Design Tools For Social Media

Design Tools For Social Media
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In a world full of visual content, it’s important to use the right tools for your social media posts. Visual-based platforms like Instagram offer more opportunities than other types because they’re all about what you see and don’t just read words on paper! In fact, according to Facebook data from 2018 shows that images receive 2 times as much engagement when shared across different channels such as Twitter or Snapchat – so make sure there are some beautiful photos in this one too if possible 😉

For those who have more experience creating graphics, such as designers and illustrators with a background in visual arts- these paid tools can be daunting. Adobe Illustrator has been known to require an advanced degree of skill for beginners; while Photoshop requires extensive training from graphic design schools or online courses which many people don’t know about yet!

Beyond writing great versions, your social network content should have creative graphics. If a post has visual content and entertainment, people are more likely to pay attention to it.

There are many mobile apps and sites for designing graphics. Here is a list of design tools for social media:

Canva is a tool that lets you easily create custom graphics for social media. It has dozens of pre-made templates from Facebook banners and Instagram stories to Twitter posts, so if your lack graphic design skills or just don’t want the hassle then this site provides easy options with high-quality results! You even access over 1 million images as well as basic tools such as filters & unicorn dust which will help make any design come alive at hand’s reach – all without having too much trouble learning how they work because there are tutorials available on every aspect imaginable including color schemes Corsair Design Pinterest Marketing Social Media Student Led Generation Generated).”

Canva allows users to customize the various components of a template and make the changes they want in these templates. You can also make changes to the original design and save it depending on the content. You do not need any special training to use Canva. Using this tool is very easy and only takes less than 15 minutes to get acquainted with all the sections and categories of this tool.


  • Adobe Lightroom photo editor

The editing capabilities of Lightroom are second to none. You can use it for photos on both mobile and desktop, with easy access features like sliders that allow you more control over color balances or exposure levels than ever before – all while making sure your images look amazing across social media platforms!


  • Unfold

If you’re looking for a tool that can help design stylish graphics, then Unfold is what you’re after. This app provides templates in both Android and iOS so designers of all levels have access! With this powerful platform comes great responsibility though – make sure not only do they match up well with the brand but also provide maximum interactivity from users through their content-creation process.
With unfold available on smartphones as well as tablets or laptops computers, businesses will be able to accomplish almost any social media campaign goal without difficulty.


Pablo by Buffer

  • Pablo by Buffer

If you are a minimalist, you will love this design tool. Pablo is a free buffer tool that allows you to create amazing image-based templates. Its easy-to-use interface gives you access to more than 600,000 images you can format into specific sizes. In Pablo by Buffer, there is no complexity of similar tools, and everything is as simple as possible. To create a social media graphic design, just simply choose a picture, add a filter and edit the text. This tool is more suitable for those who are interested in putting text on a photo. In this tool, you can upload your favorite photo or you can use the photos of this tool.


  • Visme

Visme is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to create engaging social media content with ease. You can choose from thousands of free and customizable templates, or use one of our pre-made designs in less than 3 minutes! The best thing about this site? They provide tutorials on how they work so even if you are not familiar enough by now there’s no excuse for not making something beautiful like what we see every day online.”

Visme Website is a free tool that lets you create up to 5 projects and access 100MB of cloud storage. Templates in the basic version are limited, but if your goal requires more flexibility than what’s offered by this particular Lite offering – there’ll be no problem paying $19/month for Standard or even upgrading to their Full package at an extra cost!




  • Piktochart

Piktochart is a website that has an interesting and stylish user interface. The pre-made templates on this site cover a considerable amount of rich information making it possible for users to find the template they want as soon as possible. It also comes with a block design, which will help you easily delete backgrounds from parts of your work; plus download different pieces separately if needed!

Picktochart allows you to save your designed images in regular resolutions and in PNG format on your computer. If you want to print your social media graphic design, you have to buy the paid version, which will cost $ 24.17 per month.


  • Infogram

Think of Infogram as a tool for creating beautiful and engaging graphics. You can create tables to hold your data, and graphs that show its status in an easy-to-read format with just one click! If you’re not satisfied with what we’ve built here at first glance – upload it anyway; our team will work hard to make sure every feature meets all expectations (and then some).

The only drawback to Infogram is that the free version does not allow you to download your images and social media graphic designs, and you can only share them directly on virtual networks. In addition, the watermark for this online tool will always remain on your design.

Adobe Spark

  • Adobe Spark

The Adobe Spark website provides a great tool for creating infographics and event poster designs. In order to use it, you must register your account by providing personal information such as email address or phone number in addition to any other identifying marks that may seem relevant when signing up on this site ( textual data ). The user interface looks outdated but the features provided are good enough so users can do whatever they need from designing professional-looking graphics to adding text layers over images without worrying about running out of space because there aren’t many storage capacity limitations here either!

Using the professional and paid version of Adobe Spark will eliminate image watermarks. In addition, you can add your brand logo to the image or social media graphic design. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with friends and colleagues on a joint project.



The design of social media graphics has become an important part in the way we communicate our messages and express ourselves online. The power these designs hold cannot be measured by numbers alone, but instead through what they convey to others who view them- which makes it all that much sweeter when you’re able to start a conversation with your audience!

There are countless tools for graphic designers, some of which we have introduced to you, But ultimately, deciding which tool is best for you and your needs, depends on your budget and marketing goals.

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