5 killer Tips for Making a Lasting Impression With Your Instagram Bio

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An Instagram bio is an ideal way to introduce yourself and highlight your credentials in a flash. With limited character space and limited time, you need to ensure that your bio stands out. Here are five tips on crafting a memorable Instagram bio that will make a lasting impression.


What Is an Instagram Bio?

Your profile’s Instagram bio offers a brief overview of who you are and what your page is about. It’s composed of a display name, page category, pronouns, a 150-character description, contact information, an external link, and other relevant details. You should make this space count by weaving in everything that denotes your core values and services to capture the attention of new visitors right away.

Instagram bios give you the platform to showcase yourself on the site. You can customize your username and link in a way that best conveys what kind of account you’re running while using hashtags and other information to maximize engagement potential. When visitors are deciding whether or not to follow you, your bio is one of the main factors they take into consideration—so make sure it accurately reflects yourself and captures their attention.


What parts does it have?

1. Profile Picture

Your profile photo on Instagram should be of high quality, easily recognizable, and consistent with all your other social networks. Keeping a minimum size of 110 x 110 pixels will ensure it is sharp and clear. Companies may choose to use their logo as the profile picture; however, individuals should pick one that reflects their brand most accurately. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to make sure it’s eye-catching so potential followers can quickly identify who you are.


2. Username 

Creating the ideal username for your Instagram account is essential for success. It should appear at the very start of your bio and act as an identifier for other users searching for your business. Ideally, this username should be the same name as you use on other social media outlets, to make it easier for potential customers to locate you. If that specific name isn’t available, then choose something creative which still clearly communicates your business identity.


3. Website Field

The ‘website field’ on Instagram makes it easy to post a clickable link. This opens up a world of marketing opportunities – you can direct visitors to your website, your latest blog post or video, a special campaign, or any other URL you’d like. And don’t worry if you want to change the URL; you can easily modify it as often as necessary. Now that’s powerful!


Instagram Bio Ideas


  • Share

Charles Wright was right – it’s important to express yourself! Having a great Instagram bio is like writing a 150-characterSales pitch. Use it to speak directly to your target audience, give them a sense of your story, and make sure that new visitors and prospects understand you or your brand immediately. Crafting an effective bio can be the difference between gaining followers and losing them.


  • Talk about your personality

When new visitors land on your Instagram page, you have seconds to make a good impression. Make sure your bio doesn’t bore your followers! Engagingly introduce yourself with information that conveys why they should follow you – include things like the primary purpose of your account, special skills, or offerings, and indicate if you’re locally based or global. Your bio is a unique reflection of your brand’s voice and personality, so take the time to tailor it accordingly. Understand what sets you apart from others and show that off in the most impactful way possible.


  • Consider having a call-to-action

Get your audience to act with a clear and powerful call to action in your Instagram bio. A CTA should provide simple instructions that explain how they can get started while highlighting the benefits. Here are several ideas you can use as CTAs: 

Directly promote your product: ‘Click our link to check out our latest offers.’ 

Encouragement for sharing: ‘Tag #brandhashtag for an opportunity to be featured!’ 

Highlight a limited-time offer: ‘Shop our Thanksgiving Thursday sale for exclusive discounts.’ 

Promote a contest: ‘Share your favorite flavor and you could win a prize!’


  • Use the ‘Action’ buttons

Ensuring your customers/clients can easily contact you is essential for building a successful brand. That’s why you must direct users to your preferred channels of communication when they come across your Instagram profile. Through the ‘Action’ button on mobile, customers can find contact details such as a phone number, email address, directions to your store, and much more. This will make it easier for them to get in touch with information or book an appointment if needed.

We advise you to only include contact information that you actively support. Adding in customer service channels that are not supported is misleading and will reflect negatively on your business’ reputation. If a dedicated phone line for customer support is not available, it is inadvisable to include it in the contact details.


  • Be creative

Instagram offers plenty of ways to increase website traffic. Your Instagram bio link is an opportunity to direct profile visitors to any page you choose — such as a campaign, promotional YouTube video, product launch, sign-up page for a contest, blog post, or event registration page. When updating your bio content with a new link, remember to include an effective call-to-action (CTA) that will encourage followers to visit the specified site.

To get a better sense of how your bio link is performing, set up UTM tracking with a URL shortener like Bitly. By doing this, you’ll be able to track click-throughs and gain insight that will help you make improvements going forward.

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