How much does a social media designer make?

How much does a social media designer make?
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In recent years, the demand for social media designers has increased tremendously. The job offers an attractive and lucrative salary that can be earned with enough skills in graphic design as well some creativity to it! In this article, we want to explore how much money they make across different countries around the world based on their qualifications.

Job satisfaction is often determined by how much one gets paid. A social media designer’s job includes posting on social networks, designing posts for different audiences, and Increasing the audience of your page to increase its visibility online- which all adds up to an attractive salary package! To be successful at this high level you must have motivation as well creativity with marketing skillsets like branding design or advertising strategy so that when people see what great content has been put out there they’ll want more than just followers but also subscribers too. (e\Elcapitalino)


How much does a social media designer make?


What factors affect social media designers’ salaries?


Social media design is a practical field. Practical skills and mastery of graphic design software are important in determining designer salaries. Here are some factors that have a great impact on raising the salary and income of social media designing:


How much does a social media designer make


  • Field experience and work background


A novice social media designer usually has a small job description and often works alongside other experienced designers. As they gain more experience, the average income of these professionals goes up due to their increased skill set which includes an understanding of how best to use various tools like Facebook ads or Twitter marketing campaigns in order to attract new customers for your company’s services/products online through promoting them across different platforms such as LinkedIn group forums where people discuss relevant topics related specifically around what we’re talking about here – content creation!


  • Mastery of design software


If you are looking for a career in social media design, then the more familiar you are with software you can become. It’s important that potential designers have an understanding of programs like Photoshop and Illustrator because they will be using them on a daily basis while working as one!
A degree isn’t always necessary but it helps if someone has hands-on experience designing graphics or coding HTML code thanks to their background knowledge when pursuing this field path – especially nowadays when most companies demand online proof before hiring anyone remotely connected to marketing efforts.


  • Location


How much does a social media designer make?


Geographical location is the biggest factor when it comes to social media design income. living costs, tax rates, and other factors all have an impact on your take-home pay for this type of work.

  • working as a full-time employee or a freelancer

Social media designers are in high demand, but there’s a difference between being an employee and working freelance. Employees have job security while freelancers need to be able set their own hours according to the industry demands- which can sometimes lead them into debt if they aren’t careful about money management!

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Status of hiring social media graphic designers


United States: social media graphic designer employment in the United States grew by 12.4% between 2013 and 2021. While the average growth for all jobs is 14%.

Australia: social media graphic designer employment grew by 11.6% from 2015 to 2021 compared to the average for all occupations (11%).

Canada: The number of social media graphic artists employed in Canada is higher than in other foreign countries, and it is growing significantly every year, attracting social media graphic designers from all over the world.


additional cash compensation


Social media designers in the software industry are compensated at a rate 25% higher than average.
In contrast, social media specialists who work for technology or telecommunications companies make less money but enjoy more flexibility with their hours which may account for this difference  in pay discrepancy between industries.

Health care pays 24% above average while technology (16%) and telecommunications (14%) aren’t far behind.


Social Media Designer annual salary by Experience


Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
Less than 1 year $39,000


1 – 4 $43,000
5 – 9 $49,000
10 – 19 $51,000
More than 20 years $52,000


How much does a social media designer make in different locations?


In the following, we will show you the social media designer’s salary in different locations:


United States



social media designers’ average annual income in the United States is $ 42,580 per year. It means $20.47 per hour, $819 per week, or $3,548 per month.

In general, social media designers’ annual salaries range from the lowest salary of $ 20,000 to a maximum of $ 64,000. This wide average range indicates that there are many opportunities for social media designers to increase revenue that can be achieved by increasing their skill level and experience.


What are the 10 cities above the national average income for social media designers in the US?


The top 3 are Sunnyvale, CA which has a very active job market for social media designers and beats the national average by $9,014 above average. Santa Cruz, CA is in second place and Santa Rosa, CA is in third place with $7,360 above the national average.

Here is a list of these 10 cities and the average income for social media designers in them:


City Per Hour Per Week Per Month Per Year
Sunnyvale, CA $24.80 $992 $4,300 $51,594
Santa Cruz, CA $24.64 $986 $4,271 $51,247
Santa Rosa, CA $24.01 $960 $4,162 $49,940
Williston, ND $23.56 $943 $4,084 $49,012
Manhattan, NY $23.50 $940 $4,074 $48,883
Barnstable Town, MA $23.35 $934 $4,047 $48,568
Cambridge, MA $23.25 $930 $4,030 $48,362
Arlington, VA $23.08 $923 $4,001 $48,006
Dickinson, ND $22.94


$918 $3,976 $47,712
San Mateo, CA $22.89 $916 $3,968 $47,616


United-kingdom, Canada, India


How much does a social media designer make


Here is the social media designer’s annual salary in some other countries:

The national average salary in the United Kingdom for a Social Media Designer is £29,164, in Canada, it is $50,243, and ₹26,872 in India.



Social media designers are in high demand and can hope to have a bright future in this field. With opportunities for advancement, and living costs that vary by location (depending on the cost of housing) social media designer is able to break into any city’s economy easily!

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