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In the fast-moving universe of PPT presentations, tracking down effective methods for making content can have a huge effect is crucial. Microsoft PowerPoint has presented a strong component called “Direct” that enables users to talk their thoughts and have them translated straightforwardly into the presentation. By utilizing this element, you can smooth out the substance creation cycle and spotlight on conveying an effective show. The Dictate feature in PowerPoint lets you record your speech and have it played back with the correct tone and volume level. 

 In this article, we’ll investigate where is the dictate button in PowerPoint, how to direct in PowerPoint, and tips to further develop exactness while utilizing the dictate feature.

where is the dictate button in powerpoint

Where is the Dictate Button in PowerPoint?

The Dictate in PowerPoint is a great way to make your PowerPoint presentation design services more engaging and captivating. To use the dictate button, select where you would like the text from speech added as well as what language it should be translated into (if any). Then follow these 2 simple steps: 

Step 1: Click on the text box

The easiest way to dictate text is by using the “Dictate” tool in PowerPoint. You can use placeholders for your words and phrases on slides as well, so there’s no need to worry about misspelling them or getting tongue-tied during a meeting!

Step 2: Click on the “Dictate” icon

Click on the “Home” tab in your menu bar. In the Voice group, click Dictate to start a tool that will allow you to dictate text and share it with others!

How to Enable or Disable Dictate in PowerPoint?

The “Office intelligent services” feature of Microsoft PowerPoint lets you enable or disable the Dictate tool in your copy.

However, the “Office intelligent services” feature is only available on PowerPoint copies that have Microsoft 365 subscriptions. You cannot access this service for perpetual plan licenses.

How to Enable the Dictate Tool in PowerPoint?

To enable the dictation tool in PowerPoint, all you have to do is follow the 3 easy steps.

Step-1: Click on the “File” tab

To get started, click on the “File” tab in your menu bar. This will be at the top right of every window and it has various different options for you to choose from including Printing or History; make sure not to miss seeing ‘Options’ last among these choices! 

Step 2: Click on the “Enable services” option

Click on the “General” option from the left side of the PowerPoint Options dialog box. Then scroll down to find and click ‘Enable Services’ under the Office Intelligent Services section, which will show a checkmark beside it if enabled already; otherwise, you can choose whether or not want this feature turned On by selecting No (not checked).

Step 3: Click on the “OK” button

When you enable the dictation tool, a microphone icon will appear on your computer screen. When this happens all that needs to be done is click OK at the bottom of the window and PowerPoint accenting tools are ready for use!

how to dictate in powerpoint

How to Disable the Dictate Tool in PowerPoint?

To disable the “Dictate” tool in Microsoft PowerPoint, follow these steps. First, you have to enable all of Office’s intelligent services since they’re disabled by default and then turn off only one at a time until there is no more red underline next time when hovering over it with your mouse cursor- which means this particular service will be unchecked or switched off entirely if necessary (commands can also change how often certain things happen). To do so:

The process might seem complicated but once completed everything should return back normal again!

How to Use the Dictate Feature in PowerPoint?

Create a menu for your macros with just the click of one button. With “Dictate,” you can have anyone speak their words into an audio file so that they will never be out-of -of reach again!

The process to Use the Dictate Tool in PowerPoint

It’s easy to use the “Dictate” tool. All you need are 3 steps, and your voice will be transcribed correctly every time!

Step 1: Click on the “Dictate” option

The first step to adding dictated text is clicking on an object where you want the input. Then, click “Dictate” which will show up in blue as one of many options under Voice Groupings within your Home tab after highlighting it with our mouse cursor until we have finished recording or stopped typing altogether by pressing Enter key when ready for more words!

Step 2: Speak into your microphone

The next step is simple – speak into your microphone and watch as written words appear on the screen. You should try to keep it slow so PowerPoint can catch every word!

Step 3: Click on the “Dictate” icon

Once you have finished dictating the content in your selected PowerPoint object, click on “Dictate” again to stop. The microphone icon will turn blue and emit a system sound indicating that it is no longer being used as an input device for dictated text!

where is the dictate button in powerpoint

How to dictate in PowerPoint?

The “Dictate” tool in Microsoft PowerPoint is a handy artificial intelligence listener that can sometimes misunderstand what you are saying. However, there’s no need to turn off your microphone when using this feature! Simply stop speaking while typing out any corrections on-screen using keystrokes so they’re saved correctly into the document calibration file (which has been automatically created). Then simply dictate again without worrying about making mistakes because everything will be correct upon playback since we already corrected them earlier during compilation time.

Troubleshooting the Dictate Tool

There are a few common problems with the dictate tool in Microsoft PowerPoint, but they can easily be fixed.

No Dictate Button in PowerPoint? Here’s Why!

The “Dictate” button can be difficult to find, but don’t worry! There are a few different reasons why it might have disappeared. One common cause is if you’ve hidden or disabled the feature in your program for some reason; another possibility would involve checking both checkboxes next time around when launching Microsoft Office (or whatever app/program). If none of these tricks work – well then I’m sorry because we’ll just need to take things into account a little differently…

Reason 1 – You are using PowerPoint on Mac

PowerPoint for Mac does not yet include a Dictate feature, so you cannot find it on your computer if you are using Microsoft PowerPoint. However there is an easy way around this problem- use Apple’s built-in speech recognition technology to dictate content into any presentation! Refer back to section 2a where I’ll show how detailed steps are given regarding what exactly needs doing with all different types of files (ppt/ods).

Reason 2 – You haven’t enabled the tool

The “Dictate” tool is a great way to make your presentations more interesting and engaging. As an artificial intelligence service, it’s disabled when you disable the “Office Intelligent Services” in PowerPoint 2016 or 365 with a subscription! To access this powerful feature again though there are steps that need executing which can be found in section 3a of this article – follow them closely so they work properly for best results.”

how to dictate in powerpoint


The Dictate in PowerPoint is a game-changer feature for creating presentations efficiently. Now you know where is the dictate button in PowerPoint. With a simple click of the microphone icon, you can speak your ideas and watch them transform into text on the slide. Learning how to dictate in PowerPoint is a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional typing, enabling you to focus on crafting a compelling and engaging presentation. By following the tips to improve accuracy, you can leverage the power of speech recognition to create flawless presentations that captivate your audience and make your voice heard with clarity and confidence.


How to dictate in Windows 10?

Open an application that you need to dictate text, like Notepad, WordPad, Microsoft Word, or Mail. To set off the correspondence, press the Windows key + H. In the event that you’re utilizing Windows 10.

Why do you need to use dictation?

It enables you to look like a grown-up composer using many writing conversations, like letter development, accentuation, and dispersing among words; from there, the sky is the limit.

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