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I think we all know this and we agree that half of our presentations are the content we present and the other half comes back to the way we present and how we organize our presentation.

The choices we have in our topics, such as colors, icons, illustrations, etc., all of these can have a great impact on our presentation and the response we get from it.

In fact, fonts are also a very important and inseparable part of our presentation that we should always check.

Beautiful photography and well-designed icons can all be undermined by a poorly-chosen typeface. You need to use a font that aligns with the rest of your design style, and with the personality you’re trying to convey. You need a font with the right ‘voice.’

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Custom fonts:

word of caution on non-machine fonts – custom fonts can be a powerful, appealing thing of your presentation layout, however if used incorrectly, they can also be its undoing.

A custom font will only seem to your presentation if it’s miles played on a device with that font hooked up. On any other tool, PowerPoint will replace your stunning, carefully deliberate custom font with one of the machine defaults, and this could have disastrous outcomes in your design.



 suitable font for a variety of powerpoint presentations. regardless of whether it’s used in headings or the body text. However, if we were to choose, it’s better to use it in headers and subheadings for the best results. 

If you’re looking for a slab serif font alternative, use fonts like Rockwell or a bolded Trocchi in your next Visme or PowerPoint presentation



 a unique sans serif font that can be used in more playful presentations. You can use it when you want to :

  • Creat presentation for school
  • Video presentation 

We incorporate KoHo into our Creative presentation theme in the various headings of each slide.

If you need to create a pitch deck for investors or a sales presentation for new clients, KoHo and the Creative theme might not be for you. 

However, if you’re embedding a slideshow onto your blog or sharing an informational presentation on SlideShare, KoHo could be a great way to engage your audience.

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If you need to create a pitch deck for investors or a sales presentation for new clients, KoHo and the Creative theme might not be for you. 

However, if you’re embedding a slideshow onto your blog or sharing an informational presentation on SlideShare, KoHo could be a great way to engage your audience.

This fact makes Helvetica a great font to use for headers and titles in live presentations where there may be people “sitting in the back rowand viewing your presentation from a distance. 



In truth, ideal clarity is what sets Tahoma aside from a few comparable sans serif fonts. The photo below indicates the characters uppercase I (eye), lowercase l (ell) and #1 (one) written in four famous sans serif fonts (from left to right) Century Gothic, Calibri, Gill Sans and Tahoma. word how in every font but Tahoma, at the least characters are indistinguishable. Gill Sans, for example, is a disaster right here. It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to jot down those three characters in brief succession, however for medical, technical or mathematical content, clear difference between these characters may be very critical – and Tahoma offers you that.

Tahoma the font however was designed by means of the British typographer Matthew Carter operating for Microsoft, and became launched with windows ninety five. it’s miles a totally near cousin of Verdana, however even though similar, Tahoma is a bit narrower and extra tightly spaced than Verdana, giving it a more slim, barely extra formal sense. it is another example of a font that turned into designed specially for display use, that means it will look appropriate at a wide range of sizes, and on a extensive variety of monitors, best if you are creating a presentation as a way to need to display nicely on a couple of devices.

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you may’t argue with its legibility though. Verdana is an exceptional font to apply for small text, as an instance, to preserve your footnotes, references and disclaimers readable. Or, for a safer desire, Verdana’s unobtrusive, effects legible characters will maintain your audience’s interest on what you’ve got said, not the font you’ve used to say it.



Montserrat is considered one of our favourite fonts for presentation titles and subheadings. It’s a ambitious, professional, and visually appealing preference for conditions while you need your headers and titles to surely seize the audiences’ attention.


Gill Sans 

Gill Sans is some other classic choice for PowerPoint displays whilst you’re trying to build rapport along with your target market. Gill Sans is a friendly and heat sans serif font much like Helvetica. on the equal time, it looks robust and expert.



Palatino is also a viable preference in your presentation’s frame text. It’s a bit one-of-a-kind from fonts usually used for frame paragraphs. So it can make your presentation content stand proud of those using conventional fonts.

Finally, we ask you to be very careful in the way you present and the content you present, but never forget that your presentation style is also one of the main principles that must be paid attention to, and it is important that we all pay attention to it in our presentations.

The fonts that we have provided are some of the best fonts for your presentations, but if you still have a question, my colleagues at Temis Marketing can help you with creating your PowerPoint and having a better presentation.

Presentation design services :

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