13 Instagram reel ideas for travel

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Reels have changed the way creators create content since they were introduced to Instagram. It’s a new way to share travel content. Social media platforms have changed the way we share our travel experiences with family and friends. The most popular way to share and document a trip is now through TikTok or Instagram’s short videos. These Instagram reel ideas for travel will change the way you see the world. Some may require some editing and phone management expertise, while others are very simple.

Instagram reel ideas for travel


A timelapse will always work

Time-lapses allow you to capture sunsets, sunrises and traffic at night. You can also capture the landscape of the area you are visiting. Time-lapse is basically a video that you take on your phone for at most 2 minutes. You will need to stand up.

Many phones have the ability to record timelapse videos separately in their camera apps. It’s fine if your phone doesn’t come with it. Simply shoot a normal video with a duration of 2-5 minutes. Then, open the InShot app and increase the speed to 5x-6x. That’s it! Pair calm, peaceful audio for best results.


Minimalistic Living Reels

This is a great Instagram Reel idea for those who travel long distances. This is a great way to show how it feels to travel while living only the essentials. You can also share your camping stories and bonfire reels.


Panning videos

To showcase beautiful walls or locations, you can take steady panning videos. Don’t rush. Slow down, take your time and move slowly to make sure all details are clearly visible.

To create suspense and keep people watching until the end, add text that reveals where the location is after the countdown ends.


Always include a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA), should not be included in the caption or in the reel. CTAs can be in many forms but they always ask that the viewer engage further with the reel’s creator. For example, a text overlay that asks the viewer if they have been there or if they would like to go ?”)..


A reel of a traveler enjoying local food and culture

Consider including photos of local culture and food to spice up your travel videos. If you’ve ever been to a foreign country, it is obvious that eating local food is one of the best ways to get to know the culture. This cultural experience can be shared with others by creating a TikTok or Instagram reel that features local restaurants serving native cuisine.


Use from a drone

There are many ways to see new places. But nothing beats seeing it from the air. Drones have made it possible to capture incredible aerial footage of cities and landscapes.

Drones can transform a boring travel video into a work of art. Drone videos give you a different perspective on familiar landmarks, whether they are looking at the snow-capped mountains or bustle of a city’s skyline. Everything looks more amazing and beautiful from up high. Drone videography has been so popular in recent years, it’s not surprising.


Places to Visit

You don’t need to travel to faraway countries. This is the next Travel Reel. Send us short videos about weekend getaways in your hometown or the top places to visit there.


Speciality at that place

Each destination is famous for one thing. To help others discover the specialties of a destination, create travel reels. You can also share information about local markets or special dishes. You can also make a Reel about its history.


Slow-motion video

This feature should be available on your phone’s camera. InShot won’t allow you to slow down normal videos. This will result in less smooth results. A tripod is recommended for slow-motion videos, just like timelapse.

Slow-motion is best when there’s lots going on in the scene. Slow-motion videos are best when there is a water body surrounding you.


Checklist to Travel

A Reel of must-have travel items for novice travelers will help you. We all know that even with careful packing and planning, we can still miss one thing.


Budget Tips in Travel

It’s a great way to expand your horizons by visiting different countries and learning about other cultures. Traveling can be costly so make sure you maximize your travel budget. You can share your ideas and save money by creating content. There is a whole culture that revolves around budget travel and money-saving hacks for frugal, savvy travelers.


Car travel video

Take a short video for 10-15 seconds while you are riding in a car to get from one place on a trip. This is the easiest way to create a travel reel.

To get the best video quality, hold the phone in both your hands. You can stabilize your video even more by using the Google Photos app.


Make it informative

This reel will get more shares and saves. You can pair your video clips with the following information:

  • You should visit these tourist spots in every city
  • The best places to grab a quick bite
  • Booking international flights with COVID protocols
  • Recommendations for affordable trips
  • Recommend a hotel and share information about their pricing and services

InShot allows you to combine all the videos and add text. To customize the look of your Instagram reels, you can import your fonts. Use a label to make text stand out if your videos are bright and high-contrast.


The packing process for trip

Many people love to watch videos about packing for trips. You can learn from others what works and get some ideas for your own packing lists. This is an easy way to avoid making mistakes when packing and maximize your luggage space.

Make a list of all the things you need, then organize them into categories. Be light when packing — you don’t want to overpack while you’re on vacation.

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