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Who are the Best PowerPoint Presentation Designers?

In the dynamic landscape of PowerPoint design, identifying the best designers can be challenging.

This article navigates through this complexity by leveraging the power of top freelancer platforms.

We accurately prepared a list of 27 designers from 9 platforms, top 3 of PowerPoint and Presentation designers. Each of them comes with a unique expertise, creativity, and innovation, promising to elevate your presentation to a higher class.

They are a collection of the best PowerPoint designers worldwide located in different countries which makes having easier access for you if you are in the same location. We have dived into the profiles of these top-tier PowerPoint masters, providing insights, bios, and social links.

Enhance your presentations, captivate your audience, and make a lasting impression with the expertise of these best freelancers.

Here is a valuable roadmap for enhancing your visual storytelling journey. Discover the artistry that defines PowerPoint designers, setting a new standard for captivating and impactful presentations.

“Welcome to the world of unparalleled design excellence”  

These designers are professionals who excel in transforming mundane content into captivating visual narratives. They possess an artistic flair, attention to detail, and an understanding of design principles that enable them to create presentations that leave a lasting impact on the audience. These designers have a versatile skill set, utilizing various multimedia elements, animations, and transitions to bring presentations to life.

These designers for presentation design services are attentive listeners who can extract the core message from the client’s content and translate it into a visually stunning and coherent presentation. Their ability to balance creativity and professionalism sets them apart in the competitive presentation design field.


Best PowerPoint Designers in

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers for their most important projects. (htt1)

“We connect the world’s top talent with the world’s top organizations.”

Taso Du Val, Chief Executive Officer

Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott founded the company in 2010. Du Val was previously an engineer at Fotolog and (htt2)

while Beneschott was an undergraduate at Princeton University. The name stands for “top talent”, and it started as a virtual company with no dedicated offices. (htt3)The firm developed personality, language, and skills testing to remotely screen engineering candidates, and accepted the top 3% of several thousand monthly applicants. (htt4)

  1. Caleb Barclay

Caleb Barclay

Caleb is a seasoned product designer and strategist. He’s worked with big brands like GoDaddy, and Louis C.K., but also with dozens of startups with big ideas—creating lovable version number 1s. Caleb approaches product design as a practice of creating desirability, usefulness, and usability. (htt5)TOPTAL MEMBER SINCE: April 5, 2017

LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ, United States 

You can touch Caleb on Linkedin, Facebook, OR Twitter  – website


  1. Sanja Kajfeš


Sanja enjoys creating memorable and meaningful designs that are visually appealing, understandable, and usable. She has worked across the full design flow and communicates exceptionally well. Sanja’s passion for design has led her to contribute to amazing projects and work with clients from all over the world. (htt6)

If anything, PowerPoint, if used well, would ideally reflect the way we think.

Steven Pinker


LOCATION: Rijeka, Croatia

You can touch Sanja on Linkedin, Facebook, OR Twitter  – website


  1. Frederic Savioz

Frederic Savioz

Frederic is a senior art director and creative director with more than 20 years of experience in branding, UI design, and advertising. He worked for various industries, including FMCG, banks, insurance, pet food, B2B, cryptocurrencies, startups, and more. He can count Nike, Adobe, Alfa Romeo, Absolut Vodka, Jägermeister, and Volkswagen as clients. After gaining a master’s in interactive art direction in Stockholm, Frederic founded the Kids—a digital and communication studio. (htt7)


LOCATION: Berlin, Germany


Best PowerPoint Presentation Designers On the UPWORK 

Upwork began over two decades ago by pioneering a better way of working, helping businesses find more flexibility and connecting talent with more opportunities. Like so many, Upwork has had a big impact on my life. I first came to this company on the product team and over the years have understood what makes this platform work: the relationships. (htt8)


“I can say with confidence that the Upwork team – the team that serves you the talent and you the client is still driven by our mission to create economic opportunity for our people around the world.”

Hayden Brown, President & CEO


Upwork Global Inc., formerly Elance-oDesk, is an American freelancing platform headquartered in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. The company was formed in 2013 as Elance-oDesk, after the merger of Elance Inc. and oDesk Corp. The merged company was subsequently rebranded to Upwork in 2015. (htt9)

In March 2022, Upwork was named on Time’s list of TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2022. (htt10)

Clients post a description of their job and a price range they are willing to pay for a freelancer to complete it. The client may invite specific freelancers to apply for their jobs or post the job for any freelancer who is interested in applying. Once the client has chosen who they want to complete the job, they hire that freelancer by sending a contract with set hours, pay rate, and a deadline for the work to be completed. (htt11)


  1. Karthick C.

Karthick C.

