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Audiences can get bored with traditional and common presentation methods, so you need to have creativity in your Presentation design services. Canva voice-over is one of the most creative and useful methods to avoid your audiences getting bored. Voiceovers can add visual cues to slides that otherwise look more exciting and fun, and graphic design tools features such as Canva voice over let you add voiceovers quite easily. This blog post is written for you if you need to know if you can add voiceover to Canva or if you want to learn how to add voice over in Canva per slide.

can you add voice recording to Canva?

The answer is YES. Canva supports adding voiceover to presentations and videos. You can easily and directly Canva voice recording by your own voice with the help of an external recording studio or using AI tools to generate a voiceover for your presentation.

How to add voice over in Canva presentation with the audio file?

You should ensure the files are edited when uploading to Canva since it is almost impossible to have a customization option on the site.

Step 1:

When you are done with your slides, and they are completed, then upload them into Canva. Ensure that file names are properly spelled to avoid confusion when organizing the documents after creating one file per student. It is meant to name the files, like the number of slides.

Step 2:

Select the file and drag it on the first slide (with the voiceover). This is because it is an MP4 file, and you can see a black box on each slide.

Step 3:

Ensure your audio file plays smoothly by clicking the play button at the very top. When you are through, just click on an audio file block and go for the transparency tab.

Move the transparency slider towards your right so that you almost make the audio block disappear. Like that, you may adjust the audio file’s audio level/volume by clicking the Volume button along the upper ribbon.

You can also pull the audio block at the back of your slide when many pieces are running on your presentation. The end result will be that the audio block will not be seen out.

Follow the same steps for each of your slides. When you are ready, click the play button to watch your voiceovers live. Also, one can find a ‘Record Yourself’ button in the Upload panel of Canva. Nevertheless, our tests did not manage to work with it.

How to add voiceovers to your designs using Murf AI?

Turn your designs into reality using Murf’s lifelike AI voices. Choose among various good-quality voices in many languages, attitudes, and moods. The script is all you need to do the job. In order to utilize this application, you have to sign in your MURF AI account.

Note: Be aware that this app is only available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US on desktop.

From the homepage

1- Fires, go to Apps on your homepage.

2- Type “Murf AI” in the search bar and hit “Enter” to start searching.

3- Click on the Murf AI, and you will see a pop-up window open.

4- Choose Use an existing design to integrate the app into an already developed presentation. Browse through the folder named ‘Your Projects’ or ‘People shared with you.’

5- Select Use in the new design to use the app with the new design. From the following suggested list, select a design that suits you best.

From the editor

1) Open the side panel and select Apps.

2- Go to the search bar and type “Murf AI” and use the enter key on your keyboard to run the search.

3- By selecting Open, a Pop-up window will display that you can log in using your Murf AI account.

4- By logging in, you can start adding voice-over in Canva.

How to Add an AI voiceover to Canva?

1-Select a language by clicking on this option.

2- Choose the voice you prefer. In case you have Murf.AI Pro accessibility, you could click on see all and select more options from different voices.

3 – Paste your script into the Enter your text box section.

4- Go down to choose style and click on any emotion and voice styles available.

5- Other than this, you may also change the Speed and Pitch by dragging the sliders.

6 – click “generate voiceover” to hear the prepared voiceover. You need to make sure that you are content and then go ahead and click “Add to Design” to add it to your Canva presentation.


Canva is a powerful yet intuitive design platform. It’s Perfect for creating Canva voice over presentations and illustrations alike. Its user-friendly features, such as voiceovers, help give graphics and designs more personal touches. You can add voice-over in Canva, with these  methods we introduced you in our blog post, to have a better and effective presentation.


Can I add different audio per slide in Canva?

Yes, Canva allows you to add multiple audio clips to a project, even if you are a free Canva user. You will have to create a Canva Video Project in order to accomplish this.

Can I record in Canva free of charge?

Save your video clips to add and edit them into your design with Canvas free online video recorder. Canvas online video recorder allows you to save and add video clips to your design

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