Convert to SmartArt feature in PowerPoint

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Convert to SmartArt feature in PowerPoint

Text-based presentations are all too common in corporate America. But if you want your presentation to stand out from the rest, try using SmartArt graphics! You can convert any piece of text into a beautiful graphic that will help drive home what’s important about this content – whether it’s through cycles or lists layout options for visual clarity on how things should be organized.”

SmartArt gives you a professional-looking presentation that keeps your audience engaged. It works with lists and can also incorporate headings, subheadings as well images to make it more interesting for those who aren’t learning everything right away!


What is the Convert to SmartArt Feature in PowerPoint?

What’s the point of having all this great information inside your presentation if no one can see it? SmartArt makes sure that you don’t have to worry about visibility because these graphics were made just for PowerPoint and will work perfectly with whatever content is on every slide!

It may seem like there are lots (and I mean PLENTY) of pre-made SmartArt templates out there but fear not–you’re able to convert any photo or graphic into something beautiful AND useful by using our simple process.


How to Access the Convert to SmartArt Feature in PowerPoint?

The “Convert to SmartArt” feature in PowerPoint takes the objects from your slide and places them into graphics that highlight information more prominently. To access this function, you must first select an item on a given list of slides – it’s not available for all types of sizes of documents though!

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Using the Home Tab

With the “Paragraph” group on your home tab, you can now access a new feature called ‘Convert To SmartArt Graphic’. It only requires three easy steps and is perfect for those who want their content converted into visuals!

Step-1: Click on the “Convert to SmartArt Graphic” icon

Click on the green chart icon in your “Home” tab called “Paragraph.” Clicking it will open up a menu from which you can choose graphics that are already associated with different types of documents. In this case, we want to convert an ordinary paragraph into a SmartArt graphic so select ‘Convert To Smart Art Graphic.’ This dialog box has many options for customizing what kind of content is being represented by each symbol; when converting any typed text into symbols just check off whichever boxes look appealing to best suit their needs!


Step 2: Click on your preferred SmartArt graphic

In the “Choose a SmartArt Graphic” dialog box, you can scroll through numerous predesigned graphics that are available in PowerPoint. Click your preferred option and watch as it loads!


Step 3: Click on the “OK” button

After selecting the desired graphic, simply click “OK” at bottom of the window to convert it on-screen.


How to Convert Text to SmartArt in PowerPoint?

Convert text in any of your slides into beautiful, high-quality graphics with the click of one button! Simply select a box or placeholder on which you would like to create an image and then follow these 2 simple steps.


Step-1: Click on the “Convert to SmartArt Graphic” option

Click on the green chart icon in your SmartArtParagraph group to convert it into a graphic. Click “More Graphics” for even more options!


Step 2: Click on your preferred SmartArt layout

In a single click, you can have your desired SmartArt graphic appear in the “Choose a Graphic” dialog box. This is perfect if all that was needed were some additional text to go along with an already-existing visual image!


How to Convert Bullet Points to SmartArt in PowerPoint?

The Convert to SmartArt Graphic feature in Microsoft PowerPoint lets you convert bullet points into pre-designed flowcharts. The 3 easy steps are:


Step-1: Click on the “More SmartArt Graphics” option

Gaining insight into what makes your audience tick will help you to craft a more engaging message. To do this, start by selecting the text box containing bullet points in the slide and click on the “Convert To SmartArt Graphic” icon from the paragraph group home tab for converting it directly onto the graphic charting tool under the More Smart Arts Graphics option.

After selecting desired point items they want to be displayed as graphics within their presentation click the next button until complete!


Step 2: Click on your preferred SmartArt graphic

The next step is to choose a SmartArt graphic. In the “Choose A Graphic” dialog box, scroll through all available graphics and click on your preferred one!


Step 3: Click on the “OK” button

Now all you have to do is click on the “OK” button at bottom of the dialog box, and your conversion will be complete!


Can You Convert Shapes to SmartArt in PowerPoint?

With just one click, you can easily convert any shape into a beautifully designed SmartArt graphic. Click on the “Convert To SmartArt” option in your slide’s ‘Paragraph’ group and choose from our many professionally crafted layouts!


How to Convert SmartArt Graphic to Text in PowerPoint?

The SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint have a “Reset” feature where you can convert the shapes to text or cancel all changes and keep it as is. The “Convert To Shape” option will change your graphic into an editable vector shape so that any other app on your phone can use its functionality too!

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Using the SmartArt Contextual Tab

Step-1: Click on the “SmartArt Design” tab

The first step is to click on the SmartArt graphic in your slide. Then, from its menu ribbon at top of the screen select “SmartArt Design.”

Step 2: Click on “Convert to Text”

Click on the “Reset” button to return all of your SmartArt designs into text. Then simply select “Convert” from within that same dropdown menu and voila! You have an easy way to create professional-looking documents without any artistic talent whatsoever.


Using the “Right-Click” Option

In the open slide, “Right Click” on the SmartArt graphic. In the right-click menu, click on the “Convert to Text” option. This will convert the selected SmartArt graphic to simple text.

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