How to Add Footers in Google Slides?

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Google slide is one of those powerful presentation tools that will let us shine in our presentation with many amazing features. I first found google slide when I was ten and I was searching for a way to have a great presentation in school so that I use it now when I think about what I have made I can say that the presentation that I made was terrible so it came in my mind what I can do ignorer to have a better presentation one good and safe way to have a great presentation is that to work with an agency with similar experience cause I do believe that its the best way so if you need any help for making your presentation you can call us and use our free consult another way that we have is to learn to google slide features and having a footer in your presentations can make you a professional presenter in the views of your audience. 

In this blog post, I will learn you have you can add a footer in your google slides so if you are interested in this topic stay with us.


What is Footer?

The first thing you should know is that you should know what exactly a footer is so that I can tell you a footer is a section that appears at the bottom of each slide and typically contains less important information (but I do believe that it’s really important to have a footer in your presentations) such as:

  • The date 
  • Copyright information
  • Contact details


Also, it’s good to mention a presentation footer will add context and branding to your presentations. 

Here you can add data and the title of your presentation on the footer and as I said they will help you to give a professional presentation.


Why we should use it?

The emend important thing before learning how to add a footer is why we should add a footer, so here in this section, we will pay attention to the reasons for having a footer.


1- Context And Branding

As I said in the prevues line they will context and branding to our presentations also adding your company logo and other relevant information can help establish your brand and provide a consistent visual theme for your slides.


2- Professionalism 

One of our targets, when we are making a presentation, is to look more professional so adding a footer will help us to achieve that.


3- Customization

There are times that you don’t want to share it with others and you want that just for yourself. In this case, I believe that customizing it to your needs and preferences is. 


How to add?


Now that you know why we should use them it’s time to tell you to have you can add them. 


Step 1:

Open your google slide presentation 1.jpg

Step 2:

Choose the slide that you want to add a footer on it2.jpg

Step 3:

select the ‘text container’ from the Toolbar dropdown menu. Then click and drag to shape a textual content field on the slide. 


Step 4:

Here you should add the text that you want for your footer also you can change the texts font, size, color, alignment, and style 


Adding a footer on multiple slides

Always we are searching for several ways to save time for our self or even we don’t have much time to spend working on footers or we want to add one footer to all of our slides (or in some of our slides). 

Here I will learn you an easy way to add them as soon as possible.


Step 1:

Select the slide that you want to insert your footer.3-1.jpg

Step 2:

Click on ‘Slide’ and select ‘Edit grasp’ from the dropdown menu.4.jpg

Step 3:

The master Editor View ought to open.5.jpg

Step 4:

Click on the Insert placeholder dropdown arrow on the Toolbar and choose the text field.


Step 5:

Now you should just simply draw a text box where you want to place the footer.

Step 6:

 Here you should enter the text. as I said in the previous method, you can now change the size, alignment, font, color, and style using the options found on the toolbar.


Step 7:

Click the “X” button at the upper proper to go out of the grasp view. The footer text will seem on all of the slides which are derived from this slide grasp.


How to delete it?

Okay, there are times that you need to delete the footer so here what’s you should do:


Step 1: 

Please for the first step you should open the presentation on google Slides, then select the slide that you want to delete from the footer.


Step 2:

Click ‘View’ from the pinnacle menu and pick “grasp’ from the dropdown menu.


Step 3:

right-click on Delete the footer textual content.


Step 4:

 Click on the “X” button on the top proper to exit the grasp view. The footer or header text can be eliminated on all of the slides that are derived from this slide grasp.


Adding page numbers on Google Slides

Here if you want to affix page numbers to google slide, its to easy to add page numbers in a few steps:


Step 1:

Here you should simply open your google slide and then go to the slide to you want to add numbers. 8.jpg

Step 2: 

From the Toolbar menu, click ‘Insert’ and select ‘Slide numbers’ to shape the dropdown.9.jpg

Step 3: 

Click on practice.


In the end, I want to tell you if you want to add a slide number and you don’t want your title slide to be numbered, you need to check the box next to ‘skip title slides’. Also if you want to number only specific slides, choose ‘apply to selected’ instead of ‘apply’.


How to delete the page number?


Step 1: 

Open the Google Slide presentation containing the slide numbers which you need to put off.


Step 2: 

Choose the ‘Insert’ tab on the pinnacle menu.


Step 3:

Pick ‘Slide numbers’ at the lowest of the dropdown menu.


Step 4:

Pick the ‘Off’ alternative.10.jpg

Step 5: 

Click the ‘apply’ button.



In the end I with the blog work for you but if you are still searching for ways to improve your presentation you can call an agency to help you make your presentation so you gonna have a better presentation. 

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