How To Add Bitmoji To Google Slides?

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What do you know about Google Slides? Sure, we have all used it in the past for presentations. But to understand fully what it is and how powerful a tool this can be, let’s dive into its true capabilities with Slides! With just a few clicks of your mouse – or taps on your presentation remote – unleash an ocean of interactive possibilities ready to bring life to any kind of multimedia project. From planning meetings remotely right to creating sales proposals that give impactful impressions – nothing beats utilizing the power behind one simple application: Google Slide!

Interactive learning is a creative way to engage and motivate students in the digital classroom. Using Google Slides, Classroom, and thousands of fun Bitmoji stickers can make assignments more stimulating than traditional methods! With this approach, teachers bring out their student’s best by providing an immersive experience that encourages participation – allowing everyone’s unique ideas to flourish.

Have you ever wanted to make your presentations more fun and unique? Now, it’s easier than ever to add some personality with Bitmoji! By following this guide, you can insert these customizable images directly into any Google Slides presentation from a smartphone or tablet. Plus they come in PNG format with transparent backgrounds so there are endless possibilities for creativity. Get ready to bring life—and laughter—to all of your slide decks!


What is Google Slides: Definition


With Google Slides, you can craft the perfect presentation that gets your point across easily and effectively. Tailor a pre-made template to add some flair or start from scratch with all of the tools at your fingertips in cloud storage! Need help getting started? At Slidesgo School they have an entire library dedicated to tutorials on how best to utilize this platform – unlocking endless possibilities for designing presentations like true pros!


What is Google Slides used for


Google Slides presentations are a great way to make your presentation stand out. With features such as being in the cloud, anytime access from any device, and multiple users able to modify content simultaneously, you can ensure that every version is up-to-date with changes automatically saved through its auto-save feature!


How to add Bitmojis to Google Slides on Android and iOS?

Getting your Bitmoji into a presentation on your phone is easier than you think. All it takes is having both the Google Slides app and the Bitmoji app to get started – then watch as they come together in perfect harmony!seo-bitmoji-03.jpg

Get creative with Google Slides and liven up your presentation! Start by heading over to the app, opening the slide you’d like to add a bitmoji to, tapping on the plus icon at top of the page, and selecting Image from the menu bar – now look through photos for that perfect image.

Create a unique personalized touch to your presentation with Bitmoji! Access the app right from “Browse Files in Other Apps,” choose whichever bitmoji you’d like, drag it around and adjust its size accordingly. iPhone users will need to save their selection through their gallery first – so start expressing yourself today!

After following the easy steps above, your phone’s gallery can be used to conveniently import a bitmoji of your design! Share it with friends and show off your personalized avatar.seo-bitmoji-04.jpg

Add Bitmoji to Google Slides on iPhone and iPad

Turn yourself into a sticker with the Bitmoji app! Download it from the App Store onto your iOS device and then log in. Once you’ve found just the right avatar, adding custom bitmojis to Google Slides is as easy as tapping Avatar or Fashion tab – voilà! You can also search for specific stickers by typing in keywords at top of the screen.

Adding a Bitmoji to your Google Slide is easy. Simply find the sticker you want, copy it from the iOS share sheet, and paste it onto an empty area on your slide – then tailor-make its position for perfect placement!

There are two other methods that you may enjoy:



Bring your Bitmoji creations to life on Google Slides! With just a few simple steps, you can make use of the convenient Bitmoji Keyboard directly from iOS. By going into Settings > Bitmoji and enabling Full Access, all that’s left is for your creative expression to shine through in every slide presentation! 


Method 2:

Making your slides look unique and fun? With the Bitmoji app, you can make it happen! Grab an image of your personalized avatar by going to the app, selecting a favorite Bitmoji, and saving – don’t forget to allow access permission for photos. Lastly, add that spunk into Google Slides with just one tap on “+”, then Image from Photos section. Enjoy creating those creative presentations!


On Android

Unlock a whole new world of creativity and fun by downloading Google Slides and the Bitmoji app onto your Android device. Sign into your account on the Bitmoji app to pick out an avatar that accurately reflects you – scroll through or search for one! Once you’ve found it, hit save from the share menu’s far right side to secure it in place.


Unlock the power of Google Slides to add a bit of pizzazz to your presentation! To easily insert Bitmoji images, tap + (plus) at the top and select ‘Image’, then choose From photos. Here you will find all those fun doodles which have been previously saved on your phone – perfect for adding an extra touch that’ll make sure everyone remembers it!


How to add Bitmojis to Google Slides on PC?

1- Want to create a personal avatar for yourself? Download the Bitmoji app and get ready to bring your digital identity alive! Make sure you have an awesome character that shows off all of your best traits – it’s time for some personalized fun.

2- Let’s kick off this journey by powering up your web browser with the Bitmoji extension – an awesome way to level up online communication!


3- Now you’re ready to add a bitmoji twist and make your presentation stand out! Log in with either your Bitmoji or Snapchat account, then use the extension bar to access fun emojis. Get creative and unlock an amazing world of possibilities – try inserting charming little avatars into any project in no time!


4- Visit Google Slides and launch an inspiring presentation! Get creative with your ideas, and make them engaging and informative – the possibilities are endless.

5- Create engaging animations in your bitmoji using Google Slides! Make positional changes and add formatting effects to personalize it further. Bring the presentation alive with interactive components – both educational and entertaining at once.


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