Best 17 Instagram reel ideas for small business

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Instagram reel have become a powerful and valuable Instagram \marketing tool. They are an afterthought to the Instagram stories. This helps small and large businesses increase brand awareness, engagement, and revenue. Businesses have greater chances to increase their followers and grow their business through video marketing thanks to the reels feature. This article will help you improve your business by providing you with the best Instagram reel idea’s.


Instagram reel ideas for small business

Here Meet my Team

It’s always great to see the person behind the product people receive. Get up and meet the team members in your office or studio, and then share the video on Instagram reels.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a team. You can show the world how you manage your small business by making a short video. This is one of the best Instagram business trends.


Show your followers the behind-the scenes

Your followers will be more interested in what you do behind the scenes than what you produce.

There is a chance that people are curious about how things work. Take the time to explain it to them. This content can be used to spark conversation and help you learn more about your fellow humans.


Share success stories and customer testimonials

Ask your loyal customers to make a video of 15-30 seconds about why they love doing business. Social media reviews, particularly video content such as Instagram Reels, are going to do well.


Your work space matters

Sharing your workspace is one of the best ways to make Instagram reels more attractive. You can inspire others to start businesses and make money, even if you don’t have a large workspace.

Simply grab your phone and record a 15 second video from your workplace studio. Professional tip: Focus on the parts that you love and add stickers to make it shine.

Introduce yourself

Another great idea for Instagram reels is to introduce yourself. Talk about yourself, including your age and whereabouts. Talk about your business, and tell people how it started. You’ll be able to attract new customers, increase brand authority, and build trust. Take a quick video and edit it to perfection. Then, share it on reels.


Reply to comments made by your followers

Another great way to interact with followers is to reply to comments using a reel.

We can take Wild Fire Water, a small business that produces natural dyed clothing. Their reel shows how it won’t fade. They are also engaging and raising awareness on a topic.


Start Your Business

Create and share explainer videos to help people understand your small business. Animated explainer video are animated videos that allow your audience to understand your business’ purpose without having to read a guide or scroll through all of your posts. You can reach more people on Instagram by sharing an explainer video.


Partner with Creators

You can have Reels content created by creators. Although this requires a budget and project management skills, partnering with creators of Reels content can produce results in multiple ways.

The best way to make Instagram work for you is by using the Instagram Collabs feature. This allows creators to simultaneously post Reels to your feed and theirs. This is a great way for you to cross-promote Reels and give your account an additional engagement boost.


Involve influencer’s with your job

You probably haven’t heard this before. However, working with influencers, big or micro-influencers, and having them create reels to promote your brand is a powerful asset. It’s also a full-time job.

Reaching out to and engaging more people than your followers is the most important benefit.

We can take, for example, the Vitality clothing brand. It partnered with a fashion blogger to promote its clothing line.


Let’s pack some orders

Sharing the process of packaging orders is one of the best Instagram reel ideas for small businesses. This one is even more fun if you make noises while packing products. You can turn the video into packing ASMR.


Unbox your Products

You must order basic materials frequently if you manage a small business. You always have the opportunity to unpack your orders and film them so that you can show your followers what material you use, which brands you use, and where you store them. You can also tag products on Instagram reels to allow your customers to buy their items from reels. To increase your sales conversion rate, tag related products when you share the unboxing video.


Tips and Tricks

We agree with the common sentiment of many that sharing is caring.

There are many parts to caring for customers. One part is sharing your knowledge and helping them make it happen. This will also help you build trust with your customers and increase engagement.


Answer an FAQ

You’ll notice that many of your Instagram followers ask questions if you look at your direct messages and comments. It will take you a lot of time to respond to all the messages and comments one-by-one. Also, setting up automated messages on Instagram may not be able address customers’ concerns. Why not make a quick video to answer the most frequently asked questions in just 15 seconds? You can clearly explain the answer and show that you care about your audience.


Repurpose your posts and stories

Instagram allows you to post, story, or reel your products and services. You can increase your chances of converting more followers to customers by repurposing your stories and posts on reels after a few weeks.


Show Reality vs. Expectations

Talking about small businesses with friends will reveal that everyone has their own definition. The same applies to your customers and followers. People may assume that you have a large studio where you can create your products. However, you only have a small space with the essential tools. This is what happens if you own an accessory shop selling handmade jewelry. This can be used as an idea for Instagram reels and will show your followers that their expectations of you are completely different from reality.



You see a reel from an account in your niche getting lots of engagement? Post it! You should tag the original poster, and use this strategy sparingly.


Introduce tools you use

You may be asked a lot of questions in your comments or messages about the tools that you use to create products and services, and even promote your business via social media. You can make a short video that explains the most popular apps and tools you use, regardless of whether you are an illustrator or a photographer.

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