12 best Freelance PowerPoint Designers to Work in 2023

best powerpoint designers
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Content alone won’t result in an exceptional PowerPoint presentation; design elements must be considered, too. the best PowerPoint designers can elevate your message, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impact. That’s where professional PowerPoint designers come in. But what makes a PowerPoint designer truly exceptional? You can answer this question with creativity, strategic thinking, and technical proficiency. They know the psychology of color, layout, and storytelling to send your messages to the audience.

To help you navigate the world of PowerPoint design, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best PowerPoint designers work as freelancers who excel in these criteria. Our selection is based on thorough research. From being a businessman to education and beyond, these PowerPoint designers can convert any presentations into engaging visual narratives that linger long after they end, no matter who you are.

If anything, PowerPoint, if used well, would ideally reflect the way we think.

Steven Pinker


Venkat is an Indian designer. He creates professional PowerPoint presentation services. The PowerPoint presentations that he designs focus on user-centric data based on the client’s needs. He will be available from 10 AM to 10 PM (GMT+5:30) for responding clients with 235 1-to-1 Projects that come in 94% responses within 24 hours.

Venkat claims he can design the PPT better, adhering to the brand communication. It means crafting a straightforward, concise, and persuasive self-explanatory narrative embodied in slides. His designs are fixed readability (eye-flow), represent stories, and deliver the impact of the message (clarity).

The best features of his PowerPoint designs are:

  • Excellent pitch decks (seed funding), visual presentations, or PPT templates.
  • Super-fast design submission (normally first designs in 24 hours)
  • You can get multiple revisions for change requests
  • You can get full ownership rights to your Design
  • Download industry-standard design files

best powerpoint designers in world

Skills and services

His notable skills include Typography, Photo Editing, UI design, SEO, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, HTML5, Mobile Development, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.


You can find him here:



Hadi (Achiver)

Achiver is a highly skilled and experienced PowerPoint designer with 713 1-to-1 Projects. With a vast range of skills, he is always ready to respond to your quests, with 94% of responses within 24 hours. Achiver’s portfolio is excellent in creating visually appealing and professional PowerPoint presentations to engage audiences and communicate effectively. He is passionate about knowing the modern trends and tools to create graphics that inspire, inform, and captivate viewers. He will charge for an easily editable PowerPoint design with all master layouts with a turnaround of 3 days, about 300$ per project.

You can hire him if you need a PowerPoint presentation for a business meeting or a classroom lecture, he will create your desired presentation both informative and visually. He’s listening to you to understand better your needs and goals to create a presentation tailored to your specific audience.

top powerpoint designers

Skills and services

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Animated GIFs, Branding, Branding And Logo Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing Collateral, Marketing Materials, Poster Design, PowerPoint Presentation, And Stationery Design.

You can find him here: 




Let’s meet Alex, a visionary PowerPoint designer who is known for turning ordinary presentations into captivating visual journeys. With extremely fast, smart, reliable, and willing to do his work and an excellent experience in storytelling, Alex creates slides that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

With 1131 1-to-1 Projects, 94% responses within 24 hours, and certifications in Print and Brand guide as said by 99designs. Also, with super-fast turnaround, timely delivery, and excellent communication, as mentioned by his clients, this skilled and professional PowerPoint designer can solve all your issues in your presentation.

He claims he can create a PowerPoint template based on the client’s brand specifications (logo, colors, fonts) with 30 pages, including cover, dividers, table of contents, team, map, contact, text, text + image, graphs, and diagrams. He will use clients’ images or images from licensed stock image sources and deliver them to you in 3 days at the cost of 300.

top powerpoint designers in world

Skills and services

Web Or App Design, Postcard Flyer or Print, PowerPoint Template, Poster Brochure, Logo Design, Web Page Design, Landing Page Design, Logo and product Packaging Illustration or Graphics Book Cover, Etc.

You can find him here: 


Nandita Pal

Nandita is an Indian illustrator, graphic artist, and PowerPoint designer who comes with 115 1-to-1 Projects and 100% responses within 24 hours. She will become your go-to corporate presentation guru, with a deep understanding of business dynamics and branding.

She specializes in presentation design, infographics, and other graphic design work, and clients usually hire her for projects because of her minimalist design and illustrative style. She will be timely and helpful to your last-minute requests.

Nandita is keenly aware of the type of deck style you need; because of this, she will craft slides that align perfectly with your corporate identity.

4-day turnaround is the average time she needs to deliver your PPT presentation, costing at least 250$.  

