12 of the Best instagram post makers

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Your business can use Instagram to reach out to your target audience, increase engagement and boost your brand’s visibility. You’re likely aware of Instagram’s many benefits to your business. It can help you to reach your target audience and promote products or services. In this article, you will found a list of the best Instagram apps to make it easier to post on Instagram.


Best Instagram post makers


Visme’s free Instagram post creator comes with pre-designed templates. With an online tool, these templates make it easy to create stunning Instagram posts. To create your post, you can customize the free Instagram templates. Visme’s free Instagram post maker allows you to design IG posts for any purpose, including business or brand-building. You can add all the visual elements needed to create engaging posts for your audience.



VSCO is the most widely used photo editing and filter app and amazing Instagram post maker. It’s so popular more than 205,000,000 Instagram posts use the #VSCO hashtag.

You can get 10 preset filters for your phone to make your photos look like they were shot on film. VSCO offers a variety of photo-editing tools to enhance your photos, including cropping, contrast, saturation, and grain tools. Upgrade from the free Instagram app to gain access to more than 200 preset filters and advanced photo-editing tools.



A robust web-based photo editor can be used to edit photos and create graphics. You can crop, resize and tilt your images.



Finally, you have the perfect angle for a promotional cover. But wait! But wait! There are two choices: recreate the frame or download TouchRetouch.

All your Instagram posts will look clean and professional with TouchRetouch included in your toolkit. Your posts will be free from any unaesthetic cables or smears.



Afterlight is a photo editing app that offers a wide range of filters, textures, and frames. This gives you many options to tweak your photos. You can save and create your own filters and work with multiple file formats. Afterlight includes typography tools that will help you make your images stand out.

Afterlight’s simple and sleek design makes it a must-have tool to make your Instagram photos stand out. Price: 2.99/month or $17.99/year with a 7-day free trial.



Canva is one of the best app you can use to create striking images, whether they are on your Instagram or Stories. You can superimpose text and create multi-image layouts to enhance your posts and grab your followers’ attention.

This is especially helpful for creating Instagram Stories which stand out. Your followers can recognize your content if you stick to consistent image formats, fonts, and colors.


Adobe Lightroom Photos Editor

Adobe products are well-known for their photo editing capabilities. The Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is no exception. The app lets you capture and edit raw images and enhance photos with editing tools. You can adjust their hue, saturation and exposure.

Use its preset filters to get inspired by Lightroom users’ edits with its Discover section. You can also benefit from the interactive tutorials that will help you improve your photo editing skills.



It takes a lot of time to create a content marketing strategy. Marketers often spend days creating daily posts across multiple social media channels. But creativity is what takes the most time.

Flaminjoy created a tool to help brands maintain high-quality posts at all times. Creative Automation is the name of this tool. It works in a similar way to a generator that mixes elements, such as UGC, frames and templates, CTAs, messages, and CTAs. It combines elements and produces professional, engaging illustrations.

The whole process follows a strategy through the prisms of templates. It is impossible to randomize, but all things happen for a reason. Every element is placed according to the successful templates used in specific industries such as fashion, beauty, travel, and so on.



Create beautiful concepts one day per week and schedule them with Planoly 7 days in advance.

This is the first app to take advantage of Instagram’s permission for third-party users to post on their behalf. Planoly is only available to those who have an Instagram Business Account. The switch can be activated in Settings.

Marketers can link up to one Instagram account per month and upload as many photos as they wish. Users also get basic analytics which shows traffic trends and fluctuations in followers.

Planoly gives users perspective and allows them to arrange their grids before they go live. Drag and drop photos to see how they fit together in the grid.



Layout from Instagram

This free Instagram layout app allows you to create collages from up to nine photos. The layout allows you to easily create multiple collage layouts. You can also pair the collage with filters and add personal elements. Then, share your collage on Instagram. The app’s built-in photo booth lets you choose photos from your library.


IFTTT formulas for Instagram

IFTTT, which stands for “if that, then that, “is a tool that connects products and applications using “applets.” You can create an applet that will email you daily updates about Instagram photos posted in your region. You can save time with thousands of applets, but these are the top apps for Instagram.


Luminar AI

Luminar AI photo editing software is designed to assist users in enhancing and retouching their photos using Artificial Intelligence. Luminar can be used for color correction, sky replacements, object removal, portrait retouching, and many other purposes. You can easily improve your photos’ composition, brightness, and contrast.




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