Best Beauty salon UI design inspirations

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A custom-designed beauty website will make your business stand out online. It’s a great way to showcase your products and services. Are you looking for ideas? Need some ideas? This design will help you convert your visitors into clients returning to your salon for another relaxing session. Our global network of designers has given us some incredible examples of beauty salon UI design inspiration websites.


Beauty salon UI design inspirations



Argyle is a website template to bui

ld a successful beauty salon. Please don’t have any experience in web design and development.

Argyle makes it easy to create a web masterpiece in seconds. You get the template, the builder, and the hosting. If you are looking for a modern design, Argyle is your best choice.


Honey Rose Aesthetics – Salon Website and Online Store

You are immediately taken on a journey during your appointment when you arrive at the Honey Rose Aesthetics website. The entire story is told in a full-page video, from when a client arrives to the consultation and through the appointment.

Video is a great way to hook visitors when they land on your site. It also allows you to showcase the entire experience of your brand.


Beauty Salon

Cherie is a brand-new WordPress theme that’s professional and complete. Also, this is one the most popular WordPress themes for hair salons. There are four ready-to-use demos of Cherie: beauty, nail, spa, and hair. The themes for beauty salon websites are created with business goals at heart. You don’t even need to know any coding skills.

Yello Salon Website and Online Store

You can feel the energy of Yello throughout their brand. They know how to show their individuality by consistently using neon colors. Another great example of a salon that uses Shopify and Mangomint to create an online store that can be integrated with its salon inventory is this one.



Do you prefer minimalist web design? Nyx is the ideal solution for your beauty-related site. It’s easy to make everything happen with Nyx, even if you want to change its out-of-the-box appearance. You are allowed to make customizations at your discretion.

Nyx allows you to sell products and grow your business with a compelling blog. The best part? 30-day money-back guarantee!


Ama Nail Salon Website

Ama’s website is one of my favorite nail salon websites. The site is visually designed with minimal text. This makes it easy to engage visitors as soon as they land on it. Ama’s website has one thing that I take away from it. It is consistent execution of their salon brand online and offline. It’s almost like going into a salon when you visit their website. They use many images from the salon that are welcoming and artistic, as well as images you can find on the walls. Visit their website to truly experience Ama’s salon experience.



TheGem, a powerful and versatile alternative to WordPress, allows you to create a website for a beauty salon. You can choose from various ready-to-use demos or add features you require, and then you’re ready to go.


Jocelyn Petroni Skin & Nail Salon Website

Jocelyn Petroni’s WordPress website is an example of a well-organized site, which includes everything in one place. Site features include a well-organized menu bar, recent blogs, testimonials, media coverage, and a clearly defined menu bar. This gives the site an edge over other sites. The menu bar’s “Make an appointment” option allows you to book an appointment directly.


Grand Spa Beauty Treatment

The Grand Spa Beauty Massage WordPress theme will be a great choice if you are looking for modern spa themes. It is extremely image-focused and helps to show patrons what they can expect when visiting your salon or spa.

This theme comes with more than forty premade layouts. This is one of our favorite spa websites. It allows you to book online, make reservations, and even pay. If you plan on offering promotions, visitors can use their PayPal or credit card to pay. Grand Spa has many sections, including pricing tables, packages, and locations.


Salon Safari

Good content, great design, and great functionality are all essential components of a website. Salon Safari has high-quality images, great typography, and a design hierarchy. The website of this beauty salon impresses with its high-quality appearance. It also boasts impressive content that showcases the salon’s amazing services. A carousel is also used to add testimonials. The website is one page and has great functionality. This will make it easy for the salon to succeed. The website allows visitors to book appointments online.


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