Best way to build portfolio website

Best way to build portfolio website
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we are always searching for ways to look more professional and improve our chances on social media or etc. we had talked about your website template and color and I guess is time to talk about your portfolio website.

in this blog, I prepare full information about the blog and its work and a few steps to build the best portfolio website and some tips so check it out if you need them.

What Is a Portfolio Website?

A portfolio website is the ultimate way to showcase your work and let others reach out to you. It is your bread and butter if you are a freelancer in whatever sphere.

  • An online portfolio is certain to make you available and searchable for new clients. It lets your potential employers find you the moment they get round to using a search engine or looking through candidates’ applications.
  • A portfolio published on the web humanizes you as a master of the craft.

Best way to build portfolio website

Step 1: Determine a Goal for Your Online Portfolio

we all have a goal for our life and when we are creating an online portfolio we have it too.

see for our first step I want you to know what exactly you want from your online portfolio.

I know some freelancer generalists who want to remain open to a diverse range of clients and others specialize in a niche and want to target potential clients in that field, like a graphic designer who specializes in the financial sector.

why I’m saying know your goal for the first step? let me make it clear, you need a portfolio with clear attention and vision cause it will stand out that way as opposed to one that’s scattered and hard to navigate.

Best way to build portfolio website

Step 2: Choose Between Manual Coding or a Website Builder

step two is kind of hard to choose some way. when you know what kind of type of portfolio you want to build you had to choose to do it yourself or use a website builder. If you’re not a coder, the best choice will be to use a website builder like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix. somehow it’s using an online template and it will be easy to do using those templates if you build a one-page website.

Best way to build portfolio website

Step 3: Highlight Your Best Work

I will explain the there step as a tip again to understand much better. but let to work on it a bit.

you don’t need to include all of your work in your portfolio, you had to select your best work. it can be anything the one that you are really proud of or etc.) I’m trying to tell you more focused you are, the easier it will be for clients to understand where your strengths lie and how you can help them. as an example if you are doing two things and now you are working on one of them and it has your full focus leave the one that you are not working on it anymore.

Best way to build portfolio website

Step 4: Create a Compelling About Section

if you want to tell the future client who you are and what you do about section is the chance that you need. cause it completes your portfolio and gives readers a bit more background information about you.

here you need to be clear cause people should exactly see why they are hiring you to do.

let me make it more clear with an example for web designers.

do you are a web designer you might be tempted to write something like, “I’m experienced in designing websites, and I’m skilled at different software and mobile design and app design?” I recommend not to write something like this.

you need to be more specific and it’s not specific enough. Instead, the same web designer could write something like this: “I’ve helped decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate for an e-commerce store by 30% after conducting usability tests, and doing a complete redesign of checkout on the site.”

Best way to build portfolio website

Step 5: Create a Strong Call to Action

Most online portfolios include your contact information with a button directing potential clients to reach out by email or phone. so you need to do something that people call you easily. If you decide to use a one-page portfolio, here’s where you can tell clients to reach out if they’re interested in learning more.

now you know some steps to build your website portfolio ita time to give you some good tips:

Best way to build portfolio website

your best work comes first

people don’t have the time to spend hours analyzing every last detail you’ve written down. In fact, according to Tony Haile of Chartbeat, you only have 15 seconds of your future employer’s attention to make a perfect first impression!

you had to do something to notice your best work and don’t make risk it, so it’s the other reason why you should put your best work first.

You can always search for some web design inspiration by checking out portfolio examples on a free portfolio website and you can even use a pre-made portfolio template which could be very helpful with your portfolio design.

One way or another, always make sure that your online portfolio clearly displays your best work first!

Best way to build portfolio website

Create a Portfolio that is Easy to Navigate

by creating a portfolio you had to care about and keep in mind that your portfolio has to be easy to navigate.

Creating categories and dividing your work into segments makes it much easier for a person browsing through a portfolio website to better understand your portfolio and the most important aspects of your work.

So before creating your free online portfolio, try visiting other portfolio sites to see both good and bad online portfolio examples and the categories people use most often to classify their work.

Best way to build portfolio website

Choose Projects with Best Results

when you are creating a portfolio website you don’t need to list every single detail and every insignificant project from your past you can be more selective.

Choose projects with the best results and put them on display, preferably divide them into categories to make the portfolio more organized.

Don’t forget to put the emphasis on the type of projects you would prefer to work on in the future!

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Best way to build portfolio website

The Power of Blogging

I call blogging magic you will understand the power of blogging after a while keeps doing that with fresh content and even educate the clients with your own experience and knowledge.

there is a thing that I guess forget to say and I want to mention it here honestly creating a top-notch portfolio website means more than just putting up great images and listing past works.

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by the way least move back to the power of blogging

It is also a great way to strengthen your brand and become easily recognizable in the sea of experts in your domain.

Best way to build portfolio website

Use Social Media

this tip is kind of adding your phone number but in a different way, you should consider including social media buttons in your portfolio website as they will be of huge help in building stronger connections and keeping your clients and followers updated at all times.

consider the tips below as a hint for building a portfolio website

  • Be yourself:

don’t copy someone else even if they are the best and they have the best template ever you shouldn’t copy them. it’s virtually important that your portfolio website shows off who you are and what you do. by creating an original website you’ll help ensure that it comes to mind when people are searching for your services.

  • Make yourself available:

people will not try so hard to find you and if your site doesn’t make it clear how visitors get in touch with you, they don’t try so hard to find out. Devote space on your homepage to tell people how they can reach you. Different people prefer different methods of contact, so supply a couple of ways that they can do so – make it easy for them

  • Create fresh content:

google is a fan of fresh content so a great way to improve the search ranking of your site is to keep it up to date through a blog. Always keep your posts relevant and linked to what it is you do, as that’s why people are looking at your site, to begin with. the other thing that I believe that google and visitors are in the same boat about it is about video engaging video could help keep people on your site for longer.

I’m sure that if you read the blog with all its information you now know many things about portfolio website and you are ready to create a great one

in the end, we are here in temis marketing to help you so tell us if you face a problem during creating it.

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