I worked at McKinsey & Company Design Services – Visual Graphics India as a PowerPoint presentation designer and Service Desk Specialist. I started my career here as a Graphic Designer and gradually moved to a Service Desk role. I was the chief point of contact for clients which provided me with an opportunity to gain good comprehension skills to understand clients’ needs and to meet their expectations. (htt12)

LOCATION: Chennai, India

Job Success: 97%       Total Jobs: 273     Total Hours: 2,519

you can contact Karthick by LinkedIn. Also, his email is


  1. Deborah J.

Deborah J.

Immediate project asset: In addition to expert PowerPoint skills, I bring a well-rounded set of services/attributes to the table. These include attention to detail, project scope understanding on a short learning curve, quick and efficient edit rounds, valued listening and communication skills, honesty, ability to work independently, and working collaboratively with teams. I’m proud of my work ethic and clients report that they highly enjoy working with me and deeply appreciate my genuine care for their project(s). (htt13)

LOCATION: Pittsford, NY

Job Success: 100%       Total Jobs: 424     Total Hours: 2,793

Deborah J. linkedin


  1. Courtney Allen

Courtney Allen

A PowerPoint Wizard and a Picasso of Keynote (titles lovingly bestowed upon me from past clients), I have worked on thousands of decks for Fortune 100 companies, global agencies, and tech startups over the past ten years. As a contractor at Microsoft, I stepped into the role of Art Director to oversee the creation of hundreds of new templates for Microsoft Office. While providing consistent, high-quality work, I have had the pleasure of establishing long-term relationships with Home Depot, Exxon Mobil, Cisco Systems, Bloomberg, and many more. Alongside executive presentations, I specialize in pitch decks and RFPs– my presentations and proposals have helped companies secure millions in funding and win bids. (htt14)

LOCATION: Atlanta, United States

Job Success: 100%       Total Jobs: 1,428     Total Hours: 17,254


Best Presentation Designers in Fiverr 

Fiverr is an Israeli multinational online marketplace for freelance services. (htt15)

Fiverr’s platform connects freelancers (sellers) to people or businesses looking to hire (buyers), encouraging a wide range of services in a free market. Fiverr took its name from the $5 asking price attached to all tasks when the company was founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv, though many sellers now charge more.


“After almost a decade with Fiverr, it’s getting hard to separate my own story from the Fiverr story. I am known as Netta from Fiverr, I give my Fiverr email when I’m asked to provide an email address, my emergency contact is a friend I met at Fiverr, and I’m often told that the Fiverr offices look just like my own living room.”

Netta Goldberg, Internal Communications Manager


Listings on Fiverr are described as diverse, ranging from “get a well-designed business card” to “help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery”. The highest-paying jobs on Fiverr include website design, social media management, proofreading and copywriting, and resume writing. Freelancers work from a variety of workplaces. The platform is global, with freelancers and businesses spanning an estimated 160 countries. Fiverr went public in 2019. Today it is a multi-billion-dollar global marketplace. (htt16)

Launched in 2020, Fiverr Business helps teams at larger companies manage their workflows with freelancers and remote workers. (htt17)Also in 2020, Fiverr launched Logo Maker, a tool powered by artificial intelligence for designing company logos (htt18)


  1. Josh N.

Josh N.

Ahoy! Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile. I am an experienced and knowledgeable Marketing and Presentation Specialist with a portfolio of over 50 clients and 200+ presentation projects completed in the last 3 years. I am highly responsive, creative, and deadline-oriented. If you want to bring your ideas to life in your presentation, let’s talk! (htt19)


5.0 (370+ reviews)                         Speaks: English, French

 Instagram, youtube


  1. Mak


As a graphic designer, I use my creativity and software tools to create captivating visuals for various projects such as websites, print ads, marketing materials, logos, and page layouts. My goal is to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate audiences through visual concepts that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. To achieve this goal, I possess a range of skills such as proficiency in design software, knowledge of design principles and trends, attention to detail, and strong communication skills. By staying up to date with the latest graphic design trends. (htt20)

