How to Add and Edit Tables in Google Slides?

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Tables are the tools that we use to display information in our presentations. A table is a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns. Useful are very useful for carouse action and one of the most important one is that we can catch the audience attention by them and improve our presentation level. 

The table is very good for organizing data in a way that is easier for our audience to understand. 

I do believe that it is very good to know the different features of google slide caused by that we can show our audience that we are professional and they can trust us. 

Here in this blog post, we will learn how to add and edit in google Slides so you can read to the end of this blog if you are interested in learning it.


How to add a table to a slide?

First of all, we are going to learn how we can add a table to our slides easily:243.png

Step 1:

As always in the first step we should open the presentation and then open the slide we want to work on it.244.png

Step 2:

Here we want to open a slider on the right that allows us to select the number of columns and rows we want to include so we should select Insert → Table.

As an example we want to add four columns and four rows, we select the 4×4 configuration so here e caret a table in our google slide, and our job is finished.


How to edit the style of a table?

Here I want to teach you how to edit the style of a table:


  • First changing the color of your table. You can change the color of your table simply by clicking on its outline and selecting Border color. Stick to the template’s colors for visual consistency.


  • if you want to caret a ticker routine or dotted outline you can simply use a border wight or border dash.


How to add content to a table?

After all of this, its time to add content to your table here is how you can simply add content in a few easy steps:


Step 1:

First of all double click on a cell to start writing the content.245.png

Step 2:

Before telling you what to do in this step it’s good to mention that tables work better with numbers and very concise text so it is better to use numbers or concise text. Here you should complete your cells with the necessary information that you have.246.png

Step 3:

Here if you want to style your content, you can select it by clicking and dragging over the areas that contain the text you want to style and use the options font, font size, and text color.247.png

Step 4:

In this step, we will differentiate our titles and one of the easiest ways for doing that is to use a bold typeface for the titles. 248.png

Note: I guess its good to mention here that you shouldn’t worry about your rows and columns that are larger or shorter than your expectation cause you can edit them and once you have created them you can add more or delete them by simply right-clicking on the table and selecting the option that you want.



It is good to know how to add them to our presentation for many reasons that I told you in this blog post. Every presentation needs to have great design so you can also check the design tips in temis blogs.

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