Add Clip Art to PowerPoint for a More Engaging Presentation

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To make your PowerPoint presentation more engaging and interesting, try adding clip art. We will show you how in this blog post!
If there’s one thing that can help illustrate points like no other it would be an original piece of artwork – but what if downloading pictures from the internet isn’t ideal? Well, fear not because now with simple tools like Microsoft Office 365 anyone has access to high-quality images without having any expensive software or plugins needed at all (in fact most people don’t even know these exist). So let me explain how simply putting some custom icons onto a slide share deck might just give them exactly.

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Add clip art to PowerPoint

The easiest way to add clip art to your PowerPoint presentations is by going straight from the Insert tab and selecting “Clip Art.” You can search for keywords or browse through categories like animals, cars, etc. until you find what image will work well with whatever theme it currently has set as its own. Once found hit right-click on them then select Add to Coexisting Presentation followed by choosing if they want their new addition hidden forever (which means never seeing any changes), only visible while viewing one specific slide(s).

Add Clip Art to PowerPoint for a More Engaging Presentation

When using clip art in your presentation, keep the following tips in mind:

– The appearance of your company’s website is important to both customers and potential employees. A badly designed or low-resolution site can look outdated in a matter of seconds, which will deter visitors from viewing any further content on the page – resulting in poor business prospects!

– Always be mindful of copyright laws and credit the creator if you use any clipart.

– Make sure that your images fit in with the rest of whatever design aesthetic you’re going for. A mismatched image can really stick out like a sore thumb and take away from what needs to be communicated, which is why it’s important not only when choosing an ad or social media post but also throughout all aspects related to content creation (i.e., blog posts).

– It’s easy to get hung up on the text size when editing your graphics, but keep in mind that it should always remain relative and balanced with what you’re using as Counters or Bespectacled. A small image may look unbalanced if its lettering is too large while a large one can be hard-to-read because of its petite proportions!

Want to spice up your presentations with some fun and creative graphics? PowerPoint has the perfect complement of clip art that can help you do just this! Learn how in today’s article.

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