Crucial logo questions to ask your client or designer – Best possible questions

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 Crucial logo questions to ask your client or designer

A logo should inspire confidence in your clients. Graphic design is often not something clients are familiar with. Clients are not expected to be able to understand the details of design. Graphic designers are experts in this field. Clients are also part of the design process. They are the final approvers and customers.

Even with your friends, explaining what you want can be difficult. Logo designers and clients both have lots to say about logo design. But you can’t expect to get the complete answer unless you ask the right questions.

This article contains some essential questions that clients and designers may want to ask.


Logo design is a communication project.

Before we dive into logo design details, let’s discuss why communication is so important in any design.

Each party has a lot of information that the other needs to know. If they share more information, both parties will be closer to completing the project as they wish. Designers have their design styles and work policies, while clients have their preferences.

The problem is that you won’t know your colleague’s thoughts unless you ask. This article is useful if you’re new to working with a designer or client.



Designers can be questioned by clients.


What do you prefer to communicate with?

While meeting for a call or sitting down at the beginning of a project is fine, what about during the design phase? Different designers have different communication preferences. Some prefer to chat or text intermittently, while others will be able to turn off their phones for days.


What’s your mission?

Find out the core values of your client’s company. It is essential to know what your client believes in so that you can respect them. Sometimes, design projects may also have a political or cultural angle. These values might need to be included in the design.


How do you approach creativity?

Designers have different work habits, which can or might not be a problem depending on your needs. Ask your designer how they will approach logo design to avoid unrealistic expectations. You should only expect handovers at night if your designer works in a daytime environment.


What did you like and dislike about your past branding?

Request links to past marketing materials. Make sure your design matches the client’s marketing materials. It pays to have past design samples for your client, especially if you’re rebranding.


How does copyright work?

This is another point of contention that should be addressed quickly. It is important to clarify who owns the logo design and individual rights. These issues should be consolidated as soon as possible.

Each designer, for instance, owns the copyright of their designs up to the time they are declared contest winners by a client. After that, the rights to the winning design pass to the client.


Which file format will we get?

This is another technical question you should address early. One thing to remember is that you might need a particular file format for each medium. The best formats for social media may sometimes be better for websites. You may need multiple formats, especially if your logo is different.



Designers can ask their clients questions.


What are you looking for in a logo?

Once you have a general idea of the company’s trajectory, you can get into the logo’s details and how it fits in the overall scheme. A new brand may want its logo to increase brand awareness and attract attention. However, a more established company might need a new logo to target new markets and change its brand identity.


Which age group are your targets?

Different age groups have different expectations and responses to design. Think about how relevant and effective your choice of color, shape, typography, and style is to the target audience. Will these elements resonate or be ignored?


Is this the inspiration for this project?

Understanding your client’s motivation can help you to get a clear idea of why they want to work with your company and how you should approach the project. The client’s response may reveal what they are trying to duplicate or do differently.


What are you looking for?

Your designer will be able to design a logo more representative of your company if they have more information. Designers don’t always have everything they need. Asking them directly about the details and documents they need can help you take a proactive approach.

Business documents such as personas or branding style guides relate to good logo design. You might also find useful other documents, such as marketing reports. Ask your designer for suggestions.


What are you looking for in feedback?

It would be best if you decided how often you would update your client with new designs. Some clients enjoy a conversation with the designer. Some clients prefer a more hands-off approach. It would help to consider all options to ensure you don’t waste your time or effort.


Which logo layout do you prefer? 

Some logos have only text, and others include a graphic. In some cases, the graphic is independent of the text. Some logos resemble badges or seals. Ask your clients to choose which layout they prefer.


What’s the purpose of color schemes?

It is essential to choose colors that reflect the company’s personality. Paler colors can create a corporate appearance, while reds and blacks may evoke an air of edginess.


Which are your biggest competitors?

Knowing who the main competitors are can reveal much about a company’s strengths and weaknesses. One thing is that the logos of their main competitors can impact how your client designs their logo. This includes how it stands out. It is a good idea to look at your competitors’ logos and find out what parts your client prefers.


When you need your logo?

You must allow yourself enough time to complete a project and meet all your other obligations. You should allow for revisions and any procrastination and designer’s block.


Do you have any particular topics or themes you want to avoid?

This logo question is more of an oversight to ensure you don’t accidentally wander into unwelcome territory. While some companies are keen to avoid negative press to protect their image, others might be more concerned about their logo. These things are hard to predict, so it is better to ask.


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