Best PowerPoint Plugins in 2023 (13 of Best Plugin that helps you)

Best PowerPoint-Plugins in 2022
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 PowerPoint add-ins can help you present better.

Microsoft Office offers add-ins to every program in its suite. These add-ins enhance PowerPoint’s capabilities, speed up the creation of slides, facilitate collaboration, and may even capture your audience. Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins can accomplish this and make it even more powerful. We will discuss how to install and use these tools and recommend some of the best Microsoft PowerPoint Add-ins to increase productivity.


PowerPoint plug-ins benefits

Microsoft Powerpoint is a great tool and one of the most popular software. Have you ever wished it could be more interactive, user-friendly, or visually pleasing?

PowerPoint plugins accomplish this. Let’s look at some of these benefits.

  1. It is easy to create visually engaging presentations.
  2. These images and graphics can be used in presentations as professional symbols, graphics, or images.
  3. They increase productivity and save time in the preparation of complex expressions.


Best PowerPoint Plugins in 2023

Best PowerPoint Plugins are tools and add-ons that provide extended capabilities to the standard version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. These plugins come in all shapes and sizes, providing various features such as interactive elements, 3D animation, and more. With so many available options, it can be hard to determine which ones are best for your presentation needs. Here are some of the best plugins in 2023:



Pexels is a great free stock photography website. This add-in makes it easy to find the right creative commons image for your presentation. You can search by color or other image filters to find the best images. For quick access, you can save and mark your favorite shots.



Pickit is cost-free for users. Its key advantage is its ability to add stunning visuals to your slides within minutes. Pickit is on every Microsoft Office add-ins list. Alos, visuals have become an integral part of every document. You can insert royalty-free images directly into PowerPoint using the add-in.


Powerplugs Ultimate Combo

PowerPlugs Ultimate Combination is a PowerPoint multimedia enhancement suite. It includes 21 complete volumes of presentation-enhancing multimedia content and effects. Over 4,000,000 professionally-designed PowerPoint templates, approximately 100 background videos, and 1,900 diagrams and charts will be found. There are 75 animated 3D character slides.


Emoji Keyboard

You can help your audience focus on your message with emojis. It’s completely free. You can choose from more than 1,300 emojis for visual aids in your presentation. Emojis can be used in text and images of various sizes. You can search for emojis and choose from different skin tones so that everyone is represented. This add-in has a few positive points.


Office Timeline

It can be very time-consuming to create charts in PowerPoint presentations. Office Timeline is the ideal PowerPoint add-in to create charts. This PowerPoint add-in allows course designers to include relevant visuals in their materials. Create stunning Gantt charts and timelines on your desktop for your PowerPoint slide’s. You can also customize every detail to make them unique and attractive. You can get professional timelines and project visuals for free. You can also use the “Timeline Wizard” to enter data quickly and get quick results.


PP Timer – Add a timer on your slides

PP Timer is a timer that allows presenters to track their time while speaking. This plugin feature will enable you to add a timer directly to your presentation. You have the option to choose from either an analog or digital timer. You can launch the timer by simply clicking once while you present. It’s not available as a free plugin.


Pixton Comic Characters

Pixton Comic Characters allows you to include over 40,000 illustrated characters in your presentation as pedagogical tools. You can choose from a range of ages, ethnicities, and sexes. Once you have decided on a character to play, pick a clothing style and pose that suits the character. A speech bubble can be added to your character. This is an excellent add-in for consultants. This plugin is capable of creating entire PowerPoint Storyboards. The provided characters can be used to create comic strip-style illustration slides.


PowerPoint Lab

PowerPoint Lab is available at no cost from the National University of Singapore. You get a separate Ribbon tab loaded with creative presets. This tab offers several interactive slide effects highlighting text, images, and charts.

PPL allows you to have more control over slide animations and shape shapes. Zoom and pan effects make it easier to explain process diagrams better. You can also add highlights and spotlights on-the-fly to elevate your presentations above the ordinary.

PowerPoint comes with animation controls. Try PPL to make it easier. Students at the National University of Singapore still manage it.


Scan & Paste to Microsoft 365

Today, we all have a scanner in our pockets. For quick click-and-paste jobs, the Scan & Paste app for Microsoft 365 mobile apps pairs well with the add-in. Do you need a document or an image to insert into your slides?

Pair the photo with the Office program to get the multipage PDF documents or scanned photos from your storage attached exactly where they are needed. Both Android and iOS have the companion Scan & Paste apps.


Selection Manager

The PowerPoint add-in Selection Manager can be used to deal with overlapped shapes in selections. The add-in helps ” unburden” obscured shapes by giving each figure a unique name.

This one is in the PowerPoint add-ins category. The Office Store doesn’t have it. Moreover, it can be downloaded and installed from the website. (Lowpricebud)


Tools Also

Tools Too is a complete suite of tools that makes creating presentations easier. The PowerPoint ribbon now includes more than 85 powerful and easy-to-use productivity features. You can make rounded corners of multiple shapes, extract slides from a new presentation and remove slide masters or layouts. Slide statistics are also shown, and estimated lengths are available.



Engaging audiences with questions and feedback is key to keeping them engaged. You can also set up a brainstorming session or a live poll in your PowerPoint presentation. Slido lets you display Slido polls or questions on your slides remotely using your smartphone or PC. There are many options, but the base plan of Slido allows you to run three polls for each event.



PowerPoint plugins and add-in features allow you to use PowerPoint features that are unavailable to enhance your presentations. You can look through all the mentioned add-ins to help you choose the right one for your next production.


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