10 Best UX Design Bootcamps (2024)

UX design Bootcamps
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Nowadays, the trend of using the Internet for marketing is an essential step. Considering this situation and the rapid growth of technology and user experiences, the demand for skilled individuals in UX/UI design has increased. Many aspiring designers participate in UI/UX design classes to enhance their abilities. Therefore, a ui ux design boot camp is an acceptable way to achieve this goal. These programs are intensive and cover everything you need to know to succeed in the competitive field of user experience design. In this article, we introduce the 10 Best UX design bootcamps of 2024, exploring how they may help you launch a successful design career. By the way, if you need a ui ux consulting services, our team can support you in any stage of your project.



What Are UX Design Bootcamps?

To equip students with the skills needed for a career in user experience design, UX design bootcamps are designed. These programs are intensive educational courses that prepare students in a shorter timeframe, typically 9-40 weeks, compared to the 4 years required for a bachelor’s degree. This allows students to save both time and money while becoming ready to start a new job as a UX or UI designer. Therefore, to prepare for a career as a UX/UI designer, one should consider enrolling in ux ui design Bootcamps. The focus of these programs is on developing relevant and in-demand technical skills and soft skills such as communication, collaboration, teamwork, creating a user persona, conducting interviews, and creating design prototypes.

What Will I Learn in a UX Bootcamp? 

UX design boot camps initiate prework by covering the basics of design theory, concepts, and tools. Learning how to map a user experience and use wireframing for prototyping using tools such as Figma is something that will be taught in the following units. At the beginning of a ux design boot camp, participants analyze user research and integrate it with business needs to create digital products. UI/UX design bootcamps cover visual design and design systems, where you’ll learn about color and typography to create pleasing user interfaces

In addition, you will study front-end programming languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build interactive websites. In this way, not only can you test your skills in the lab, either individually or as a team, but also the mentors will offer their feedback and comments to ensure that you understand each concept before progressing. By taking these courses, you can undertake a Capstone or client project. Through creating an application or website, you can solve real business problems. bestcolleges

In summary, every standard UX design bootcamp should offer skills training in:

  • UX research
  • Visual design
  • Design thinking
  • Design systems
  • Usability testing
  • Web development
  • Human-centered design
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and prototyping

Advanced design bootcamps also cover technical nuances of software engineering, data analytics, and digital marketing—among other skills. uxcell

Is a UX Bootcamp Enough to Get a Job? 

Although you can learn new skills and abilities from UX design bootcamps and build a good portfolio, it’s not a guarantee of employment. It’s really important to network, continue learning, and try to gain real-world experience through internships or freelancing to increase the chance of finding a job as a UX designer.

10 Top UX Design Bootcamps: 

1- CareerFoundry:

The UX Design Program by CareerFoundry

Format: Online

Duration: 6–10 months

Cost: $7,505 or $7,900 with flexible payment

UX design boot camps that combine student-focused learning, individualized mentorship, and a thorough curriculum in marketing are few. CareerFoundry is a bootcamp that does so.

Their online certified UX Designer program takes you through three journeys—Intro to UX, UX Immersion, and your choice of specialization (UI design, voice user interface design, or front-end development).

The UX Design Program by CareerFoundry

Artificial intelligence is a new focus of CareerFounder in their educational program as of 2024. While acquiring the fundamental abilities of your new career, you will gain knowledge on how to apply AI critically, legally, and in a way that mirrors how real-world problems are handled in the industry. With some of the best course content available, CareerFoundry offers a job guarantee with 96% of qualifying graduates landing tech jobs at prestigious organizations like Google, Apple, and Amazon 180 days after graduation.

2- DesignLab UX Academy:


Format: Online
Duration: 15-30 Weeks, 10-20 hours/week
Cost: $8,162 -$10,383


Designlab UX Academy with a highly educational program, is one of the best bootcamp for ux design. Students and professionals with all skill levels were welcomed to join DesignLab with an excellent admission system. This ux design boot camp has scholarships for women, learners with a disability, and minority groups such as LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and AAPI.dovetail

3- Springboard UX Design Bootcamp:


Format: Online

Duration: approximately 9 months

Cost: $11,900- $13,000 with flexibla payment

The Springboard UX design boot camp can be a good choice for professionals who want to participate in class while they are working. One year of professional experience in visual content, digital products, or understanding users is a prerequisite.

With more than 350 hours of online instruction, it is strictly part-time. Afterward, career coaches will help you land a job, and you will become an industry expert. By working with a company for longer than four weeks to create a solution that addresses a business need, you will also gain work experience. Scholarships are available for the Springboard UX Design Bootcamp as well.

4- General Assembly:


Format: Online and in-person

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $9,000

The General Assembly is one of the top ux design bootcamps that provides abundant resources. With more than 20,000 expert trainers and 19,000 hiring partners like Google, Microsoft, and Visa, they pride themselves on their offerings.

