Top 7 Hobby shop UI design inspirations

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  1. Hobby Lobby

The Hobby Lobby website has been designed to make it effortless for customers to explore different products. The focus on visual elements, like large images and typography, directs visitor attention to specific items with ease. All of this combined results in a clean and organized layout that is simple to navigate.


  1. Michaels

Michael’s website displays a contemporary design that is aesthetically attractive. The use of striking hues and heavy typefaces delivers a dynamic and energetic aura, which is ideal for an activity store.


  1. Tower Hobbies 

Tower Hobbies’ website provides an attractive yet professional presentation of their products. Minimalist design is employed to maximize impact and ensure that the focus is placed on product content. Large images, crisp typography, and plenty of whitespace create a modern, sophisticated look.


  1. RC Planet

RC Planet’s website design is tailored to please their remote control enthusiast target audience. Bold and vibrant colors, engaging typography, and eye-catching animation combine to create a dynamic user experience. These elements are sure to excite and delight visitors.


  1. Trainz

Trainz’s website features a classic design that looks like it came right out of the golden age of model trains. Sepia-toned images, bold typefaces, and classic graphics all help to build an authentic atmosphere and capture the nostalgia associated with model trains.


  1. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video offers useful search capabilities to its customers. Visitors to the website can filter results by different parameters such as brand, price range and features, enabling them to quickly pinpoint desired products without having to spend time looking through irrelevant items. This facilitates an effective shopping experience for our customers.


  1. Dick Blick Art Materials

Dick Blick Art Materials is proud to offer an intuitive, user-friendly website experience. With clear categories and product descriptions, users can easily navigate their way through the extensive inventory of art supplies. Smart filters are also incorporated into the page to help customers research and make informed purchasing decisions.


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