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What is brand identity
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Branding is the process of designing a company’s identity, which makes it unique. A brand’s visual representation can be used as an expression or portrayal for the products and services they offer customers through marketing campaigns by association with this identifying mark alone – making them easily recognizable in public spaces where people may not even know exactly what kind of beverage you’re selling!


What is brand identity


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We all know the importance of branding ourselves and our business. We put so much time, and effort into building up a strong brand that we can be proud to show off on social media or in person for clients–but with today’s digital landscape changing at such an alarming rate, it is more important than ever before not only create but maintain this identity!
Maintaining your company’s image requires constant attention; don’t let anyone take advantage by wearing masks through half-hearted efforts alone.

What is brand identity?

In today’s world, it is essential to have a strong brand identity. Your customers will always link your social media branding with what you sell in person- even if they only saw an image on Instagram! Brand identities are formed by the perception of companies from their perspective as outsiders looking at them; this means that every aspect including marketing campaigns must align correctly for maximum impactful results.
A great way I’ve found success when designing my own brands has been paying attention those around me who already share similar goals and interests so we can come together through collaboration instead competition which leads us down the path towards achieving common objectives faster.”

Brand identity is the first impression your target market has of you and it’s important to keep that consistency. If a person sees an image one day, they will continue seeing images from this same brand throughout their experience with them until all three elements come together: message font visuals (brand).consistency in these key areas creates trustworthiness which leads to loyalty!

How to design social media brand identity?

Before you know what visible elements you want to use to design your corporate identity, you need to see who you are as a brand.

To know this, it is enough to answer the following questions:

  • What is your mission?
  • What are your values?
  • If your brand was a living thing, what were its characteristics?
  • What are your unique features compared to other companies?
  • How can you make your brand voice heard by others?

Answering these questions is what defines your brand. Therefore, it is better to have a complete understanding of each before designing a brand identity in branding.


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Core elements of social media brand identity design

here are core elements of graphic design brand identity on social media:

Design a Logo


You can’t underestimate the power of a great logo. It’s one thing to have an amazing product or service, but if people don’t know who you are because your branding isn’t strong enough then all that work goes out the window! A good way for companies with new business cards will be to include their logo on both sides so they always look fresh and clean-looking no matter where someone might hands them over – this also applies when posting social media content via Facebook & Twitter etc., as well as printing materials such logos onto letterhead near client names at top right corner (or left).
A very important aspect in designing any typeface seems simple: creating a legible symbols.

your logo should have some features, which we will briefly describe below:

  • Be visually appealing
  • Be simple, readable, and understandable
  • Be related to the activity
  • Have a spirit and convey a message
  • Be durable and not be chosen according to fashion
  • Follow the correct color combination


Fonts and colors


What is brand identity


Try to choose a font and use it to the end. Changing the font can damage your brand identity. Fonts give spirit to your brand, so choose them wisely.

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It can be influenced by colors, shapes, and patterns to remember certain brands over others without even realizing it’s happening! For example: if you come across an Instagram page with specific hues specified for their logo-if (I’m looking at YOU NYC Metro), chances are good that when checking out other posts they’ll end up featuring some of those same products because why? Well simply put – our brains favor things we’ve seen before.

We all know that each brand has its own unique color, which makes them stand out from one another. This is because the colors are used as an indicator of how a company wants to be perceived by customers and other businesses in their respective industries–a way of establishing themselves with customers before even mentioning what product or service they provide!

Avoid imitation and copying

You may think of imitating your competitor’s social media branding, but we recommend that you do not copy them. Instead, focus on what makes yours better and strive to outperform the others in this industry by doing things differently!

Using a Tagline

Taglines have the power to quickly and concisely communicate what a business wants. When someone says “Open Happiness,” all thoughts of Coca-Cola come flooding into your mind! (englishwithashish) (


brand identity social media design
by wolfworldonDA on Deviantart


The best taglines are short and simple. They have to be clever, but not too hard to remember since people will get bored with them after just one or two encounters! The key is finding a balance between these two extremes so that your message comes across as quickly yet intricately communicated – without any confusion about who you’re advertising towards (or what they do).

Communicate with your target market


What is brand identity


You should always consider the type of business you are running when deciding which social media platform to use. If your company has an engaging brand tone, then they might be better off using Facebook instead Twitter or LinkedIn for example because these platforms cater more toward commercial uses than other forms such as Instagram which is geared towards lifestyle content creators with smaller followings but still important audiences in their own right!

Report twice a week to track the performance of your social media brand strategy. With this report, you can easily determine which platform will attract the audience for your type of business. After proper analysis, focus on social media that are ideal for your type of business and ensure user interaction.

If you are planning to use all social media, make sure you work full time and adjust your resources according to the results.

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which social media platforms are better for branding?

Here are some of the most popular social media that you can use to design your brand identity :


What is brand identity


This social media has become the most popular way for marketers to spread their brand awareness. With many active users around the world, this platform offers easy access and communication with the target audience who are interested in what you have on offer!

Remember the following steps in branding on Facebook ads:

  • Do not forget to tag others
  • Your advertising image should be captivating
  • If your company has any special offers or discounts, include them in your Facebook ads
  • Use eye-catching captions



By using Twitter, you can build a powerful and authentic brand identity. By interacting with other marketers on the platform through tweets about their products or services for example – if they are having an online sale that week then I might mention it in my Tweet Sierra sign-off at lunchtime!

Remember the following steps in branding on tweeter:

  • use hashtags on your tweets
  • Include images in your tweets
  • If you use other people’s information, cite, and refer
  • Tweet about 15 times a day so your brand name stays in the Twitter stream
  • Send useful tweets about your prospects



The importance of having an engaging and creative brand image on social media is more important than ever before. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc., all focus heavily on visuals which makes your branding play a vital role for any business owner or personal profile alike!

Remember the following steps in branding on Instagram:

  • Create image and visual visibility alongside sustainable style
  • Define your organizational color from the beginning and always use it in your posts
  • If you used Instagram filters, try to use the same in your next posts
  • Use hashtags on your posts
  • Post creative stories
  • interact with other user accounts
  • Use live to connect with your target market


The most successful businesses use social media to promote their brand. It has become an important advertising tool in today’s digital marketing process, which is why it can be so effective for introducing new customers and turning them into loyal followers of your business or product line!

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