How do I create a transparent blur effect in google slides most effectively?

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How do I create a transparent blur effect in google slides?

  1. Upload your image – this hand was chosen because it has a beautiful sunset background. It’s a great way of making your presentation more personal and emotional by using images with people or their hands.
  2. After you have uploaded your image, click on it to select it.
  3. Now Select > Format Options.
  4. Go to > Adjustments Transparency. You can now adjust the transparency of your image using this slider. You’ll be surprised at what you like. You might find your image overlaid on top of your text. No worries, you can always move it back in the following steps.
  5. Once satisfied, scale the image to cover the slide. Drag its corners.
  6. To change the slide’s position, you can use the up/down arrows. You can see the full layout by clicking on > Present in the top bar. Next, press the escape (Esc. You’ll return to the editing mode by pressing the escape (Esc.) key on your keyboard.
  7. You can right-click the selected item and go to Order > Send back. This will create a transparent background for your slide.
  8. You can apply the theme to all slides by right-clicking on the image.

Another way

Find the image that you want to use in Google Drive. Right-click it and select Open With > Pixlr Express. This third-party editor allows you to choose from dozens of pre-set advanced filters. After you have applied a filter, then click Save As Copy. Click on Slides again, right-click the image and select Replace image. Select the Pixlr Express file that you have saved.



How to Use a Transparent Background Effectively?

A small amount of transparency can add visual interest, distinction, and contrast to your overall design. These tips help you use a transparent background effectively in graphic design.


To help with readability.

Photos are often used as backgrounds for printed flyers, billboards, and digital designs. Not all photos have enough white space for text. Sometimes the composition or brightness of the photo can make it difficult to position your text correctly. If this is the case, a transparent background can be used to highlight your text.

This technique is common in web design. The example below shows how a colored layer was used as a background to an image. This allowed the text to be placed directly on top. The colored layer reduces the background’s busyness, making it easier to read the text.


Increase focus on a particular area

A transparent background can be a great way to shine the spotlight on one part of your image if it is done correctly. The transparent layer can be used to guide the eye and enhance the design. This can give your design a unique look.

Create a new look with a gradient or color

You can use colors to create a mood. A transparent background can also be used over images. As you can see, experimenting with different colors and transparency levels can help set the tone for your design.


Use white transparency to your advantage.

To create an airy and simple appearance, a transparent layer of white will reduce the saturation of the color underneath it. A white layer can also reduce details and give a cleaner appearance if it is layered over a distracting image containing many elements.


Show depth

A multi-dimensional design can be created by using transparent backgrounds in various ways. This technique will show the details and layers beneath every layer, which can make your design more attractive.

A transparent background can add depth to your design and solve fundamental design issues like contrast and readability. Use this technique sparingly and test the design in different environments to ensure it is consistent with your design intent.

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