LOCATION: Pakistan

   4.9 (1.8k reviews)                            Speaks: English, Urdu


  1. Waleed


6 YEARS OF QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP I’m a Certified Graphic Designer based in Pakistan, focusing on Presentation Design, Brand and Print design. I’m a firm believer that great presentation leads to outstanding businesses and for the past 6 years I’ve been busy creating designs that people love and helping our clients become successful. (htt21)

LOCATION: Pakistan

   4.9 (1.6k reviews)                          Speaks: English

facebook, youtube



Best Presentation Designers in 99designs 

99designs is a Melbourne, Australia-based company that operates a freelancer platform for connecting graphic designers and clients. The company was founded in 2008 and has a United States office in Oakland, California. (htt22)


“We believe in putting people first”



In 2012, the company acquired a European competitor called 12designer, based in Germany. Its office became the European headquarters of 99designs. (htt23)

In 2013, the company acquired LogoChef, a Brazilian competitor. In 2017, the company relocated back to Melbourne. (htt24)

The company was acquired in October 2020 by the American Irish company Cimpress. (htt25)


  1. Creative_Ahmed


I am a senior integrated designer, video editor, musician, and photographer, an enthusiastic professional with the ability to take work from initial brief to scamp stage and finished visuals. The visual aspect of life is my passion, and every new project is a challenge for me. Used to working under tight deadlines, I enjoy working intensely to produce the right strategy and creative work to answer the brief. (htt26)

4.98 (254 reviews)               Speaks: English


  1. Grafix.euu


 I will create a PowerPoint template with 30 pages including a cover, dividers, table of contents, team, map, contact, text, text + image, graphs, and diagrams. This is not a custom content design. This is a template based on clients’ brand specifications (logo, colors, fonts). I will use clients’ images or images from my paid (licensed) stock image sources. For a custom design please ask for a quote. (htt27)


   4.96 (289 reviews)                 Speaks: English


  1. Mollusca


Business and advertising designer experts with 8+ years of experience
Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to invite me via a 1-to-1 project :). (htt28)

4.94 (204 reviews)               Speaks: Indonesian


Best PowerPoint Designers in Freelancer

Freelancer is an Australian freelance marketplace website, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete. Founded in 2009, its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia, though it also has offices in Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Jakarta. (htt29)

“Hire the best freelancers for any job, online.”

Freelancer is a marketplace where employers and employees can find each other. The site allows employers to post work for site members who place bids in a competitive tender process. The site also allows members to host and enter contests for which prize money is offered as a reward. Freelancers and employers develop profiles on the site as they offer, win, and complete work and write and receive reviews of people they work with or for. The site’s members receive a finite number of bids to use on the site, which are periodically replenished. A series of account options are offered, ranging from free accounts through to professional subscriptions. (htt30)


  1. Khaled A.

Khaled A.

I am a versatile professional offering skills as a Virtual Assistant and Data Entry Specialist. With my expertise, I ensure high-quality project completion promptly, and my availability throughout the day allows me to deliver exceptional results faster than the average Freelancer without sacrificing quality.

If you’re interested, please let me know! I am readily available through Freelancer and will respond promptly. Let’s begin our collaboration without delay. (htt31)

LOCATION: Belqas, Egypt

Job Success: 100%       5.0 (27 reviews)               Speaks: Arabic, English

  1. Waseem H.

Waseem H.

Whether you are looking for investors, customers, or partners, making an impact on your potential customers is a challenge. An impeccable profile, business plan, marketing collateral & pitch deck get the target audience (investors & customers) excited about your idea and engage them in a conversation about your business, and leading to an investment or purchase.

I have tons of ideas about how to impressively present your plain data so that your audience will know and see the extracted and exact highlighted points of your business. (htt32)

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

Job Success: 100%       5.0  (242 reviews)               Speaks: English


  1. Talha M.

Talha M.

I am available 24/7 and will always respond promptly. Our team dynamic affords us the benefit of constant editing and an available second eye to ensure our deliverables are quality at every stage of the process. I am an expert in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so when edits need to be made, I’m quick and consistent to get the product on point.

