Best 14 Instagram reel ideas for photographers

Instagram reel ideas for photographers
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You may wonder how to increase your social media reach if you are a photographer. It can be overwhelming to see your Instagram reels. It’s another thing we have to do, and photographers are more comfortable with photos than they are with text content. I’ve noticed that reels increase my engagement. Those telling you to do it if Instagram is your priority are not lying. These Instagram reel idea’s for photographers might inspire you to create your content on Instagram. Continue reading.


Can Instagram Reels really work for photographers?

If they post the right content, Instagram Reels can be a great tool for photographers. This is a key point to remember when looking at Reel ideas. If you want to attract more local clients, then you might consider creating a reel that features some of your best work and adding a call-to-action like: “[your state], which was your favorite pic?”

You could also use Reels to increase your international reach and get more people to your content. These can be found by searching for other photographers and checking to see if reels are available. This type of content will be recommended by the algorithm.

How useful is Instagram for photographers?

The biggest reason Instagram Reels are so useful for photographers is that they can help increase a photographer’s reach on social networks. When creating Instagram reel ideas for photographers, it is important to understand who you want to reach. Instagram reels are gaining a lot of attention compared to other types of online content, such as regular Instagram posts or YouTub videos. This is a great opportunity to use this feature on Instagram.


Instagram reel ideas for photographers

Here are top and creative instagram reels ideas for photographers:

Behind The Scenes is a game changer

Behind the scenes is one of our favorite reels. People love to see behind the scenes. It helps potential clients see what it is like to work with you and makes them feel more comfortable about the idea of taking a look behind your lens.


Make Before and After Edits

A video that shows the RAW image of an image, and then shares the edited version is a great way to showcase your editing skills. Users enjoy watching the before-and-after videos, I have found.

Studio, Client Closet, Products

Do you own a studio? Do you have a studio? Give it a quick tour for 30 seconds! What’s in your client’s closet? Display your favorite pieces and list the reasons why you think clients should buy them! Prints and products for sale? These are great ways to showcase them easily. This example requires you to only show your hands, not your face. For those who are camera-shy, this is a win-win situation.



First photographer

Many people start businesses. Creating informational video content’s about how to grow your business can help you share your knowledge and help other photographers.


Top ideas

You should use Instagram to reach people interested in different poses! You can target any niche, from professional photos to weddings.


Tips and Hints

What are some ways you can suggest families prepare for outdoor sunset sessions? What items should they not forget? What are your top recommendations for where to shop for wardrobe items? Style tips? Preparing for a newborn in-home session: What are your styling tips? There are many ideas for tips and tricks that you can share with others about where to shop, what clothes to wear, and how to prepare. Those of you who worry about copying competitors will need to let go.


Tell A Story

Share a vulnerable story. Tell a personal story. The reason you do what your do. Your family and children. You can relate it to your business or not at all. These stories connect me with my audience and followers on a deeper level. I’ve shared some of my entrepreneurial journey and my life behind the scenes. People will follow people they like. Sure, there are tips, hints, and fun things, but sometimes you have to be yourself. Inspire people. Get to know them. Allow them to get to know you.

Product Photography Shoots

Product photographers can have a lot of fun and creativity by showing the equipment and props you used to create a specific image. One of the most popular reel ideas for photographers is product photography content.

Tips for beginners

You can reach others, photographers, by sharing tips with beginners in your niche.

Compare your photo quality before and now

This video is no exception. Users love videos that offer suspense or comparison.

Highlight your local landmarks

Highlighting your local favorites could be a great way to reach local audiences. This will help you get more exposure for your business without promoting it directly. This is one of my favorite reel ideas for photographers.

Create an FAQ video to answer questions from your audience

A FAQ video can help answer potential clients’ questions. This will help you to qualify potential clients before they contact your company.

Collaborations With Local Influencers

You can create more buzz in your area or industry by collaborating with local influencers. This is a great way to increase your social credibility and expand your reach while still fine-tuning your portfolio.

Video setting

You may create a video showing other photographers what settings you used to achieve that particular look.

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