Create handouts for PowerPoint Presentations (Update 2023)

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When you’re going for a presentation, it’s always good to have some sort of Handout with your notes so that way if something happens and the screen becomes covered or difficult to see then all is not lost. To create these handouts in PowerPoint click on “View” from within the menu ribbon; select the ‘Handouts Master’ option located at the bottom left corner where we were before making changes (make sure this isn’t outdated). Customize as desired using the preview Window before saving the final version by clicking Close masters view again – doing both saves updates automatically!

However, this is just a quick summary of how to make handouts in PowerPoint. There are quite a few things you should know while creating handouts in PowerPoint. In this article, we shall cover all the nuances involved in creating PowerPoint handouts. So, let’s get started!

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What are Handouts in PowerPoint and Why are They Used?

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are great for presenting your findings, but what if you want to share them? Handouts allow the audience members access and engagement beyond just hearing about it from afar. You can print or convert into copies of the “Handout” which will give everyone in attendance an opportunity read through all points without having any slides blocking their view! 

The Handout is a great way to make your presentation more engaging. The presenter can use it as handouts or you could give them out at different intervals and have people add notes in between slides so they don’t miss anything important!


Format & print handouts without notes


To make your handouts look professional, all you have to do is format them in the same way for each page with only a little work. Be it how many slides are per page or which orientation they’re printed on; this will help give an overall better quality presentation when giving out these flyers/handbooks because there won’t be any surprises! When closing down “Handout Master” under View – close it again and go back over regular view where everything should appear as normal except now every last detail has been taken care of including font sizes etcetera.


Printing the handouts is easy! All you need to do is select “Print” from your File menu, then choose a format under Full page slides in that group. You can also decide how many slides per page and whether or not want them printed out as well – definitely make sure this step happens before taking any other steps though because once we start printing things will move fast here… Remember: there are no mistakes but only successes if our instructions were followed correctly 🙂

Format & print handouts with notes


formatting your presentation notes will allow you to provide more information. This function can be found under ‘View’ in the menu bar at top of the page, next to where it says “Notes.”


You can easily print out your notes page instead of the full-page slides to make them more accessible to an audience. Just select “Notes Page” in Print Settings when you’re printing and it’ll be perfect!

Exporting and editing handouts in Word

To edit your handouts in Word, go to ” File” and select export. The dialogue box will appear where you can choose the desired page layout and then click on ok A new word file opens automatically which allows for editing by formatting as needed.

When you export a PowerPoint presentation to Word, it uses up memory and may take some time. If Microsoft Office Excel crashes with an error message saying “PowerPoint Couldn’t Write To Microsoft word”, try restarting your computer!


How to Create Multi-slide Handouts in PowerPoint?

With PowerPoint, you can create handouts with one to nine slides per page. To make a multi-slide presentation in this program follow 3 simple steps!


Step-1: Click on the “View” tab

The first step is to select the “View” tab from within your menu bar. In this selection, click on Handout Master in order to display all of its options and settings for editing purposes.


Step 2: Click on the “Slides Per Page” option

Click on the “Handout Master” view and then choose your preferred number of slides per page from the dropdown menu in ‘Page Setup’.


Step 3: Click on the “Close Master View” option

All you need to do now is click on the “Close Master View” option and your multi-slide template for this handout will be saved.


How to Change Handout Orientation?

The 3 steps to change the orientation of your PowerPoint handout are as follows: 


Step 1: Click on the “Handout Master” option

Click on the “View” tab in your menu bar. Then select “Handout Master” from within Master Views and marvel at how much information is now visible!


Step 2: Click on “Handout Orientation”

Click on the “Handout Orientation” option in the Page Setup section of your document. This will open a dropdown menu, click portrait for orientation and landscape if needed!


Step 3: Click on the “Close Master View” button

Now all you have to do is click on the “Close Master View” button to save the new orientation. The screen will return to “Normal View” (as shown in the image above)


How to Change the Header and Footer of Handouts in PowerPoint?

With the “Handout Master,” you can change your header and footer for handouts. Follow these 5 easy steps!


Step 1: Click on the “Handout Master” option

Choose which handout master you want to open by clicking on the “View” tab in your menu ribbon. Clicking this will take us straight up until we’re looking at our very own Handout Master! 

The first thing I noticed when opening it was just how much information there is here – not only are all these different options available, but they also have extensive descriptions written next time so which makes things easier for people like myself who might need some assistance figuring out what exactly each one does or contains (I’m not an expert!). There’s really no way around spending quality.


Step 2: Click on the “Header” and the “Footer” options

Click on either the checked box beside “ header” or “footer” to remove it from your design.

Similarly, you can uncheck the “Footer” option on the left side of your page and check it again to make them reappear. To remove this footer from view for good though-click on one of these two boxes with an arrow pointing down in order to remove that specific section from what’s being shown onscreen.


Step 3: Click on the “Header” placeholder

Click on the “Header” placeholders located at the top left corner of Handout Master. Clicking this will open up a menu where you can edit your header’s text and design! Use tools such as font styles, sizes/line spacing, etc in order to make it look just right for every audience member who is going through this document with their eyes closed while they’re supposed to be paying attention otherwise…

The content doesn’t really need any more explanation from me since everything should already make sense based on what was written earlier but if there are still questions about how certain things work feel free to ask away via comments below.


Step 4: Click on the “Footer” placeholder

You can also edit the footer in a similar way. Click on “Footer” located at the bottom left of the Handout Master page, then click the Home tab and access the editing toolbar for more options! You’re able to resize or reposition this field as well.


Step-5: Click on “Close Master View”

All you need to do now is click on the “Close Master View” option in this tab. This will save any edited changes that were made when editing your header and footer!

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