If you’re interested in chatting with us about your graphic design needs but are curious about our past work, feel free to scan through our portfolio at your leisure. I know you’ll be impressed, and my team and I will be here waiting to add you to our other portfolio – the portfolio of satisfied clients. (htt34)

LOCATION: Jhang Sadar, Pakistan

Job Success: 99%       4.9 (783 reviews)               Speaks: English


top 3 PowerPoint Designers in Workana 

Workana is a marketplace platform for freelance and remote work, for hiring independent workers. The company is headquartered in Argentina and has offices in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, and as of 2019 it has expanded to Southeast Asia (htt35)

The platform is available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. (htt36)In 2018, Workana received financing of US$7 million through SEEK (htt37), which are shareholders in companies such as Brazil Online Holdings and OCC (Career Center in Mexico). (htt38)

This allowed it to begin its expansion into Southeast Asia. It is worth mentioning that it is SEEK’s third investment for Workana, totaling US$ 12.5 million since 2016. (htt39)

Thus, in 2018, it had already become the largest independent work platform in Latin America and began its global expansion (htt40)


  1. Aníbal L.

Aníbal L.

I can conceptualize and develop creative ideas that meet your objectives. I like to work hand in hand with my clients and thus create visual solutions that transmit their message clearly and effectively. I design logos, corporate identity, brochures, catalogs, posters, advertisements, and materials for social networks and websites, among others. (htt41)

Creative, detailed, and committed. I’m ready to help you take your vision to the next level.

I have more than 10 years of experience in graphic design, my specialty is the creation of creative concepts and graphic solutions that reflect the brand’s values. I am always looking for new design technologies that can improve the quality of the work I do. I am always looking for new projects that allow me to continue learning and growing in my career and profession. If you want to know more about me and my work, do not hesitate to contact me.

LOCATION: Venezuela

Job Success: 100%       4.96 (151 reviews)               Speaks: English, Spanish


  1. Gabriela P.


I’m a designer and illustrator. I consider myself creative, dedicated, and capable of meeting customer needs, with quality and seriousness. More than 10 years of experience in editing and preparing manuals and technical literature. (htt42)

Content for social media – Machinery companies- Logo and visual identity – Food and natural product companies.


Job Success: 100%       4.96 (98 reviews)               Speaks: Portuguese, English, Spanish


  1. Vinici


Full-time freelancer since 2010.

Professional with over 10 years of experience developing advertising campaigns, visual identity, brand creation, strategic planning, corporate communications, and social media management. (htt43)

Specialist in: Logos, Visual Identity and Branding, Institutional stationery and printed materials, Layout and graphic projects, Art Direction for advertising, Web design and interface design, and social media.


Job Success: 100%       4.83 (1045 reviews)               Speaks: Portuguese, English


top 3 presentation designers on Contra

Contra is a networking platform that gives users the freedom and opportunity to work independently. It provides flexible work opportunities from people through an exclusive community and referral network by showcasing work portfolios that enable freelancers and other independent professionals to earn a living on their terms. The San Francisco, California-based company was established in 2019 by Ben Huffman and Gajus Kuizinas. (htt44)


“We believe that freelancing isn’t just a gig — it’s a way of life. We set out to build a future that allows anyone to work for themselves, and lets clients feel good about hiring the best freelance talent.”



Contra allows anyone to work for themselves. You can create a digital portfolio, earn money commission-free, and get discovered by clients all around the world. Essentially, it’s a two-sided marketplace where you have Independents — aka freelancers — showcasing their past work offerings and services. On the flip side, clients can post remote job opportunities or invite Independents to projects. Both parties are crucial to making Contra thrive. (htt46)


  1. Kajal Baliyan

Kajal Baliyan

Hey, I’m Kajal

I’m a branding expert who creates strategic brand experiences for entrepreneurs in tech, lifestyle, and health & wellness. Let’s join forces to craft a visually striking brand identity that sparks intrigue and fosters loyalty! (htt47)


Job Success: 100%       5x              Speaks: Hindi, English, Germany

you can contact kajal on LinkedIn, Instagram or


  1. Paula | Land it

Paula | Land it

Hey! I’m Paula, a Brand and Social Media Designer, and Strategist. At Land It, we craft impactful brand identities + engaging social media strategies. We’re bilingual wizards, so all of our services are in Spanish and English. We love collaborating with tech startups in the B2C, DTC, and Fintech world. We’ve worked with clients such as Contra, Tango, Bottle, Eraser, etc. (htt48)

LOCATION: Valencia, Spain

Job Success: 100%       8x              Speaks: English, Spanish

You can contact Paula | Land it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest


  1. Steven Mancera

Steven Mancera

Hi, this is Steve! I’m a multi-skilled Product Designer with over 6 years of experience. Currently passionate about Design Systems, 3D design, and Generative AI experiences. Known for my consistent, intuitive, and realistic approach to designs, I always envision a better future for all the products I know, use, and love. Not only to inspire but to bring you closer to a better-designed future. (htt49)

LOCATION: Philippines

Job Success: 100%                Speaks: English

You can touch Steven Mancera on twitter, LinkedIn, dribble


top 3 PowerPoint Designers in Working not Working

From the start of the journey as a platform, Working Not Working has been focused on helping companies find the very best talent — elite creatives with a proven track record. 