Depending on project needs and changes, she can deliver a Presentation template design in 3-10 days. She can deliver font packs with the final project, depending on your specific needs. You can expect:

  • PowerPoint Presentation file (PPTX)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Image file (JPEG)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) Presentation (PPTX)

great powerpoint designers

Skills and services

Acrylic Illustrations, Branding, Drawing, Graphic Design, Graphite Pencil Illustration, Illustration, Label Design, Packaging, Print Design, And Watercolor Illustration.

You can find her here: 




(Moinul Hossain) Magicball

With a membership since July 2011, Moinul Hossain, aka Magicball, is a brilliant patient PowerPoint designer. He is responsive and understands the projects to deliver a presentation with a design that speaks for itself. The first impression from the clients is extremely important, and the result of working with Moinul was “WOW,” as said by clients. Due to quality design, communication, and craftsmanship, with timely updates/turnarounds time he can become your go-to designer.

He can transform your PowerPoint or one-page brochure into a more professional design. With 188 1-to-1 Projects, an 84% rate of responses within 24 hours, Certifications in print, brand guide, and being top level, his clients claim that he can be an excellent designer for all of your needs!

list of the best powerpoint designers

Skills and services

Brochure, PowerPoint Template, Other Business or Advertising, Postcard, Flyer Or Print, Other Design, Stationery Print Or Packaging Design, Logo Design, Web Page Design, Banner Ad Business Card Icon Or Button, Email Signage, Product Packaging, Infographic Logo & Brand Identity, Typesetting With Imagery, And App Design Illustration Or Graphics.

You can find him here: 



Step into the world of Musca, a fantastic business and advertising PowerPoint designer expert with 8+ years’ of experience. Musca is quick, accurate, and very responsive when you need changes. By 359 1-to-1 Projects and 94% responses within 24 hours, every slide he designs tells a story. With a knack for narrative and a gift for visuals, designs are always professional and sleek.

You can expect to have a beautiful pitch slide in a very responsive manner. He will follow your concepts as requests to turn your design brief into an exceptional PPT template for communication with the audience. Moreover, he is quick in turnaround and easy to work with.

best powerpoint designers in usa

Skills and services

PowerPoint Template, Business or Advertising Postcard, Flyer or Print Brochure, Logo Design, Infographic, Other Book or Magazine Poster, Other Art Or Illustration, Prezi Design, Web or App Design, Illustration or Graphics Icon or Button, Business Card Logo and Brand Identity Pack.

You can find him here: 


Smashingbug (Didem Dönmez)

Didem Dönmez, known as smashingbug, is a freelance designer and music producer from Turkey. Her design journey started in 2007. She had a bright portfolio of working with over 50 companies, including Bigfishaudio, Picaboo, iBird, Fabmart, RBMA, Hightail, and many more. She had 609 1-to-1 Projects with 100% responses within 24h. She can work at Canva too. People often think of PowerPoint design as dry, but clearly so, they can hire Didem for their project.

She suggests a Professional PowerPoint Deck service for 450$ which includes a template based on your design brief, your/company information, company logo, your brand colors, logo (vector preferred), and other additional info she needs, and within 3 days on average, she will turnaround the following package:

  • ppt, pptx
  • It is a maximum of 15 slides. For more slides, we need to discuss the price.
  • Widescreen 16:9 or 4:3 for your choice
  • Including master slides with your color theme
  • Objects are vectors that change color easily
  • You will get any icons or images used in the PowerPoint file

work of best powerpoint designers

Skills and services

Stationery, PowerPoint Template, Business or Advertising Postcard, Flyer or Print, Web Page Design, Brochure, Product Packaging, Banner Ad, Business Card, Brand Guide, Logo Design, Other Graphic Design, Product Label, Landing Page Design, Infographic, Logo & Business Card, Typesetting with Imagery, WordPress Theme Design, Logo & Brand Identity Pack, Prezi Design, Other Art or Illustration, Logo & Brand Guide, Illustration or Graphics, And Icon or Button.

You can find her here: 



Agus Purwanto, known as SlideKingdom, is an Indonesian Presentation Designer Since 2011. Slidekingdom engages dependable content that is willing to assist the clients. He rang forward presentations and Keynote, custom design projects, and advisement opportunities, commonly called a support team that is always available to help you.

His clients describe him as a professional, fast, who meets all deadlines early, and a creative and artistic designer who has hired him 79 times repeatedly more than once.

He proposes you 2 PowerPoint services based on your needs:

1-Presentation Template (PRO): A 350$ package, the most complete TEMPLATE and example slides pack you can get. He will create your presentation template, including color scheme, title slide, paragraph slide, bullet, section slide, image place holder, chart slide, and more, up to 50 slides.

