Best Practices For E-Commerce UI Design

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First, let’s consider what customers would do when they come to the E-commence site we built. I mean, what path do they take?

First step:

They go to the homepage or category page

Second step:

They will use the navigational elements to orient themselves to the store and zero in on the unique things they’re seeking out.

Third step:

They will overview the descriptions and pertinent purchase information for the products that pique their interest.

Ford step:

They will customize the product specifications ( but it may happen or not. If possible, they will do it), and after that, they will add the items they want to their cards.

Last step:

They will check it out.

After all, here you may need an explanation of why we need to know the path they will take. 

If you are a UI designer, you should know the answer, but for those who don’t know, here we can understand the top pathway we build out. It’s the one that will be most heavily traveled, for sure, they can do lots of other things, such as creating a wishlist or saving files or making their category if possible, but this is the way that they will pass even with other things to do.

With all of this, our posrpes for knowing the path and creating better UI. 


Here is 6 strategy for E-Commerce UI Design

A brand is a persona that identifies a product, carrier, or corporation (call, term, signal, image, layout, or mixture thereof); it also represents a relationship to critical constituencies: clients, groups of workers, companions, buyers, etc. proper branding can yield higher product sales, and better sales of products associated with the brand (or brand association). as an instance, a purchaser who loves Pillsbury biscuits (and trusts the logo) is much more likely to strive different merchandise the enterprise gives, such as chocolate chip cookies.

Generally, in business, branding is an essential thing that you can forget, and it has several reasons, such as:

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1. Engaged Employees Who Are Proud to Work at Your Company

In your company, you had to do something that makes employees happy cause that makes them more engaged; also, as you know, having engaged employee has benefits such as:

  • Stay at the company longer
  • Are more productive
  • 21% more profitable
  • Also more valuable to your company

Strong branding can make employees feel proud of what they have made your company achieve.


  • Lower Price Sensitivity

The less it weighs on their choice, the better; they like your brand sufficiently to provide less weight to a fee. Customers with lower fee sensitivity have most likely been glad about a product they’ve sold from you or have a high-quality emotional connection to your logo.


  • Improves Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

Purchaser loyalty is the herbal impact of a constantly fantastic emotional revel in, pride along with your merchandise, and the perceived fee of a firm emblem. It’s based totally on a character’s reveal in an enterprise.


2. Don’t test different things too much

I’m sure that all of us have heard this many times in our life that we should think out of the box and trust our hurt if we want to be successful but is that it? Can we be successful by trying many things many times? Is that true to try many things?

First, you should know that if you are trying anything new, you should see it through the user’s Eye.

I mean, your view had to be user view, see what they see and want what they want if you are interested in creating something that helps them, but despite all of these things, you should try many different things cause that would hurt the users and so we don’t want it.


3. Have an informative homepage

The home page is our most important page. We should pay attention to every single part of it because it’s our card of invitation, storage of vital links and data, starting points of our journey to the website, and also a strategic asset for marketing goals, so we need an informative homepage that is accessible, notable and clear. 


 4.Use promotional videos 

 A creative and eye-catching video is an excellent way if we need to attract more customers to our website. Sharing good videos is a proven method for informing customers. Also, video is a new way of conversation that is dynamic, informative, and attractive.


5. Clear contact information

On most websites, we see contact information in the footer, so that’s the popular placement for contact information. The point is that the contact data should be available for customers; I mean, it should be easy to see(accessible) because it’s also one of the factors influencing the level of trust in the website.

It’s higher to remember not your taste and options but your personal experience. Please remember that an amazing ‘touch Us’ page should have the following matters.

It needs to be without problems and reachable from the house web page. You have to place the link in your “touch Us” web page on a distinguished (expected) vicinity on the internet site so that the users should, without difficulty, discover it.


6. Have a good scannability of the page or screen

Applied to a web page or screen, the verb “scan” means to look at/over or study rapidly. So, scannability provides the content material and navigation factors, just like the format, that may be scanned without problems. They interact with an internet site, particularly for the first time, and customers quick glance through the content to research whether or not it’s what they need. Any piece of the content material may additionally emerge as a hook on this system: words, sentences, images, or animations.

Also, you can improve scannability with these tips:

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  • Prioritize the content with a visual hierarchy:

Visual hierarchy is the manner of setting up and arranging the content material on the page in the most natural way for human perception.

  • Put the core navigation into the website header:

The header should be manageable: excessive statistics make it impossible to focus. Try to place everything into the pinnacle part of the page can remodel the layout into the mess. So, in each specific case, it’s a have to investigate the dreams of the core target audience, how they move with the commercial enterprise desires behind the internet site and based totally on that – what facts or navigation have to be positioned into the header as the most vital.

  • Keep the balance of negative space:

It defines the bounds of items, creates the necessary bonds among them consistent with Gestalt standards, and builds up powerful visual overall performance. In UI layout for websites and cellular apps, terrible space is a big issue of high navigability.

  • Check that CTA is seen at once:

Glaringly, most internet pages are geared toward unique movements customers have to complete. The factors that include the decision to action (CTA), commonly buttons, must be seen in cut-up seconds to permit customers to apprehend what movements they can do on this page.

  • Test the readability of copy content:

A word we say must be readable because it defines how easily people can read words, phrases, and blocks of copy. 

Many elements define whether UI design is good; more than that, we need something that helps us attract customers and allow us to achieve our goals.

E-commerce UI design examples and strategies can serve as a helpful checklist or a source of UI design inspiration if you aim at creating user-friendly platforms supporting business goals.

In the end, if you still need any help, my colleague in temis marketing are here to help you in the best way they can to solve your problem.

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