They started with advertising agencies and freelancers. Soon enough, they had design studios, tech companies, and startups on the roster. Over the years, this variety has grown hugely.


“The big idea wasn’t that big at the start. We didn’t set out to build a company. From our own experiences, we knew the process of hiring creative freelancers was broken. It was a pain in the ass when we worked at agencies, and it was a pain in the ass after we’d both gone freelance,”


Working Not Working is a curated community of the best talent in the creative industry. Their mission is to eliminate the obstacles between creative people and opportunity.

They seek out the most respected, most awarded, and hardest working creatives so companies don’t have to. Thousands of companies including Apple, Google, Droga5, Airbnb, Facebook, Nike, COLLINS, and The New York Times are using WNW to staff freelance and full-time creative roles. 

They’re changing the way the world finds top talent and liberating companies from the tyranny of commissions.


  1. Cristiane



I’m focused on Presentation Design and Publications, which encompass the creation of visually striking content for templates, RFP decks, animated presentations, typography-oriented slides, infographics, one-pagers, and the design of publications. Clients in New York include Ogilvy, McCann, Weber Shandwick, Sapient, Razorfish, DKNY, Wolff Olins, Time Inc., and Havas. I served industries in fashion, entertainment, pharma, tech, finance, and automotive. Arts and traveling influence my work. (htt51)


Years Exp: 9+                                  Speaks: English


  1. Steve



Hi! I’m Steve Guttbinder, a presentation designer based in Oakland, CA who loves to subtly impress. I run a presentation design agency called Gold Rush Presentations where we aim to deliver premium and flawless presentations that represent the best that our clients have to offer. My biggest differentiator… I aim to make sure the work that I do can be reused by every team member in an organization. Templates, training, integration with your software, and simplicity are all key. (htt52)


Years Exp: 9+                                  Speaks: English


  1. Eleanor


I am a Senior-level Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Creative Project Manager who is looking to find clients in the Music or Publishing industries (or adjacent to those!). I love to design presentations, logos & branding, print materials and so much more. I worked in creative project management for Healthcare and Pharma for 8 years, so I understand creative operations. I look forward to working with you to help bring your brand to life and give it the look and feel it deserves! (htt53)


Years Exp: 9+                                  Speaks: English


top 3 PowerPoint Designers in Guru is an expression of the beliefs that we hold close to our hearts. It’s one thing to simply provide a platform where Employers and Freelancers can work together. It’s another to do it in our unique way. We strive to be the premier platform where professionals go to connect, collaborate, and get work done. We believe that the best work is done in a flexible and secure environment. With transparency comes trust, and with a community that’s built on meritocracy, people are eager to set aside differences in geography, politics, and religion to share and profit from economic opportunities.


“We make it easy for you to work online, whether you run your own business or work for an agency, small business, or enterprise company.”



Since 1998, we have been working tirelessly out of our offices in Pittsburgh, PA, and Noida, India to turn these aspirations into reality. We have developed a close bond with our users. As their needs have changed, we have evolved our platform to provide the tools and support they want. Our users teach us, we learn and we grow. We invite you to become a part of our expanding community!


  1. Muhammad Kamran Ashraf

Muhammad Kamran Ashraf

I am  M. Kamran Ashraf and I’m a freelance App and Web developer, WordPress website developer, and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PDF formatter, MS. Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD expert. I have over 17 years of Web and App development, Graphic designing, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PDF format, MS. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD (2D, 3D) experience, and WordPress Website Development, Android App development, Creative Writing have much more expertise with have been a part of marketing and administrative projects of many companies.

I specialized in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Adobe in-design, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Video Editing Tools.

