Easy Ways To Print Your PowerPoint Presentation Notes

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It happened for all of us that we may need a copy of our presentation at some times. You can print your presentation with a slide on each page and the corresponding notes at the bottom.

Here is a guide on what you can do to do that.


What are notes in PowerPoint?

The details that you write about your slides in your presentations are noted in PowerPoint. They can help us and give us the details that we need.

Notes in PowerPoint may contain important statistics or reminders to trigger animations. Click “Click to add notes,” type the information you want to include, and press “Enter” on your keyboard.


How to print PowerPoint presentation notes as a customized handout

It’s possible to print your PowerPoint presentation notes as a handout for your target market with an accompanying thumbnail picture of each slide. Your audience may have all your notes with handy slide numbers so they know in which they may be within the presentation. right here’s how you may pull this off:

  • Pick out ‘report Menu’ from the PowerPoint menu
  • And pick ‘Export
  • Click ‘Create Handouts’
  • Click Notes after slide (this can push all of your PowerPoint presentation notes into Microsoft phrase)
  • Click on choose ‘desk layout’ from the word menu
  • Choose the Design tab from the phrase menu
  • Click on Borders
  • Customize the handout layout to your very own liking and feel, converting the colors and typography.
  • Go to ‘record’ then ‘Print alternatives’ and choose ‘Print’ you could pick out whether you would love your notes both ‘landscape’ or Portrait

How to create PowerPoint notes and print them with Notes Master

Notes grasp helps you to customize your presentation even extra, and you may discover it to be a less difficult choice on the subject of creating notes that are in line together with your slides. here are some quick commands on a way to use the device and print your PowerPoint presentation notes out afterward:

  1. Pick out ‘regular View’ on your PowerPoint
  2. Pick the ‘View tab’, then select ‘Notes grasp’
  3. Layout the ‘Notes master’ as you would a PowerPoint slide – this can be self-explanatory
  4. Close the ‘grasp View’ whilst you are finished editing the ‘Notes master
  5. Click ‘Print’ to take you to the ‘Print alternatives’ web page
  6. Click on ‘Settings’, then open the ‘Print layout’ options
  7. Choose the ‘Notes page’ Print layout and ‘Print’


How to print notes in PowerPoint on a Mac

here’s how to print notes in PowerPoint on a Mac:

  • Open a presentation with speaker notes.
  • Click “report” in the top left nook.
  • Click on “Print.”
  • Click “display details” at the lowest of the “Print” conversation container.
  • Open the “layout” dropdown menu, and click “Notes.”
  • Finalize another printer setting within the “Print” conversation field.
  • Click on “Print.”



How to print notes in PowerPoint by using Word

right here’s a way to print notes in PowerPoint with the aid of the use of the word. word that this method only works for computer customers:

Open a presentation with the speaker notes you want to print.

  • click “document.”
  • Click “Export.”
  • Pick out “Create Handouts” inside the “Export” panel.
  • Pick out either “Notes after slides” or “Notes below slides” within the “ship to Microsoft phrase” conversation field.
  • Click on the “Paste” choice at the bottom of the “send to Microsoft phrase” dialog container.
  • Click on “good enough.”
  • In the new report that phrase routinely opens, click “document.”
  • Click on “Print.”
  • Finalize printer settings, which include the preferred range of copies and the printer you want to apply.
  • Click “Print.”

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Print a header or footer with your speaker notes

whilst printing speaker notes, you may need to add a header or footer to logo your document or provide customers with more statistics. right here’s a way to print a header or footer together with your speaker notes:

  • Click on the “View” tab.
  • Click “Notes grasp.”
  • Click on the “Insert” tab whilst within the “Notes master” view.
  • Choose “Header & Footer” from the “text” institution.
  • Click on “Notes and Handouts.”
  • Take a look at the “Header” or “Footer” and enter the facts you want to appear.
  • Click “observe to All.”
  • Regulate the header and footer factors that seem in the “Notes grasp” view.


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