2-Presentation Template (ADVANCE): This 250$ service is for TEMPLATE and example slides that will include a title slide, paragraph slide, bullet, section slide, image place holder, chart slide, and more. Moreover, the service is advanced to 30 slides example.

top design of best powerpoint designers

Skills and services

PowerPoint template, Business or advertising, Brochure, Illustration or graphics, Banner ad, Infographic, Other art or illustration, Flyer or print, Zoom background design, other web or app design, Logo design, Prezi design, Logo & social media pack, Landing page design, Business card, Logo & brand identity, and pack Brand guide.

You can find her here: 



Sali Designs

Sali Designs – real name Salima Lamiri – is a Moroccan freelance PowerPoint designer who was named the winner of the PowerPoint Most-Shortlisted competition, with Top Level Designer and Prezi Advanced status award in 99design. Not only has she been consistently good at PowerPoint template design, but she has been diligently involved in webinars and discussions. She believes that there is no need for your audience to suffer through a badly designed PowerPoint presentation; PowerPoint has a terrible reputation because of its certain limitations, and businesses will need to make their presentations in some way, so it’s the designer’s job to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to them.

With 598 1-to-1 Projects, 93 repeat clients (hired more than 1), and a 100% rate of responses within 24 hours, she is a patient designer ready to listen to your needs. If you need a PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or Google Slides, depending on your choice, she’s available to hire. Also, template automation is her superpower.

powerpoint designers in 2023

Skills and services

PowerPoint template, Other business or advertising, Brochure design, Infographic, Other art or illustration, Logo design, Web page design, Illustration or graphics, Postcard, flyer or print, Prezi design, Other web or app design, Logo & brand identity pack, Banner ad, Stationery, Poster, Other book or magazine, Business card, Email Card or invitation, Brand guide, WordPress theme design, Typesetting, Menu, and Icon or button.

You can find her here: 




Robby Satria, who is known as Obicatlia in the PowerPoint designer world, is a designer who works in almost any area of design. Still, his personal favorites are PowerPoint design, infographics, and illustrations.

With very few amends required for the final result, quick follow-up, and perfect collaborative skills, he is timely and excellent with the design; he designs in a modern and elegant way and also includes all of your brand elements plus the requested information/content in your presentation. One of his clients describes him as very responsive and ‘gets’ the ideas we are trying to convey”.

Obicatlia has 247 1-to-1 Projects with 96% of responses rate within 24h. He has a 350$ Presentation design service with 5 5-day turnaround that includes illustrative diagrams in two formats: PowerPoint and Google Slides.

top powerpoint designers in 2023

Skills and services

Powerpoint Template, Sticker, Other Design, Infographic, Illustration or Graphics, Other Business or Advertising, Merchandise, Product Label, Poster, Icon or Button, Logo Design, Menu, Banner Ad, Brochure, Product Packaging, Other Web Or App Design, Logo & Brand Identity Pack, Zoom Background Design, Web Page Design, Social Media Page, Signage, Postcard, Flyer or Print, And Landing Page Design.

You can find her here: 



Andrewdigger is not your average designer, with 402 1-to-1 Projects he has successfully done. He’s like a slide transformation wizard with a touch of innovation and creativity. An Indian web designer with 8 years of experience and worked under several worldwide clients. He preferred to work HTML5/CSS3, WordPress. But also experienced in working on PowerPoint presentations and other graphic designs.

He is a professional, patient, and flexible designer who is available almost 24/7 and delivers designs well before the deadline. Andrewdigger has 3 PowerPoint design services:

Customized PowerPoint Template (51-100 Slides): It costs 800$ with 15 days turnaround.

A customized PowerPoint layout includes custom illustrations, icons, and shapes and may include animations as available. If you ask for any external resources, additional costs will be incurred

  • 48/72-hour delivery cost: USD1000.00
  • Animation is not available within 48-72 hours of delivery
  • All expenses are excluded from the 5% platform fee.

Customized PowerPoint Template (up to 25 slides): It costs 340$ with 5 days turnaround.

A customized PowerPoint layout goes beyond a generic design and includes custom illustrations, icons, and shapes and may include animations as available.

  • 24/48-hour delivery cost: USD500.00 (25 slides)
  • Animation is not available within 24-48 hours of delivery
  • All costs are excluded from 5% platform fee.

best powerpoint designers in 2023

Skills and services

PowerPoint template, Brochure Logo design, flyer or print, Web page design, Icon or button, Illustration or graphics, Infographic, Landing page design, Other web or app design, Logo & brand identity pack, and Brand guide.

