16 Instagram reel ideas without face to use in 2023

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 Instagram reels are hot right now. Instagram reels have the virality factor. They can help you reach new people, make your brand more visible, and boost your social media. It can be awkward to appear on camera, show your face, and hear your voice (cringe). We’re here to help you! Check out this article and these Instagram Reel ideas without face.


Instagram reel ideas without face

Share a quote

This reel is the easiest you can make and it can all be done in Canva. You only need a quote, a clip and Canva. This video is intended to encourage replays. This can be achieved by using a popular audio that people enjoy re-listening to. This can be done by making text pop up as you watch. This will keep your audience interested for longer. Keep it short. Keep it between 7-9 seconds to make it easier for your audience. You will get more views, which means you have more reach.


Workspace tour

Let’s get started. Take a look at this video. It takes 10 seconds to watch and has 2.4 millions views. It’s also completely anonymous!
Show us your shop or office space. It’s great to see it!


Stock Photos & Videos

You can also use stock images, still photographs or videos to voiceover a tutorial if you don’t already have one.

You can use stock photos or still photos to make videos. To do this, upload the photos to You Cut or to Canva to turn them into videos. After you have downloaded the video, your voice can be added to it. If you are sharing tips and tricks, this can work. Perhaps you are describing a process, or telling a tale. It doesn’t really matter what content it is. Voiceovers can be done on any type of video or still photo.


Tell us about your activities

This reel can be used to showcase a project, a client feature or your products, or even to demonstrate transformations. Instead of using videos, you will use photos to clip together. This post will be a performance-enhancing one. The trick is to fasten the transitions. This encourages you to rewatch.


Finger snap transition

After you snap your fingers, show a before-and-after or reveal your products.



A time lapse is another type of Instagram reel that you can create without being on camera. This is what I have seen with people cleaning out their offices and their workspaces. This is a type of before-and-after video that shows the time it took to complete. This type of content is great for showing the making of something, cleaning it up, or how something is going.


Magic appearance

There is no face or hands. Your product should be presented one-by-one. If you need a tutorial on any of these Reel ideas, let me know.


Behind the Scenes

People purchase from people. This is your chance to show the world who you really are behind your business. It’s okay to show small clips of yourself if you wish, but it doesn’t have the right to. You can show clips from your workday, including coffeeshop visits, mid-day podcast walks, and evening self-care routines. This video should only be 1-3 seconds long, unlike the one with still images. For best results, keep it short and use the latest audio overlay.


Desk example

Many business owners are content creators. Our workspaces and offices can contain a variety of interesting items that our audience may love to see.

These behind-the scenes videos are a big hit with them. Let’s face the truth, we all love to see this kind of stuff.


Facepalm Transition

This transition is also a favorite of mine. Simply use your palm to hit the camera lens. Next, you will see your product, service, or transformation.


How it began

How did your products or business develop? A photo or video showing how it all started is welcome. The following clip will show you a video or photo of the progress. Your customers, followers, and clients should be thanked for their support. They are the reason you’re here.


Stop Motion

You can also create a stop motion video for your Instagram reels.

You can take short videos of an object, whether it’s on your desk, a product you create or something you create on the screen. This is a stop motion video of the product, or other thing being created, or moved.

This is one of the ways you can capture something with your camera. You can also take pictures and upload them as short clips to make it look like stop motion animation.


Share Tips

Record a voice-over that guides your audience through industry tips. You could also showcase your products or talk about the benefits of your product. This simple reel idea will help you achieve success. Original audio is the key to your success. Instead of using the same old audio clips that are popular, create your own. Adam Mosseri stated it himself: Originality is the key to Instagram’s success.


Before and after

You can also create an Instagram reel that isn’t filmed with your camera, the before and after. This could be a before-and-after of your clients, a before/after of you creating a product, or a before/after of something you made for a client.

You can use photos to show the before-and-after designs. This would be a picture of the before and one of the after.


From beginning to end

Your process from start to finish. You can make ceramic mugs, jewelry or clothes. Or clean your desk. These videos are so satisfying. Everybody wants to see the end result.



The unboxing of a product is a great example of content that you can make with your hands.

Perhaps you just bought a new computer, or you ordered office supplies. Now you are unboxing them.


Information about audio

Sometimes you don’t even need to have many videos or photos. Reels can be sung by the audio, which will bring out amazing vibes.

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