Top 7 Booking hotel platform UI design inspirations

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1- Priceline

Priceline offers an intuitive user interface with an attractive aesthetic, featuring high-quality visuals and a well-organized layout. Users can quickly locate relevant information thanks to the prominent search bar.


2- Trivago

Trivago’s UI design is tailored to provide an optimal user experience. It features a simple layout with stand-out typography and vibrant colors to ensure users can rapidly find what they need. The focus on usability results in a seamless navigation process.


3- Agoda

Agoda’s user interface design offers a streamlined, modern experience. Icons and labels make it simple for visitors to find their way around the website without confusion. The focus on usability makes Agoda easy to use from start to finish.


4- Kayak

Kayak’s user interface design provides an intuitive, easy-to-use experience for its customers. Featuring clearly labeled icons and a simplified layout, navigating the website is made convenient and straightforward. With a heavy focus on usability, Kayak ensures that users can easily access what they need.


5- Expedia

Expedia’s UI design offers users a sleek visual experience. Images of high caliber adorn the page and a straightforward layout is employed. Navigation is simple, as the search bar is accentuated prominently so customers can quickly locate what they desire.


6- has optimized its UI design for an easy customer experience. Bold typography and bright colors help guide the customer to find their desired product quickly and without interruption. From start to finish, it is a simple and intuitive journey that can be completed with ease.


7- Orbitz

Orbitz offers a modern, user-friendly interface with intuitive iconography and clear labeling. Navigation is straightforward and efficient, allowing users to quickly find the information or products they require.


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