Barber shop UI design inspirations – Best 10 examples

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What should a barber’s UI website contain?

Before we start with the guide to building the website, let’s first understand the main features of a barbershop site. These are the essential pages and elements every barbershop website should have:


1. Homepage

Your homepage is their first impression of your site. You should provide a clear navigation menu linking to all essential pages. Also, ensure you have a visible call-to-action button to encourage users to take the desired action.

You should also show off your best work, your hairdressing and styling services, and other important information about your salon.


2. About us page

A barbershop website can be used for more than just price information and appointment setting. It’s also your place to show off your salon and the hairstyling professionals.

A well-written about us page will help you establish your brand and build customer relationships. This page can help you build trust and credibility.

This page should contain headshots, bios, and links to social media accounts. It also should tell the history of the barbershop.

3. Appointment scheduling

Websites are designed to convert website visitors into paying customers. You must allow appointment scheduling via your website. You should include pricing information, cancellation and no-show fees, payment processing information, as well as any other pertinent information to clients.

A calendar integration should also be included on the page so customers don’t forget about their appointments.


4. Services

This page should list all services you offer. Your website is a great place to find out if you are the right fit for your customers. Your services should be clearly displayed on your website and easy to locate.


5. Gallery

Customers will be more inclined to book appointments if they see a gallery page that showcases your best styles and haircuts. You should also include testimonials of satisfied customers on this page.


6. Shop

You should consider selling hair styling products online if you already sell them in your salon. The WooCommerce integration allows you to create an online shop, accept payments, and manage the checkout process.


7. Blog

Although it is not essential, a blog can help boost your website’s SEO. It will also allow you to build relationships with customers and create an online community. You can post information about company updates and reviews of new hairstyle products.


Barber shop UI design inspirations

These are some design examples to inspire you:


Barber Blades

The website is the face of the company on the internet. It should be a strong first impression with a unique and innovative website design. Barber Blades can help you design your barbershop website. It’s a one-stop shop for everything barbering, including the tools you need to be efficient. It embraces black in the header and footer, adding elegance and sophistication. To ensure consistency in user experience, the website uses consistent colors, fonts, and navigation. The sticky menu allows visitors to access various tools used in barbershops. This website integrates social media. It offers a newsletter subscription, live chat, and other tools.



Personal grooming is a great way to boost a man’s confidence. This is where the expertise of barbers comes in handy. Capella is an excellent website for barbers to look at. The website features a beautiful display of images in its header, which is accompanied by a smooth slider. Clear and concise CTAs are crucial in increasing your sales and growing your audience. This website does not ignore their importance.


Hammer & Nails grooming

Hammer & Nails offers potential clients access to various informative web pages. Another example of a barber website that features a gift card tab is this one.


Tucson Barber

Be bold and be different, and you will shine! Tucson Barber could have this as its goal when it creates its barbershop website. Visitors are welcomed to the website with a full-width image with smooth parallax effects. The website’s brand introduction features a smooth animation that enhances its visual appeal. The cool hover effects make the team section look impressive. The slider displays a constant display of images showing haircuts. It makes it easy to find haircuts that really stand out.


Junior and Hatter

The web designer used a moving background image for the barber website’s landing page. It captures the quirky and fun vibe that the business is known for. Although the design is more complex than most barbershop websites, it still attracts visitors and encourages them to stay.

The importance of social media is prominently highlighted. Brands are showcased beautifully through vibrant photos of employees.


New York Barbershop

Websites with great design have a better chance of being recognized. Websites must be well-designed and have all the necessary elements to enhance appearance. New York Barbershop has a simple one-page website. While the slider highlights various images, the hero header emphasizes them. Services are simple and minimalist. This website also offers courses for people who want to learn barbering skills. Each course is presented in a box format. The gallery uses a grid layout to show different haircuts customers can choose from for their next visit.


Bonefade Barbers

Bonefade Barbers’ barbershop website is attractive thanks to its rustic image and hip combination of typography. The seamless scroll function highlights customer feedback and makes it easy for customers to book online. The logo serves as the company’s drawcard.


Maverick Studio For Men

This Maverick Studio For Men is a great choice if you are looking for an innovative and creative design for your barbershop website. The website features a split-screen layout that is unique in each section. It looks impressive because the left and right screens are in opposite directions. The off-canvas menu allows users to navigate the site. A user can book appointments with different Maverick branches. This website’s product page will enable users to connect with other online brands. Maverick integrates its career page onto its website, so other websites allow barbers to join it.



A website that engages barbershop customers will combine minimalism and modern sensibilities. Blind Barber’s design is just such an example. Visitors can listen to music via Spotify through the “WATCH/LEARN” section, an exhibit on creative writing and photography.


Natural Barber

You can offer high-end haircuts in your barbershop but you need to be aware of the potential effects of the products that you use. Natural Barber, which uses only natural and environmentally-friendly products for barbering, is a great option. This website is a great eCommerce site that sells eco-friendly products to barbershops worldwide. This website features a unique homepage design that includes images in an asymmetric layout. This website placed the reviews section below the hero header via a slider, as testimonials are essential to a brand’s credibility. The hero header features stunning typography and CTA and clear, high-quality images.

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