Best methods to know, how to convert Figma to website?

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How to convert Figma to a Website?

Figma is a tool that web designers are familiar with. Figma is a powerful tool that allows you to create high-fidelity mockups and prototypes.



What if you wanted to turn your Figma design into a website? We’ll show how to do this in this article. Let’s first discuss why Figma might be a good choice for you. Figma’s vector-based programming is one of its greatest advantages.

Your designs can be scaled down or up without compromising quality. This is great for designing for different screen sizes and devices.

Figma’s ability to work with others is another reason to use it. Figma allows you to collaborate with others on the same design file. This makes it much easier to design. We’ve discussed the benefits of Figma. Now let’s talk about how to convert your designs into code or a website.

There are many ways to do this. We’ll focus on two popular options: an online converter or exporting your design in an image and then manually converting it into code.


Convert Figma to WordPress

Step 1 – Export from Figma

Exporting your Figma design to WordPress is the first step to converting it. This can be done in a variety of ways. First, go to File > Export. You will be presented with a variety of formats to choose from. You will need an HTML and CSS file to create a WordPress website. Click Export Code to download the files. You can also use any of the Figma plugins.


Step 2 – Set up the WordPress site

After your assets have been exported to Figma, you can set up your WordPress website. Now is the best time to get your website’s domain name or hosting provider. After that, log in to your hosting provider’s control portal and install WordPress on the domain. Once installation is completed, log in to your WordPress dashboard. Next, add pages, posts and plugins to your site.


Step 3 – Upload your design or use a WordPress plugin

After your site has been set up, you can upload your HTML and CSS files. WordPress will then process your code and create the pages that you have created. Another option is to use one of the plugins available to assist with the conversion from Figma designs into WordPress sites. There are many plugins that can be used to accomplish this task. One of the most popular is pxCode. Search for pxCode in the WordPress plugins section.

Next, install the Plugin and activate it on your new website. After activating the Plugin, a new Figma tab will appear in your WordPress dashboard. Log into your Figma account to select the pages that you wish to export from Figma.



How do I export Figma to HTML Code with pxCode?

Figma design blueprints can be converted to HTML/React code that is developer-friendly.

Figma is a popular website that allows you to design and create prototypes for websites and apps. You can create your designs from any device, including a tablet or a mobile phone. Exporting Figma to HTML after designing the website is easy and intuitive. Figma’s HTML code generator and hand-off tools are not responsive (RWD) and are very limited.

pxCode now supports Figma design files.


Figma Steps: Install Figma plugin

Go to Figma and select [Community], then click on [Plugin], and search for the pxCode you want to install. Install link: pxCode Figma plugin.


Export Figma design using pxCode Plugin

The next step is to create your Figma design. Once your Figma design has been completed, click right on the canvas and click on [Plugin], then click on [Figma HTML by pxCode].

To export your Figma Design File, you can choose [Asset Size], [Download All], or[Download Selected].


Steps to pxCode: Import Figma file into pxCode

Open pxCode in your Web Browser. Now, import the Figma Design you exported from [Create Project] into pxCode.


Structure and responsive editing

This tutorial video (3m33s) teaches you the fundamental but revolutionary features of pxCode.

  • Layout Concept
  • Smart Suggestion (cmd+F).
  • Analyze Group Flexbox
  • Responsive Editing

Now you can convert your design files to a fully responsive webpage with pxCode. This tool allows for a simple and fun way to do so.


Steps to Code Integration: Export Developer-Friendly

It’s now time to break this limitation! Editing canvas allows you to convert your design into a Responsive web. You can directly export the code to your design.

RD Code Integration

Implement animation, workflow, and state. No more HTML slicing!


Use an online converter.

You can convert your Figma design to HTML code using a variety of online converters. HTMLify is our favorite, but there are many other options.

HTMLify allows you to upload your Figma file. Click on the “Choose File” button. Next, choose the artboards you wish to convert and click “Generate HTML”.

After the conversion, you can download a ZIP file containing all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files needed to build your website. These files can be uploaded to your server, and voila! Now your website is live.

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