How do I upload a PowerPoint to YouTube

How do I upload a PowerPoint to YouTube
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In today’s world where social media and working in it have become very popular, we need to know how and how we can work in these spaces. YouTube is one of the famous entertainment and income-generating platforms that you can easily earn from, you just need to learn a few tips about it. In this blog, I am going to teach you the way I upload my PowerPoint to YouTube because I know that you may also need to upload your PowerPoint to YouTube, so if you are eager to learn, stay with us until the end of the blog.

How do I upload a PowerPoint to YouTube


Ready to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a cinematic masterpiece? Head on over to the File tab and choose Export, then click “Create a Video” for an exciting transformation!


How do I upload a PowerPoint to YouTube

  • Set How Long Each Slide Shows


YouTube can compress your slides into Full HD quality so that everyone in the audience gets to enjoy them. If you want more control, you have the option to add narrations or timings and adjust how long each slide will show – for instance, setting it at 10 seconds per slide!


How do I upload a PowerPoint to YouTube

  •  Export the Video and Upload It


Create an engaging video for your audience in no time! With PowerPoint, it’s simple: all you need to do is export the file and save it. Then take a short hop over to YouTube—uploading the video alongside its metadata and any settings you’d like included—so that everyone can easily locate what they’re looking for on your channel.

Thanks to YouTube’s built-in settings, you can now take your PowerPoint presentation and effortlessly expand its reach. Music or setting changes will help enhance any slideshow and make it truly stand out – so why not grab the opportunity of sharing with a vast audience that awaits? Marketers, in particular, are sure to benefit from this fast-track solution for getting their presentations seen by many!

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Tips for creating a good video


  • Make your presentation stand out by incorporating minimalistic visuals that allow for maximum impact. With white space, you can ensure vital facts are made clear and readable – no more endless lists full of bullet points to give them a headache! Focus on only the key information so they’re sure to take notice.
  • Choosing a theme for your presentation doesn’t have to be mundane. Customize one of PowerPoint’s templates and inject some life into it with vibrant colors! Consider the impact that different hues can create: cool tones, like blue or green, help craft an inviting backdrop while warm shades – think reds and oranges – are perfect for displaying text and charts. Have fun creating something unique!
  • Use videos and audio clips to make your presentation pop. Just be sure they are professional, engaging pieces that add value rather than being cheesy or a distraction from the topic at hand. Consider adding narration, an explainer video relevant to the subject matter, or simple transitions between slides for greater impact!
  • As you craft your video, always keep the audience in view. Consider what will interest them and how to create a captivating story that grabs their attention – something they can easily relate to and enjoy!
  • Keeping your slides succinct and simple is key. Condense long-winded ideas into concise bullet points or one-sentence summaries, then add the extra details through audio commentary to engage with viewers even further!
  • Rather than giving a stiff and formulaic presentation, invite your audience into an interactive conversation. Use inspiring stories to illustrate points to draw listeners’ attention while presenting meaningful information that can stick with them long after the talk is over. Transform your speech from being strictly professional into something enjoyable for everyone involved!


Tips for working on youtube

Choose the right topic

This is not a single point, so I suggest that you read more about it. Choosing a topic can have many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that you know what audience you are writing for.

By knowing your audience and, as a result, knowing your audience’s interests, you can choose your topic more easily and correctly, and don’t forget that your topic should be attractive and trendy enough.


Find your audience 

First of all, ask yourself who is your audience and why are you sending this content or video to them. Because in the next step, we need to know, now that we have found our audience, what is the audience’s problem and how to solve it. By asking yourself these key questions, you can easily reach this conclusion, and as a result, your audience will like your video because it was prepared for them.


Throw perfection out the window

Being a perfectionist in this matter can hold you back and stop your progress, so my suggestion is to just start and don’t look for the best video or the best content. Our first step will always be difficult or even our first video will be bad, so it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to start. After the first videos, you will learn how to make a video and how to edit it.



Working on YouTube and waiting for videos on this platform has always been one of the most interesting things that I have done for me and I enjoyed doing this. Besides that, I also saw many people who had a very good income using YouTube. And they could easily earn money without facing any problems. So far everything is great, we are dealing with a platform that we know we can earn a very good income from and the only thing we need to do is to be different and cover interesting things and topics.

In this blog, I tried to teach you topics such as interesting tips on making videos, but for making PowerPoint, my suggestion is to work with an agency that has done a lot of work and has a lot of experience, so that you can feel at ease about making PowerPoint, and that’s it. Don’t have it so that you can pay attention to other subjects.

If you intend to work with a professional group that has a lot of work experience and can be trusted, my colleagues at Temis will do their best to help you and we are proud to be with you on this path, so contact us.

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