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You can turn it into a video to make your content and the background disappear. Prezi will remove any background from your presentation and place you directly next to your visuals, making it easier for you to tell your story more engagingly and memorably. The video can be recorded or streamed live.

Videoconferencing has become an essential tool for both classrooms and workplaces, particularly with the advent of online learning and asynchronous communication. Only some people want to be on camera every day. That’s fine. Prezi Video can transform your PowerPoint and Prezi presentations into engaging videos. Continue reading to learn how.


Converting a Prezi into Video

A screen capture program is the best way to convert Prezi into video. They come in many sizes, and some are expensive. It is easy to do – simply record your computer screen, then present your Prezi. The side effects of this method are often loss of quality and poor transitions. Prezi and screen recording use many more computer resources than they do together.



How to make prezi into a video?

After you’re done adding content (texts, images, icons, and charts), click on the Create video button in the top toolbar to open the “Prezi Video” sidebar after you have finished creating and structuring your presentation, click on the Create Video button in the top toolbar. Next, choose the option to appear beside your content from the popup.


Step 1 – Allow camera access

Allow camera access to Prezi to create a video. You can use the built-in camera or attach an external camera for higher resolution.

After you have granted camera access, the background of your presentation will be removed and replaced with you.


Step 2 – Modify your content.

Your face should be visible along with your content. You might have to arrange objects on your canvas so that you are not covered while you present. To automatically adjust the presentation’s layout to the right, click the sidebar button Adjust content. Drag and drop objects to manually move them.

You can add, remove or modify content in the same manner as you would for any Prezi presentation. You can also freeze the camera or turn it off at any time. After adjusting the layout of your presentation, we will make a copy. This version will only be used for recording your video. The presentation can still be edited and presented in its original format.


Step 3 – Practice

Take a deep breath to get a feel for how your presentation will look. Next, record your first take. You don’t have to do it all the time. Once you get the hang of the presentation, press record, and the camera will start rolling.


Step 4 – Record or go live

It’s showtime! You have two options: record the video, save it to.mp4 to share it or send it to someone else. Or stream it live using the Prezi Video desktop application.


Record video

You will be redirected directly to Prezi Video Online Editor, where you can record and export your video as an .mp4 file.

To switch between views, use the three icons at the bottom left (only you, your content, and you are visible on the screen; you cannot use the 1, 2, or 3 keys to switch). The arrows to the right move to the next/previous slides. You can also use the Home and Back buttons to return to the overview and previous levels of the presentation. The preview of the next slide will be displayed in the right-hand sidebar.


Go live

Prezi already allows you to live stream presentations. But if you want to make remote meetings and webinars more memorable, you can present your content while you are there, explaining details.


Converting a Prezi presentation into a video using the Prezi Present editor

Search for your Classic presentation in Prezi Present. Click the pencil icon to open it in Prezi Present.

You can add content to your presentation and customize its look and feel. Once satisfied with your content, click on the Create video button in the upper right corner beside the Present button.

Click Continue to choose the second option from the popup window. This will allow you to record a video that only displays your content.

Making a video

The virtual Prezi Video recording room will be opened, and you will immediately be redirected. Here, you can navigate through your presentation and narrate it during recording. You will not see your camera, and the background you have set throughout your video will not be visible.


You can click the red button below the video window to pause the recording. If you need to, click the button again. Once you are done, click the Done Recording button to start your video.

After recording your video, you can trim it to remove any unnecessary footage.

After your video has been saved and processed, it will be accessible from your Prezi Video dashboard. You can also download it as a .mp4 file (paid option).

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