My designs are high-quality they are also affordable, I can design Business cards, logo designs, flyers, banners, Pena flex, flyers, posters, letterhead, Stemmers, roll-up and x-stands, hoarding and backdrops, signboards (2d – 3d), picture mock-up and picture quotes, prospectus, catalog, and many more. (htt58)

LOCATION: Pakistan

Job Success: 95.4%                Speaks: English



  1. DesignCraftive


DesignCraftive ultimate destination for your brand.

For more than 10 years, we at DesignCraftive have strived to bring out the best in our clients which has resulted in satisfied and happy customers who love our work and have been with us from their first project till now. At DesignCraftive we have worked with clients from all walks of life celebrities, bands, small/ large scale companies, and individuals thus with our vast experience we know what type of design will fill you with joy. Whether you are looking for a logo brochure/ flyer or a complex portal website development at DesignCraftive we can nail it all.

So, get in touch with us today as we believe that our success starts with your satisfaction.


LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Job Success: 100%                Speaks: English

facebook – LinkedIn


  1. Taslim Rabia

Taslim Rabia - Custom Graphic Designer | Web Developer

Custom Graphic Designer | Web Developer

Attention all design and tech-savvy folks! Are you tired of bland logos and mediocre web designs? Well, look no further because I’m here to bring some excitement to your projects!

Your one-stop-shop for all things graphic design and web development. With five years of experience under my belt, I’ve had the honor of working with some top-notch companies and now I’m ready to work my magic for you. Need a custom logo? Check! Need a pitch deck that will leave your audience in awe? Double check! Need a website that’ll make your competition green with envy? Triple check! I’ve got you covered.

From custom logos, web designs, and social media templates to full-fledged animations and even WordPress development, I’m your guy. And don’t worry, everything I create is 100% original and of the highest quality.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s create some design magic together. I’m ready, are you? (htt60)


Job Success: 94.3%                Speaks: English



In conclusion, starting the journey for the best PowerPoint designers across the best nine freelance platforms has revealed a diverse landscape of talent, creativity, and expertise.

As you navigate the dynamic world of freelancing, remember that the best PowerPoint designers are not only skilled in visual aesthetics but also master at translating your message into a unique artistry, and professional story.

Whether you seek affordability, special craftsmanship, or crowdsourcing any presentation design, the freelancers highlighted here represent the benchmark of PowerPoint design on their respective platforms.

Achieve a broader view about selecting the best PowerPoint Designers worldwide by reading our Frequent Asked Questions:

General FAQ

1- Is It Worth Hiring a Presentation Designer?

Freelance presentation designers are not just online professionals, but they are the smartest minds who know exactly how to deliver your objective. Besides professionalism, hiring a presentation designer has also advantages such as time-saving, customization, creativity, consistency, technical expertise about the design principles, optimizing your time, no more pre-designed templates, conveying your message, and finally staying at the top of trends.

2- How much does a professional PowerPoint design cost? What factors impact your presentation cost?

The answer -like other services- depends on several factors. The complexity of the project, the level of customization required, and the expertise of the designers. It is the main reason we provided in our article their contact links having a useful conversation about the details.

3- How long does a typical presentation design project take?

Each project has a different size and the amount of graphics or diagrams need to be included but generally, it takes about 5-10 business days to develop a project from an idea to the final and then approved.

You should also consider time for the next stages such as final revising, printing, etc.


Technical FAQ:

Aside from PowerPoint, do the presentation designers work in Google Slides? Keynote? Prezi?

While PowerPoint is the most popular software in presentation designing, they are not just PowerPoint designers. They are able to work with any software you prefer and of course, consider the type of project you need.

We don’t have concrete branding yet or we are in the process of updating our brand. Can they work without defined brand elements?

The designers we collected here are the best in their field and deal with all kinds of industries and brands. So, they have enough experience to build up a great project from the bottom to the top.


Security FAQ:

What if we have highly sensitive information? Will our data remain confidential?

Your answer to this question is related to the type of data.

But you should consider the reputation of the designer. The presentation designers we listed have collaborated with the most famous companies and brands. Searching for their previous clients may give you good confidence to share such information or not.



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A seasoned economist with a decade of experience in the free market, specializing in macroeconomics, statistical analysis, and business analytics. I am passionate about translating complex economic concepts into actionable strategies that drive success. My track record includes managing sales, developing business strategies, and executing international projects. Proficient in Python and R programming for data-driven decision-making. Committed to leveraging my expertise to enhance economic insights and drive organizational growth.


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