Beautiful.Ai vs. Prezi – Which one is the best for your presentation?

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In this article we will compare Beautiful.AI vs Prezi to see which one is better depending on your goals.

What is Prezi and how does it work?

Prezi, a web-based tool to create presentations (also known as prezs). Although it is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, it has some distinct features that make it an excellent alternative. It has been gaining popularity in both schools and businesses over the past few years. Prezi is a great way to make your presentation more engaging and eye-catching.

Most presentation software uses a slide-based approach. This allows you to move between slides like pages in a book. Prezi however uses a canvas-based approach. Prezi uses a canvas instead of slides. You can zoom in and out to see different frames.

It is easier to explain this concept with visual aids, so we have embedded a sample Prezi. To navigate through the presentation, simply select Start Prezi and then use the Arrows at bottom.

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What’s Beautiful AI, and how does it work?, a cloud-based presentation platform, makes it simple to create beautiful presentations in just minutes.’s intuitive drag-and drop tools and templates make creating stunning slides easy. also has powerful collaboration tools that enable users to work together on projects from any location. also offers analytics that help presenters track audience engagement metrics like views, comments, shares and likes.’s robust features and user-friendly interface are revolutionizing how people create presentations.

DesignerBot can be asked to create a pitch deck to sell concert tickets, or to develop a marketing plan to promote a social media rollout. You can generate 10-20 slides from this prompt. This is the power and potential of generative AI. It allows users to spend less time creating their stories and gives them more time telling it.

DesignerBot will create a customized presentation.’s SmartSlides technology allows you to edit slides quickly by adding or removing content, and then automatically adapt, resizing, and laying out slides. All while keeping corporate branding guidelines in mind.



Beautiful AI vs. Prezi

When comparing vs. Prezi, there are a few key elements to consider about these presentation software’s.

First and foremost is the overall presentation design software interface of each program. While both programs have easy-to-use editing tools, allows for customizing backgrounds, adding images, videos, and more without requiring code knowledge or complicated setup processes. Prezi offers a wider variety of pre-built templates than but with less customization options available than that of so users may need to use third party services such as Adobe Photoshop for further customization options.

User experience

Prezi’s nonlinear format is often easier to understand and follow for some users. Prezi lets users create presentations on one large canvas. Then, they can zoom in or out to view additional information. Some viewers may experience motion sickness from non-linear presentations. Prezi enhances user experience by offering a cloud-based interface that is easy to use and allows for editing presentations on any device. allows even non-designers to create slideshows of professional quality. The customizable smart templates adapt automatically using principles of great design. The “a.i” technology provides a user-friendly design environment and delivers premium results. This PowerPoint alternative allows presenters to focus on creating content and not on creating a cohesive design. It saves time as well as money.


Prezi allows users to create presentation canvases easily using drag-and-drop functionality. Prezi also has pre-designed blocks templates that can be modified with data. Prezi is cloud-based, so it can be accessed from any device (including smartphones and tablets) and from any place with an internet connection. Presentments can be easily shared and edited by whole teams. They can also be launched from anywhere, online or offline. However, the email address with which you want to collaborate must have a Prezi account. This is annoying.

Although this may not be a feature that is directly relevant to the product, we cannot stress enough how great it is to have more than 50 smart templates available. All of these templates automatically adjust as new content is added. You can choose from many popular presentation formats such as tables, lines graphs, organizational charts and word clouds. The cloud-based PowerPoint alternative allows for collaboration by simply entering an email address into the “Share” field. No signup or pre approval is required. The presentation can then be viewed from the cloud or via’s desktop player. You can also choose from several export formats such as PDFs, JPGs, and PowerPoint.





In terms of sharing presentations, both programs offer similar features in terms of presenting slides online with password protection or creating video exports from each platform respectively. However Prezi provides the ability to embed presentations into a webpage while does not, making Prezi more suitable for those looking to showcase their work on the web.


In terms of pricing, Prezi is significantly more expensive than with its most basic subscription plan costing $9/month compared to $6/month for’s Pro Plan. Both programs provide free versions as well but Prezi’s free version limits users to one presentation and does not allow for videos or images whereas allows users to create unlimited presentations with access to all features even in the free version.


Advantages of Prezi:

  • Offers a wide range of pre-built templates with customization capabilities
  • Ability to embed presentations onto webpages
  • More expensive but still affordable options at $9/month


Advantages of Beautiful AI:

  • Customization options available without code knowledge or complicated setup processes.
  • Allows users to create unlimited presentations with access to all features even in the free version.
  • Cheaper subscription plan at only $6/month.



Ultimately, when it comes to presentation design software, both Prezi and offer great ways for users to easily create engaging visuals that will capture their audience’s attention and make their presentations stand out from the crowd. Depending on the user’s needs, both platforms offer different features and capabilities to suit various requirements.

With both programs offering free versions, users can try out each program before committing to a paid subscription plan in order to determine which one suits their needs best. Ultimately it comes down to the user’s preference as both are great options for presentation design.

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If you want to have a good presentation and are looking for the best presentation tool for reaching your goal, this article can help you for your best results. Both of these presentation software’s are useful, and they come with advantages.

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