It not only focuses on foundational UI/UX design knowledge, prototyping methods, and usability testing practices but also emphasizes technical skills and business/professional competence. General Assembly UX boot camp offers a variety of full-time, part-time, and self-paced courses, both online and in-person, across 15 campuses on 4 continents, with an emphasis on the most current and in-demand design skills.

5- Brainstation:

Become a UX Designer

Format: Online and in-person
Cost: $16,500

With flexible full- or part-time choices, BrainStation’s ux design boot camp offers a 4-to 9-week program to help you get started in design. You receive assistance from career coaches right away. You will learn about task flows, color theory, design thinking, sketching, prototyping, wireframes, and UX research for new product launches throughout the curriculum. Zeplin, UI libraries, Sketch, Loom, and Figma will all be used.

There are diversity and inclusion prizes, as well as grants for women and veterans, to help with tuition costs. There isn’t an application cost to begin. bestcolleges

6- Flatiron School:

UX/UI Product Design Bootcamp

Format: Online and in-person

Duration: 15–40 weeks

Cost: $16,900

Flatiron School is among the top UX boot camps, providing online and on-campus UX design courses across the United States. Their courses are designed to help students succeed in their careers as UX designers and to meet the needs of the job market. Additionally, students receive guidance from knowledgeable teachers and personal career coaches.

7- Interaction Design Foundation:

Learn UX Design and Grow Your Career

Format: Online and in-person

Duration: 8- 12 weeks

Cost: $2592 per month

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is the least expensive UX boot camp offering Ivy League-caliber instruction.

With more than 120,000 graduates, it is one of the world’s largest online design schools

It offers 4 boot camps that are listed here:

  • UX fundamentals, the first boot camp, is ideal for total beginners who wish to begin or advance in a UX career. Both theory and real-world challenges are included.
  • Both newcomers and seasoned professionals will benefit greatly from the second bootcamp, which is focused on user research. If you have some design experience, you can also take on more design jobs.
  • Training that is interface-focused falls under the third group. It’s excellent for newcomers as well, but it also lets graphic or visual designers show off their abilities with challenging projects.

The fourth category, which is aimed at people with some UX experience, is entirely practical. It expedites the job search process and aids students in developing a portfolio.

8- Ironhack:

With an Ironhack bootcamp, you'll learn how to think like a designer

Format: Online and in-person

Duration: 9—24 weeks

Cost: $12,500–$13,000

Ironhack is a UX/UI design boot camp suitable for beginners, offering a nine-week full-time program or a 24-week part-time option.

You will learn HTML, CSS, and Figma from the lessons. Information architecture, user interface design, branding, and design thinking are just a few of the design-related themes covered in the modules. Additionally, wireframing, front-end development, and web design will be covered. Full-time enrollment requires participation Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Part-time students work out on Saturdays and two weeknights.

You’ll depart with three to six projects in your portfolio. Employing companies like Microsoft, Deloitte, Accenture, and AlphaNodus may be able to provide positions.

By providing scholarships to women and veterans of the armed forces who want to pursue careers in technology, Ironhack has distinguished itself.

9- Thinkful:

Online | 6 Months UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Format: Online

Duration: 6 months

Cost: $ 12,350

This is a ux design Bootcamp with a full-time or part-time program. Thinkful UX Design Bootcamps provide the fundamentals of UX design, visual design, and fulfilling client design. This program, by providing a structured deadline, is a good choice for learner’s needs. You can also try out some exercises on the program’s platform that are suitable for beginners.

10- Learningfuze:

Part Time UI/ UX Design BootCamp In-Person or Online Experience

Format: In Person, Online

Duration: 3 months

Cost: $7,990

With evening and Saturday classes, LearningFuze’s 24-week part-time UX design bootcamp equips students for a career in design in just 24 weeks.

You will receive training in design principles and technologies like Marvel, Stark, Material UI, and Figma during the program.

You will learn how to enhance user experience through information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, user research, and customer surveys in the core and advanced design modules. You will study several computer languages, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as interaction design and design patterns, in the second module.


UX Design Boot Camps Comparison Chart: 

Here we compare the Best UX Design Bootcamps by their price and time:

comparing the UX design bootcamps price

10 Best UX Design Bootcamps 2024


In sum, UX Design Bootcamps present an attractive path for those interested in learning more about the exciting field of user experience design. In order to meet a variety of learning styles and interests, these bootcamps provide a choice of options, including hands-on, in-person experiences and immersive online programs. Although these boot camps provide participants with valuable knowledge and opportunities to develop their skills, it’s critical to realize that they are only one step in the process of building an exciting profession in UX design. To convert boot camp education into real-world job opportunities, networking, continued education, and practical experience are still essential. New designers will be more successful in this sector if they can adapt and improve as UX design continues to evolve.


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