Change Language in Microsoft PowerPoint in three simple steps:

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Professionals with the need to utilize multiple languages may find it necessary to switch between a proofing language (for spelling and grammar) and an interface language in order to make appropriate edits. This article will provide instructions on how to alter the language setting in PowerPoint.

This guide outlines how to set the text language in a PowerPoint presentation. Also, it provides instructions on how to modify menu and button languages as well as adding a new language. Utilize the tips and advice to tailor your presentations for readers with different primary languages.


Why do you need to change?

Microsoft PowerPoint supports multiple languages you can switch between to suit your presentation requirements. You might need to change the proofing language assigned in PowerPoint, thus changing the grammar checker language. This is especially important if you’re working on a borrowed computer at a remote location and it’s necessary to adjust the interface language of PowerPoint for easier navigation. We’ve provided instructions below on how to change both the language interface and proofing language in PowerPoint.


How to change?

Step 1:

To choose a different language setting in PowerPoint, start by selecting File in the menu. Then go to Options – this will open up a new window. From here you can change both your editing and display languages. If the language that you want is already listed, simply click on it and select Set as default, then close and reopen PowerPoint. Your desired language should now be active! If you need additional display or help languages from, click on “Get more display and help languages” for the next step.


Step 2:

The Office-webpage is now open. A selection box that asks you what language you need is visible if you scroll down. In a grey box, two different download versions for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems show up. To make sure you are downloading the correct version, refer to your computer settings > System > About and check the Device Specifications section to determine whether your system is 32 or 64-bit; then proceed with the matching download.


Step 3:

For successful installation of the language you recently downloaded, please read and follow the instructions included in the installation process. To ensure that your changes have taken effect, revisit File > Options > Language, where you will find your new selection listed. Select it and click Set as Default before exiting out. When PowerPoint is restarted, the language will be updated to default.


Add a new language

For those who need a different display or proofing language in PowerPoint, Microsoft Office allows users to download and install the desired languages from their support page. If you’ve changed the text language of your presentation and don’t seem to be experiencing proper grammar and spelling checks, it is likely that you lack the necessary language driver. Here are the steps for adding a new display or proofing language:

Step 1:

Go to the ‘File’ tab


Step 2:

You can find the ‘Options‘ option in the menu to the left.


Step 3:

In the dialog box, please select ‘Language‘ from the left-hand side menu.


Step 4:

Select the “Install Additional Display Languages from” link to proceed with installation.


Step 5:

Please ensure that you follow the instructions found on the webpage.

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