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How do I charge UI UX freelance, and what factors are effective?

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How do I charge UI UX freelance?



Let’s start by looking at how freelance UI/UX designers charge.

Per Hour

Many freelance UI/UX designers and other freelancers charge an hourly rate. This means that you will dedicate your time to the client’s work. It doesn’t really matter what you do. You get paid as long as you work hard on the job. This calculator calculates the freelance rate for you, according to one freelancer.

One of the many apps that can be used to time work is available. You could also calculate how many hours it will take to complete the task and then charge the client accordingly. This is where you need to be cautious so that you don’t overcharge. Be sure to estimate the time it will take before you set a price. Consider how long it took you to create similar apps in the past, if you are designing a mobile application.


Per Week

As a freelance UX/UI designer, you have another option: charging per week. This means that you divide the project into time frames and decide how much you will get paid each week. This arrangement is based on deliverables. This arrangement will pay you for the weekly results you deliver.

However, you must be realistic about the deliverables. It is better to overpromise than to deliver. Give your client realistic expectations. Freelancers can promise more in their eagerness to get a gig. They fail to deliver the promised results and are often underpaid or not paid at all by the client.

Realistic expectations are one way to avoid this unfortunate scenario. Ask other freelancers if you are unsure. Talent house is a great place to be a member. Ask for help from others who have been there or read information about the current rates.


Per project

You can charge per project if you are a freelance UI/UX designer. You will assess the project and then bill the client for the entire deliverables. The timeline, cost, deliverables, and payment terms must be agreed upon by you and the client. When signing the contract, you should be realistic about your goals. Your payment may be affected if you fail to deliver as promised or on time.

Make sure you include the gray areas when signing a contract. What happens if you are unable to complete the job on time due to unforeseen circumstances? What happens if you don’t finish the job within the time frame? What happens if you fail to deliver the results promised? What amount will you get if you reach eight of the ten goals? These are crucial questions to answer before you sign up for a project.


What is the cost of hiring a UI designer?

It depends on how complex your UI is, it may take the combined expertise of several disciplines to make it work: analyst, designer and marketer. A UI designer can provide insight and help you create a product that responds effectively to your users’ actions.

It can be difficult to decide which qualities are the most important for a UI designer. However, it will help you estimate your budget more accurately. These are the main factors that influence the cost of a UI project.

The scope of the Design Project

A UI designer with experience will give a quote based on how much work is required. This could include the end-product functionality, complexity of the design elements and testing that is required before rollout.

Some UI design responsibilities can help increase the project scope.

  • Design research How established are your brand guidelines? Are you able to do any brainstorming or design thinking to determine the problems that design should solve?
  • Customer analysisHave your created personas? Do you know what their goals and preferences are?
  • How to create storyboards and wireframes. What is required for each phase? Are storyboards and UX wireframes required? Do you require a complete set interactive, clickable prototypes to make the design work? How will the UI designer work with developers and other designers on this project?
  • Interactive elements What gestures, animations or other elements will your design need? What complexity will your site’s architecture, navigation and CTAs (calls for action), notifications and prompts be?

For freelance professionals to be able to give an accurate bid, it is important that they have a detailed outline of the work required. Undefined variables can cause scope creep, which can cause budget problems.



The amount of user testing required

UI design should reflect the purpose of the user. Therefore, testing is required almost every time to ensure it succeeds. There will be a range of testing and the amount of interactions and choices that a user has within your UI will determine how much.

This testing can provide valuable customer feedback and insights. Do page names clearly tell users what they will find on a page? Are the buttons prominent enough in your app’s interface? Is it simple to complete a transaction How easy is search? Are the drop-downs and forms working correctly?

Some projects will require multiple rounds of testing, in some cases both manual and automated, to ensure that user interactions are as smooth as possible. The cost of the project may be affected by the number of users you target. Personas and storyboards are crucial early in the project.

High-level UI designers will know how to quickly gain the insight they need. This can help save money over the long term.

Complexity of the Information Architecture

Simplicity is the key to UI design. Complexity is the norm for apps and sites that contain a lot of information and interact with many other users. Complexity can require more energy and testing on the part of the UI developer to ensure that the architecture accurately reflects the information, while still being easy to navigate.

There is no shortage of disagreements about the information architecture. This is especially true when multiple stakeholders have different opinions on what information, pages or screens should be prioritized. This will ensure that your team doesn’t over-design. However, this can often lead to higher costs for UI designers.


The Designer’s Experience and the Rate



Project Type

Average price per hour

Design/Interface Layout


Visual Design


Interaction Design




What do you need to consider before you charge a client?

What do you bring to the job?

An engineer was flown in to repair a problem with a machine. This is the story. He returned to his hotel and took the time to get ready before he went to work at the factory. He marched straight to the machine and tightened the bolt. The machine began working immediately. He was out of the factory in three minutes. The factory owner was thrilled. The engineer sent the bill to the factory owner, who gasped at it. The engineer was contacted by the factory owner who asked why he charged so much for such a short job. The engineer replied, “I’m not charging for what I did or how long I worked on it, but I’m charging for your knowledge of what I did.” That’s value! Although you may be charging for your time as an independent UI UX designer it is the value you bring to the table that is being paid. You need to determine the value of your skills and set the right price.


Your Direct and Overhead Expenses

This isn’t just for startups and large corporations. When billing clients, freelancers should be aware of their overheads and direct costs. What is overhead? What are overheads? These are business expenses that aren’t directly related to the creation of a product or service. Your overhead as a freelance UIUX designer includes your computer, electricity, internet, furniture, rent, and subscriptions. These expenses are what you have to pay regardless of whether you get a job. If you are offered a job, you should add overhead expenses. You can do this by calculating a percentage markup on all gigs.

Direct expenses are any expenses that you incur while working. Software, plugins and templates are some of the direct expenses that a freelance UI UX designer will incur.



It should be easy to bill your clients as a freelance UX/UI designer. Now you know how to charge per project, hourly, weekly or daily. You are now aware of the things you should consider before charging clients for UI UX design services.

Ui UX design services

Ui UX design services

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