will help you add professional-level animations to your Instagram Stories.

Seen allows you to create slides with smooth, animated, and engaging transitions between each 15-second post. This will ensure your audience is engaged and less likely not to click away.

Seen also offers animated text options to make your posts more interactive and photodynamic, so even simple products can be super engaging.  When I need to create quick, catchy text designs, Over is my favorite app! As a user, you can even create personalized logo designs for your branding needs.


Best Features:

  • 10,000+ template collections (mixture of free and paid ones) — Some of these animated templates
  • Built-in video and photo editing tools, as well as filters
  • Special text fonts, stickers, and other tools

PRICE FREE, with premium paid features (monthly/yearly)



Oh, InShot. This app is a great tool for creating beautiful Instagram Stories. You can edit photos as well as videos and create cool collages. The InShot video editor is my favorite. You can trim, cut and split videos and add text, music, and stickers. You can get more filters and get rid of ads for a lower price. However, it’s free. It’s fantastic; get it now.

Key features:

  • Pre-made filters and photo editor
  • Video editor allows you to trim and cut, split, chop, speed up, speed up, or merge videos.
  • You have the opportunity to add music, text and stickers.
  • A great collage maker.



Instagram Stories animations are a great way of creating eye-catching content. Animation is hot right now.

Mojo provides everything you need to create stunning video stories.

There are hundreds of animated templates available for any type of content. Mojo’s templates can be customized to fit your needs. You can trim, crop, add effects and titles, as well as change speed, colors, speeds, and animations.

Key features:

  • Use these templates to create stunning collages.
  • Animated features allow you to create a video rather than a photo story.
  • Fonts that stand out.
  • You can add your brand font if necessary.



Filmm was born from a collaboration between Instagram giants Zoella & A Beautiful Mess.

It’s easy for users to quickly see why Instagram Stories is becoming the most popular app for editing Instagram Stories videos. The app has over 100 filters and effects, film-inspired templates and frames, multi-clip editing, and royalty-free audio tracks.

This app is perfect for those who love the “vintage tech” trend. In just a few clicks, you can transform your mobile shot into an old-school, dreamy showreel that you can upload to Instagram Stories.

IOS app is free download (with the option of unlocking additional features on a Filmm+ Subscription at $29.99 per year or $5.99 per Month).


Tezza app

The Tezza App is an intuitive photo editor created by Tezza. There are many pre-made filters, my favorite being the “dust” one. The app also includes a photo editor and templates to create Instagram Storie’s collages. A subscription is available if you need more filters or access to the video editor. The paid version is what I use to access the stop-motion and vintage video filters, as well as captions. It costs 45 SEK per year (or 4 EUR).

Key features:

  • Photo editor with premade filters
  • Templates for Instagram Stories collages
  • Video editor (not included with the free version).



Typorama allows you to layer typographic designs over your photos with this fantastic app! The best thing? The best part?

Best Attributes:

  • More than 100 different font styles and pre-made quotations
  • Advanced text styling tools (e.g., 3D, shadows, distortion, etc.)
  • Add design elements to your text, such as ribbons, badges, and ribbons.

PRICE: Free with premium paid features (monthly, one-time)



Have some video footage in your Camera Roll? Do you want to share it on Instagram Stories? CutStory may be able to help you! You can easily edit your video footage with a simple layout and navigation. You can quickly reduce any video file to fit Instagram’s 15-second frames. Before saving it to your camera roll, you can add text, stickers, collages, or music to any video file.



VSCO has been a popular photo editing app for a while now. But did you know that you can also edit video content within the app?

This lesser-known feature allows you to add any of your favorite VSCO filters to your video content to keep it cohesive, no matter what type of content. The video editor allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness, and temperature. VSCO Video Editing is an exclusive tool with a VSCO paid subscription. However, it’s worth considering if you want to improve your video content.


Creator Hub

Creator Hub is a video editor that gives your Instagram Stories a fresh look with beautiful filters. This app was developed in collaboration with 10 travel influencers who have created 6 filters that are specifically designed to enhance Instagram Stories videos. Each influencer decided to offer one free filter, while the rest can be purchased for 35 SEK (around 3,5 EUR). I’m happy that I bought Salt for our hair filters.

Key features:

  • Video editor with special filters
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