Can A Graphic Designer Be A Social Media Manager?

Can A Graphic Designer Be A Social Media Manager?
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there is a question here can you be a social media manager and still design? in my view, it’s not that much thought to answer this question. although it depends on your handling I believe that the answer is yes. so why? Whether you’re in charge of designing your company’s social media graphics or overseeing the process, there are ways to keep design at the forefront. As long as your work is always on brand and top-notch, it should never be seen as an afterthought.

It’s safe to say that social networks have changed the way we conduct business, promote our products and services, and market our brands. With the rise of social media marketing, the number of graphic designers entering this field has risen exponentially. Being a graphic designer and being a social media manager can be two different things, but there is one thing for sure: as graphic designers, we all need to learn about social media at some point in our careers.

if you are a graphic designer first you may be a little confused cause it is. but in fact, there isn’t so much difference between a graphic designer and a social media manager, as you know the designers have usual tasks while social media management has them with some differences. in this article, I collect some information and we will look at what is entailed in being a social media manager, how to improve your social media skills, and whether or not graphic designers can make good social media managers.

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The Best Social Media Managers are Creative Types

that’s the fact that creative people can be better social media managers. there are much better at connecting with people, and thinking strategically, and there is a point that I love most about them and about their way of thinking they don’t afraid to think out of the box. as you might know the best industry for creative thinkers is design. Those who have backgrounds in marketing, graphic design, or advertising are ideal candidates for managing social media campaigns.

In the world of social media, your content is only as good as your creativity. The best social media managers don’t account managers — they’re creative types that find new and interesting ways to get people talking, liking, and retweeting.


Who do companies hire to manage their social media?


I can bet with you that most managers that are hired by famous companies are the ones who are more creative like designers and copywriters. so why? the reason is more about their skill necessary to create high-quality content. at this time(I’m saying at this time cause I think these decades are more in this way and they tend to do that.) many companies would prefer to hire more creative types than traditional social strategies.

The Relationship Between Social Media management and Graphic Design


The Relationship Between Social Media Management and Graphic Design


this is clear how social media management is important for business and brand visibility cause through this process, your company can maintain the quality of its services, and also this helps them avoid complaints from the clients.

these days are technology days everything since the internet came, has changed too much cause of this every company nowadays needs to have an online presence which is why social media is a great investment for them.

we will look at social media as a tool that is used to reach out to possible customers. Social media campaigns can be made more effective with the help of graphic design services. So a social media manager with designing skills can achieve optimal results.

How to Become a Social Media Manager as a Designer


I’m sure that you know that you will have a long way to call yourself an expert social media manager, but if you are a designer and looking to get into social media management you had to know that becoming social media management as s designer can open up new opportunities and an entrepreneurial path to sales. But how do you get there? This is for those who want to get into this industry and get themselves a job in social media management as a designer.

While some people think that to become a social media manager is to leave their design career, this isn’t the case at all. You can improve your social media management skills by continuing to work on your design career and learning about the process of managing multiple social media accounts.


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It’s helpful to have graphic design knowledge as a social media manager since you might have to create graphics for social media posts, especially if you work for a small company.

Employers need the motivation to pay you well, so you have to report your results to the employer along with managing social media. In this case, the employer will understand your capabilities and values. Here’s an example of some of the social media manager checklists items:

  • Reply to all direct and private messages
  • Check all mentions and react to them
  • Check out all comments and reactions to posts
  • Schedule and design posts for the next day
  • Follow back those who follow you

Just remember that as a designer, you have an inherent advantage in this industry: your creative abilities. Whether it’s brainstorming graphic designs to promote your client’s brand, or creating promotional images to help raise awareness for their social media account, there are plenty of design opportunities for you in social media management.


What social media platforms are suitable for social media designers/managers?


What social media platforms are suitable for social media designers/managers?


every time that you are trying a new social media platform you should know what you want from that platform and what your requirement then you can start working on that platform and there is an important point that you should know, you should consider that you should not join all the social media platforms together.

There are plenty of social media platforms that a designer/manager can use, In the following, we will introduce some social media platforms that are suitable for social media managers with designing skills:



If you specialize in social media design and video editing while you enjoy it, you can consider Instagram as a social media to manage. You can also use the schedule tools available for Instagram posts and stories for easier managing.




If you want to choose Facebook as a social media to manage, you should keep up with the company’s constantly changing algorithm. Using Facebook live can be a great way to communicate with your target audience. You can also use Facebook’s automatic response to connect with your audience and show them that you care about them.




Twitter is very helpful for social media designers who want to manage. it provides you with a lot of new options, including Twitter lists. You can set specific times for auto-tweeting and schedule tweets for the future. The program also provides you with support for all the social media, and you can use it to write automatic posts on Facebook. With tweeter as a social media designer, you can even create a blog, by posting content automatically via Twitter. Its price is $ 25 per month, but it’s worth the amount!




Pinterest is a very powerful, image-based search engine. If you have a solid background in design you can create eye-catching visual content for your audience. When you have good content on your Pinterest account, as soon as you make a small connection with the other audience, you encourage them to follow you. For example, you can leave a comment below the related posts and like the rest of the posts so that they can look at your account and follow you.



How much you can make by being both social media manager and designer?


How much you can make by being both social media manager and designer?

The national average salary for a Graphic Design and Social Media Manager is $54,023 in the United States. Graphic design and social media managers’ average annual income in the United States is $54,023 per year. In general, social media managers ‘/designers’ annual salaries range from a minimum of $ 33,000 to a maximum of $ 88,000.



here we came to the final steps and final question is it possible for everyone to be both social media manager and a designer? as you read and know the answer. of course yes, with the right tools you can do both jobs without being stressed. Being a social media manager and a graphic designer can be a fulfilling job. If you are passionate about social media and have an eye for beautiful designs then you may be the best candidate to have such a position in your company, but if you faced any problems during doing them both we are here in temis marketing to help you.

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