14 effective and creative Instagram Reel ideas

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Instagram announced in July 2022 that any new short video under 15 minutes would be shared as Instagram Reels. Reels editing tools were also available to users to enhance videos’ engagement. Instagram Reels allow you to create amazing videos and go beyond just posting photos. We’ll show you how to create your dream Instagram reels.

Why is Instagram Reels Important?

Instagram Reels can be a great way to create engaging content. Modern audiences want short, concise content. By highlighting your brand or business in short video, concise pieces of content, you can tap into a wider audience that might not otherwise have sought you out.

This is because a (publicly visible) Reels video appears in the Explore tab. It distributes your content to people other than your followers. You might be able to reach more people with Reels as they are still fairly new. It’s also in Instagram’s best interests to encourage others to create content for it.

Instagram’s Best Practices at a Look

  • Length: 90 seconds.
  • Format: MP4, .mov.
  • Ratio 9:16, 1080 pixels x 2048 pixels, or vertically full screen. Same Instagram story size.
  • In-feed ratio 4:5 or 1080×1350 pixels, portrait.
  • In-feed crop: Cut the top 15% and bottom 15% of your Reels videos.


Instagram Reel Ideas


Behind-the-scenes videos

It would help if you created something that will attract potential customers in order to improve your Instagram Reels marketing strategy. Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to do this.

They provide insight and humanize your brand. Your target audience will be able to see the unique traits and quirks that make up your brand.

There are endless possibilities. Use seamless transitions to show what your brand does. Look at luxury purse brand AnimaIris’s behind-the-scenes videos for their Instagram Reels. This gives their followers a glimpse at the product.


Closed captions

Many people access their social media content while on the move and without sound. Closed captions can be used to assist them and people with hearing impairments. Keep in mind that captions are displayed at the bottom fifth. Don’t put visual elements or CTAs there. On-screen text is a better option if captions don’t appeal to you.


Create Challenges to Showcase Your Products

All kinds of challenges have gone viral on Instagram. What about using them to grow your business?

We can mention Louis Vuitton. We all know that this brand has the best Reels. On average, they get 4 million views per reel.


Repurpose old content

Social media strategy is not complete without knowing how to modify your content. This is especially important if you are a fan of photos and videos.

You will need to adapt the clips above to fit your Instagram audience. Also, update the content before you post your video content.


Create fun scenarios to showcase your inventory.

Imagine your own scenarios and use them to show off your inventory. Customers might find it helpful to imagine themselves using your product in different situations or destinations, especially if they are shopping with an intention.


Use animation

Animation can be used to show off new features and updates for your product. Instagram Reels is a rich video source that only uses photos and video. Animation can be used to refresh your brand’s Instagram feed.


Time Lapse

Did you know that one person took a selfie every single day for twenty years? This project was started in 2000. It happened before the term “selfie” was even invented. You can imagine the possibilities with everyday technology. You don’t need to make your time-lapse reel as existentially-motivated as the photographers.


Create listicles

Listicles can be used to spice up marketing campaigns in the same way as a bucket list. Listicles are more likely to be shared virally if you provide entertaining content or share valuable, easy-to-digest content.

A listicle Reel can be created by combining pictures and short-form content about your brand’s products and services. This keeps your audience engaged in your next Reel post.


Take a look at your comments and DMs for great ideas

You would expect your followers to like and comment on interesting Instagram reels.

You must motivate your followers to engage with you. You’d leave them scrolling to the next post instead of liking your feed.

Be direct to get followers to comment. In your IG Reel’s caption, include call-to-actions and encourage followers to comment. These comments can be used as a guide for creating your next Reel post and engaging your audience.


Before and After

We are conditioned as humans to enjoy progress, especially when presented creatively. If you have photos/videos showing the before and after of a project, create an engaging reel around them.


Answers th FAQ

Sometimes all that is needed to show your customer you care is an Instagram Reel answering questions. Because you took the time to create engaging content around your customer instead of just dumping them in a blog post. This is not to say that you shouldn’t do it.


Watch Sneak Peek Videos

Your audience will be intrigued and captivated by teasers or sneak peek videos.

Are you working on a new project? To get your followers excited about the future, share sneak peek videos via Instagram Reels.

Sneak peek videos can feature your product or service. These Instagram Reels with influencers will help you get more engagements and better results. You can be sure they will drive sales with their large following. Share Instagram stories and Reels that highlight the product.



Are you about to go to the city for an event or another? Your prepping routine will be a great way to show your followers. This will make you feel closer to your followers, as it can be a way for them to get to know you better. It is crucial to be approachable in order to grow.



Your daily life regarding your brand, can be captured in short clips. Your followers can see the daily life of your brand.

You can even narrate your clips on IG Reels with a voiceover feature and explain the various parts of the vlog.


Motivational Quotes/Inspiration videos

Everybody needs motivation from time to time. You can motivate your audience by creating a fun reel highlighting a small part of your hard work, showing your work ethic, or putting a positive spin on the challenges of running a business.

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