Accessory store ui design inspirations – Best 8 examples

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Accessory store ui design inspirations

Accessory stores have evolved at a rapid pace over the past decade. More people are willing to shop from home, which means more businesses can be involved and enhance customer experience. We have gathered a number of new web and mobile design ideas that are geared towards marketing and Accessory store goals. They can be used for different products and target audiences.


Outcrowd, a visual agency, helps startups make their branding and design a powerful marketing tool. We make brands stand out among the rest by making them unique. Outcrowd, a visual agency, helps startups make their branding and design a powerful marketing tool. We make brands stand out so you can be noticed. Outcrowd is a branding agency that specializes in UI/UX design, development and marketing. Mobile apps and motion, illustrations, 3D graphics, brand design, web & mobile apps.


Haris Cotton

Haris Cotton, an independent Greek apparel brand, offers high-end linen fabrics to the urban dweller. The brand’s image and cultural heritage are captured perfectly in the website design by Pixelistas, also based in Greece. Site visitors are treated to full-screen HD videos that show models wearing the brand’s fashionable pieces. The video’s header has a large text overlay that says “get ready to enjoy a spectacular summer”, which demonstrates the brand’s desire to be on-trend with fashion seasons.

Site visitors will be amazed at the brand’s vibrant, high-contrast images as they scroll through the homepage. These pieces are set against the backdrop of Greece’s magnificent landscapes, displaying the brand’s timeless and luxurious character.



A landing page design for furniture retail. My initial wireframe was complex and included many details. To keep my shot from becoming too complicated with so many essential elements, I removed some of the features to make it more appealing and simple.


Missoma’s authenticity is captured in the homepage, which currently features a photo gallery and a video element. It communicates the message that we have something for everyone. This is part of the store’s amazing design.

Missoma is one of our favorite ecommerce sites due to its simple commitment to elegance and style. All jewellery is designed and made in-house.

This accessories brand also produces products made from recycled metal jewellery. Customers who wish to buy sustainably sourced products can find a section on the navigation bar left for this purpose.




FIIRE swimwear brand is fun, bright and eco-friendly. They are known for their innovative and sustainable bikinis. Or Halevi is a digital designer and artist director who combined these elements to create a website that looks great and serves multiple functions.

The site opens with a full screen image slider, which displays candid moments of women at the beach. Visitors are immediately drawn to the brand’s tagline, “Glow with FIIRE”, and a CTA button that redirects them to the collection page. The designer avoided using unusual font combinations to focus attention on the swimwear pieces. For simplicity and coherence, you’ll see a consistent typography that uses only sans serif fonts.

Gadget app

Orix is a dedicated Full-Service Design Agency Team for Startups & Leading Brands. Complex applications are made simple by us. Our designers will be happy to help you implement your ideas in a smooth UI and meaningful UX. We also do branding design.


Patta x Tommy

Patta x Tommy, a fashion collaboration, shines a spotlight on the Pan-African Flag, which is a symbol for Black unity and freedom. Ronin Amsterdam designed the campaign’s landing pages with striking visuals to highlight this powerful movement.

The page opens with a side by side video montage featuring the iconic pieces. Full-screen footage shows people from all walks of life wearing the collection. The animated logo and a brief description of the project are at the center. The catalog is located beneath this visually stunning display. The entire collection is displayed on a white background that makes the green-and red color combination pop.

The agency has made a brilliant design decision by enclosing each piece in blocks. This is a great way of keeping things organized. A text overlay appears when you hover over the pieces to describe the clothing.


Palette was founded in the Netherlands by a passionate group of people who wanted to make it easy for everyone to find the right paint for their unique spaces.

It should be easy to paint, to pick your color adjustments and to apply it where you like. Palette strives to provide you with artist-selected colors, premium quality, without harmful ingredients, and at the most affordable prices. Palette offers 50 colors to choose from if you are looking for something different and don’t want to be overwhelmed by all the options at traditional paint stores.

Ui UX design services

Ui UX design services

Our Ui ux design services help you improve your user’s experience and let them enjoy checking out your website or application. We help make your interfaces more user-friendly and efficient. ui/ux design services can also help you gather valuable feedback from customers to improve your product or service.

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