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Figma Tips 

Figma has more features than you could ever use, but there are always ways of making your workflow easier. These tips will help with productivity and navigation on Figma so that it’s less stressful!

Some of the best tips for improving your productivity on Figma come from our experience with professionals who use it every day. Here are  ways you can make working more efficient and less stressful!

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Update auto layout

The new auto-layout feature of Xcode is a game changer! With it, you can easily create buttons and lists with multiple margins that will fit more intricate components. You won’t have to do tedious spacing edits anymore because the tool does all this for us – making designs cleaner in every way possible.


Update the nudge amount to 8px

You can make this more straightforward for yourself and your entire team by simply setting the “nudge amount” in Figma from 10px to 8 pixels. This way, every time you will move or resize an object it’s going down by 2 pixels instead of 1 which makes a huge difference when working with fonts that have carefully crafted measurements like we do here!


Use the bar graph arc tool

I had no idea about the Bar Graph arc tool until I read about that tool on the FIGMA blog and tried it. It makes a minimalist Bar Graph arc and saves time to create arcs like how we did in the old days.


Manage base components

Components now have a new variant that allows for even more efficiency in your app’s design. This means you can update individual components without having to worry about the other 49 states being updated at once!

This makes changing up designs simple and ensures 100% consistency across all apps using this method of organizing reusable code—which is good, because it saves time when making changes or fixing bugs…

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Use true/false logic 

If you have two variants that differ only by their properties, use “true/false” or on/off labels to quickly switch between them. This is much quicker than navigating through all the code and checking if something happens before making any changes in your program!


Organize the grid or swap position

To organize your design, click the grid icon in the corner. This will equalize all distances between objects so that you can drag and rearrange them without worrying about having one object jumping out at us or being too close while another is way off screen – everything’s evenly placed!


Rename multiple layers at once

The Figma app has a great feature that enables you to rename your layers in bulk. You can choose from different options for renaming them, like having all the same name or adding numbers and letters at once so it’s easier than ever before!


Organize your file pages 

By organizing your file pages, you will be able to navigate them quickly and easily. Make sure each page has a well-defined name for various design and documentation purposes so that communication with others involved in the project is quick!Use the scale tool.


Use the scale tool 

Scaling your artwork has never been easier! To scale an object, simply select it and hold down K on keyboards. What was once a time-consuming process of reaving elements is now done in seconds with just one tool: The Scale Tool ( hockey stick icon).


More time-saving tricks with spacebar

Hold down the spacebar and your cursor will become an unlimited-length line that you can draw with. You’ll also be able to move any object placed in its path by pressing down on it! This is great for making shapes or drawing complicated paths, as well–no more trying (and failing) at getting those pesky lines exactly how we want them; just use this tool instead!.

While holding down the spacebar, move your mouse outside of any frame to have it stay inside. You can also disable movie clip content in an object container so that you are able see what’s happening when something goes wrong with its position or size reference within a shot – for instance if there were smoke coming out from somewhere near where one would expect them but not actually placed on screen at all yet! Press CMD( CTRL) + Y while having these options enabled.


The Bottom Line

Figma is the best way to get everything you need for designing digital products. Whether it’s icons, templates or tools that will help with operations management– Figma has got what you want! With its diverse community of developers and designers alike; there are no limits on where this app can go in terms design-wise either (and function too!).

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Use font scale to select base font sizes for consistency across the project

What are you waiting for? Try out our predefined font scales today! They’ll make designing easier than ever before. You won’t have to worry about selecting different fonts because they’re all included in this plugin, so just pick your favorite and go from there—no need to install anymore extra software on top of Figma’s built-in options (like old school typefaces).

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Ui UX design services

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