You can find her here: 




Based in Prague, Czech Republic, she specializes in print design, infographics, and data visualization to create stunning PowerPoint presentations. She can do the projects in 3 different languages: English, Italian, and French. Clients describe her as a talented designer who excels in communication. She keenly understands client needs and performs a clean, bold, minimal look to deliver great professionalism and thoughtful additions to the project. She had 438 1-to-1 Projects and 68 repeated clients, and she is always in service to respond to you with a 94% rate of responses within 24 hours.

best powerpoint designers tools

Skills and services

PowerPoint template, Infographic Postcard, flyer or print, Other business or advertising, Brochure, Illustration or graphics, Poster, Other web or app design, Web page design, Business card, Banner ad, Logo design, Landing page design, Icon or button, Zoom background design, Logo & brand identity pack, Product label, Card or invitation, WordPress theme design, Typesetting with imagery, Product packaging, Magazine cover and Brand guide.

You can find her here: 




What makes you a successful PowerPoint designer?

Successful PowerPoint designers possess unique skills, qualities, and expertise that enable them to create presentations that stand out and effectively convey the intended message. With well-rounded skills and combining them to design expertise, storytelling prowess, technical proficiency, and a client-centric approach, a good PowerPoint designer can be known. They have the ability to transform ideas into visually compelling presentations that resonate with audiences and achieve the desired impact.

The key skills and qualities that make an excellent PowerPoint designer are:

  • Design Proficiency
  • Storytelling
  • Creativity
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Project Management
  • User-Centered Design
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Continuous Learning
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration

powerpoint top designers

PowerPoint techniques and tools

PowerPoint designers use various design techniques and tools to create a visually engaging and effective presentation. With a combination of color psychology, typography, visual elements, layout principles, animations, and accessibility, you can create presentations that look visually appealing and effectively convey information and engage the audience. These techniques and tools are:

1-Color Schemes

  • Color Psychology
  • Color Harmony
  • Contrast


  • Font Selection
  • Hierarchy
  • Whitespace

3-Visual Elements:

  • Images and Graphics
  • Icons and Symbols

4-Layout and Composition:

  • Grid Systems
  • Alignment

5-Animations and Transitions:

  • Entrance and Exit Animations
  • Transitions
  • Timing

6-Visual Consistency:

  • Templates and Master Slides
  • Branding


  • Alt Text
  • Readability

powerpoint best designers in 2023

How effective is PowerPoint in the presentation?

PowerPoint is an immensely effective tool for presentations, offering several advantages that contribute to its widespread use in business, education, and various professional settings. The advantages of using PowerPoint in a presentation with a focus on the impact of visuals, such as charts and graphs on audience engagement are numerous:

  1. Enhanced Visual Communication: PowerPoint allows presenters to convey information visually, which is often more effective than text alone.
  2. Improved Audience Comprehension: Visuals, especially charts and graphs, clearly and concisely represent data.
  3. Data Visualization: Charts and graphs are powerful tools for data visualization.
  4. Enhanced Engagement: Visual elements capture and maintain the audience’s attention.
  5. Highlighting Key Insights: Charts and graphs can emphasize critical insights or trends within data.
  6. Comparative Analysis: Visuals enable easy comparisons between data points, facilitating a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  7. Support for Arguments: Visuals can serve as compelling evidence to support the presenter’s arguments or recommendations.
  8. Versatility: PowerPoint offers a wide range of chart and graph types, allowing presenters to choose the most appropriate format for their data.
  9. Accessibility: Charts and graphs can enhance accessibility.

With these advantages of using PowerPoint in a presentation, harnessing the power of visuals, presenters can effectively communicate their message and create impactful presentations.


These 12 PowerPoint designers offer a range of expertise, services, and pricing options to meet various presentation needs. Whether you require user-friendly design platforms, storytelling expertise, striking visuals, or comprehensive design solutions, these agencies can help you create impactful presentations. Whether you’re a business professional, educator, or public speaker, you can be sure that your message shines through effectively by transforming ordinary slides into creative visual stories.


What are the PowerPoint presentation design trends for 2023?

Are you looking for presentation design trends? Most of the focus is on using images with color overlays. This strategy balances between allowing ample room for images and text elements while imparting a softer, more subtle feel.

What is the best font size for a PowerPoint presentation in 2023?

For a verbal presentation, you should use 24 24-point or larger font size for headings and 18 points or more significant for body text. For a presentation planned to be read by others, you need to use an 18-point font or more for headings and 14 points or more for body text.


A great PowerPoint designer can elevate your message, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impact. That’s where professional PowerPoint designers come in.

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