How do presentation design trends change over time, and how do designers stay current?

How do presentation design trends change over time, and how do designers stay current?
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Everything is changing so fast that we don’t realize when the new and more beautiful designs and designs took on themselves and when we were able to cope with all these changes or even be effective members of these changes.

Graphic designs have undergone many changes in the last few years, of course, new tools that entered the market such as Canva or Figma and their unique capabilities contributed to this change, but designers also played a very colorful role.

In this blog, I intend to introduce you to the new trends and the things that can be done to stay on this path, and the most serious trends that you can use.


How do presentation design trends change over time, and how do designers stay current?

Presentation Design Trends You Need to Consider Now


The first problem we come across is the large volume of files, so we must always look for votes to reduce the size of files or the number of files, and this can be a very difficult task and cause us problems, so to solve this problem We bring programming and coding.

The advantage of doing this is the ease of transferring files, and in addition to that, there is no need for many PowerPoints and Keynotes, and it makes our work very easy.

I want you to see some examples of how HTML5 has been able to make people more successful and presentations better.

The only disadvantage of this work is that we have to have access to coding knowledge, and without it, I cannot do this, and of course, in a time when everyone is going to learn to program, it is not difficult to learn or find someone who will code for us. The only thing you have to do is to work with a committed team that has a lot of experience in this field, and if you need a professional team in this field, you can contact us at Temis.



Easily transferring files is one of its advantages and cannot be ignored. You don’t need to worry about sending the correct file or waiting for a long time for your file to be sent and then seeing that you have sent the wrong file. What you have to do is ask a coder to share the information you want.


Virtual Reality

What we should do in our design is to make our work more attractive and impressive in any way we can, and in my opinion, this is one of the best ways to see and be attracted to design.

Now a large number of people around the world use VR and enjoy it because it is new and has an innovative design and can be seen as a factor to attract the attention of the audience.


Designers will lean into radical simplicity.

The new designs amaze me as if we now know the value of every millimeter of our display page and we remove as many extra points and details as we can.

I don’t know exactly when this trend started and when designers started using it, but I think it’s a good trend because it puts all the main focus on the important point, and as a result, you can easily focus on the main topic.

In this work, all the elements, extra lines, logos, and excessive colors are removed from the work, and the result will be very simple and catchy.


Great design will hold the viewers’ attention.

In my opinion, all our efforts in these new decades are to attract the attention of the audience, of course, not in a fleeting way and a quick shock that quickly disappears, but to create a new and useful experience for the audience that will never be able to forget it. At the same time, be lovely.

What I mean is that you can no longer combine several beautiful colors without having any meaning in your work and expect it to attract the attention of the audience. To find out more carefully, this plan has no meaning, it will mess up everything.

Therefore, in addition to visual beauty and design, we need something that makes the experience last for the audience, and a beautiful design that leaves an initial impression on the audience, so be aware that in addition to beauty, you need something that has something to say.


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How do presentation design trends change over time, and how do designers stay current?

Ways that a designer stays current

Make education part of your life for good

From the day we are born to the moment we die, we are learning and this is not a bad thing, but if we are graphic designers, our method should be a little different from others.

As you know, the graphic design depends entirely on the up-to-dateness and trendiness of our work, and we can make very beautiful designs using the most trending ones. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if we are students or graduates, we should always be up to date with the latest graphic tips.


Designers should use clean, minimalistic fonts and calming colors.

Choosing the right color for our fonts or designs is one of the most important issues that must be addressed, and as you know, in the last fringes, instead of bright and busy colors, calmer and warmer colors or even pastels should be taken.

One of the reasons for this decision, in my opinion, is the sense of comfort that these colors give us, and it is also a very correct choice, so another method is to choose the right colors for fonts or on a larger scale for the whole process. It is our design.


There will be increased empathy found in design.

Our world today is the world of computers and daily developments, and the only thing that saves us from this loneliness is empathy, and empathy is the only way that increases our creativity and makes our design special.

Empathy increases creativity. The empathy/creativity connection is strong—as shown in many studies over the past decade. In one study, participants were asked to make and name a potato chip product for pregnant women. Before starting the task, half of the participants were told to imagine how the consumer would feel while eating the snack. The other half were asked to imagine what the consumer was thinking. An independent jury found that the first group’s product concepts, focusing on emotion and activating empathy, were more novel than the control group.



In all my blogs, I like to say that the only thing that makes big changes in practice. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, you must have a lot of practice to be able to deliver professional and beautiful work, So don’t forget that practice makes perfect and the only way is to create a real experience and learn through practice.



First of all, I hope that this blog has been used by you and that you can use it well, and if you feel that we have not covered a topic, please leave us a comment. But for good and up-to-date designs, you need to learn and do the same basic and simple things, and you don’t need to do anything else, but I know that learning it and doing it over a long period can be very difficult and time-consuming. Okay, so if you need a professional team to help you as soon as possible and you can fully trust them, my colleagues at Temis are here to help you in the best possible way.


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