Elements of Bad flyer design: what to avoid

Elements of Bad flyer design: what to avoid
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Flyer design can be a tricky business, but there are some essential rules that you should always follow. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the common mistakes made when designing flyers for your company and how they could ruin any chance of getting people interested in what’s on offer! It might seem like these errors don’t matter too much at first glance; after all, nobody will see them if our ad isn’t right up front, right? However, lousy flyer layouts may mean the difference between success or failure with marketing campaigns, which means every detail counts – especially those tiny things like font choice (you know who/what typeface looks good?), color schemes, etc… So keep reading

Elements of Bad Flyer Design: What to Avoid

1 – Lack of typography variety.

The right typography can pump up your flyer. Try mixing things up by using different fonts for headlines, subheadings, and body text to make sure there is no consistency throughout all of the pages/text on a piece!

Elements of Bad Flyer Design: What to Avoid

2 – Wrong or no color usage.

When choosing colors for your flyer, consider the brand identity and color scheme. Stick to three or four base hues that complement one another not to overwhelm customers’ eyes with many choices, so they’ll take longer than needed before deciding what you want them interested enough in reading about!

Elements of Bad Flyer Design: What to Avoid

3 – Poor photo selection or lousy photography.

Photos are the foundation of your flyer, so it’s essential to choose them carefully. If you’re using photos that come with a free license from Adobe or another company like Dreamstime and Causal Innovations, ensure they’re high quality before including them in an advertisement because bad-quality images can hurt what looks professional about this kind of document!

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Elements of Bad Flyer Design: What to Avoid

4 – Incorrect or no text alignment.

Alignment can make or break a design. To ensure that your text is easily readable, it should be aligned pleasingly and not complicated on the eyes – like centered alignments! Avoid this by leaving some room at either end so readers won’t get lost while scrolling through content pages with only one paragraph per page (or worse yet: just starting!).

Elements of Bad Flyer Design: What to Avoid

5 – Misleading or no call to action.

Let’s be honest. Your flyer will be incomplete and ineffective without a clear call to action! Ensure you include an imperative sentence or statement for readers to know what they should do with the information on offer – like “call now” (or whatever).

Elements of Bad Flyer Design: What to Avoid

6 – No branding or logo placement.

The first thing you should do when promoting your business on flyers is to put out an eye-catching flyer that includes information about who they are, what their company does, and where people can find them. Please make sure the logo for this firm appears prominently, so it’s easy to read!

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When designing a flyer, the common mistakes that plague bad flyers must be kept in mind. Avoid these errors, and you can create professional-looking documents with an attention-grabbing message! Remember typography and color choice—keep them simple yet effective by utilizing white space wisely, too; remember what’s most crucial about any good design: logos & brands (don’t forget them!)

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