How Long Should a Logo Bumper Be?

How Long Should a Logo Bumper Be
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Logo bumpers are a great way to promote your business. Consider the length of time, type, and music used in creating one for yourself or as part of an event promo campaign- these factors can have lasting effects on how successful they’re going to be! We’ll answer all those questions you might have about what goes into this kind of piece here so keep reading our blog post…


How Long Should a Logo Bumper Be

The most important thing to consider is the length

It’s important to consider the length of your logo bumper. Most should be between five and fifteen seconds long, but if you’re too short on time then viewers won’t get a good look at or understand what kind of business is all about- while long logos can become boring after just one minute! Finding that balance between these two extremes will help keep people engaged without feeling bored or irritated.

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How Long Should a Logo Bumper Be

Another important thing to consider when creating a logo bumper is the music that you use

The right music can be the difference between a person feeling inspired or transported to their favorite place. Whether you want an upbeat, energetic feel good song for your car dealership’s commercials (like “Whip My Hair,” by Irene Cara) or something more professional but still fun as classical violin pieces played softly in the background while lawyers go about doing business; we’ve got just what every one needs!


How Long Should a Logo Bumper Be

Final word

We hope that this article was helpful! We know how important it can be to get a quality logo bumper for your business, and we want you to succeed in creating an effective one. To help with these tips on making sure yours will work professionally: always use high-quality visuals or audio when possible; make sure what’s being said relates back to the company name (easy ?); check over everything carefully before publishing so there are no mistakes made along their way – even though they might not seem major at first glance


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