How to put references in a PowerPoint presentation, and why it’s important?

how to add references in powerpoint
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Any article you write has a reference and citation to show it’s been written based on evidence. Referencing is a method for maintaining the credibility of your results and statements in your PowerPoint presentation design services. More of this can help to demonstrate to the audience where your sources are.

For your presentations, you can also insert references in PowerPoint. It’s not a challenge to find references and citations for your presentation, but it’s crucial to do it correctly. If you have no idea how to add references in PowerPoint and need a hand, this blog post is the right place to find your questions and answers.

how to add reference in ppt

References in PowerPoint

Before learning how to add references in PowerPoint, we are going to explore what is references in PowerPoint.

References in PowerPoint are a way to cite the sources of your founded data and information you used in your presentation. It will give credit to the main authors of the information and also, allow your audience to verify and check on the accuracy of your presentation data.

How many types of references in PowerPoint do we have?

There are two main types of references in PowerPoint: in-text citations and reference lists.

  • In-text citations:

They are short references that occur in between the slides of your presentation. These generally comprise an abbreviated form of the authors’ surnames followed by a date of publication. it is also important to put references when you share a Google slide presentation.

(Smith, 2023) is an example of an in-text citation, which tells the reader or audience that all data on this slide is derived from a work by Smith in 2023.

  • Reference list or bibliography:

You may hear that reference lists are called bibliographies. It’s a list of all sources that you have referred to in this presentation. This is usually how to end a presentation.

Smith, J. (2023). The future of work. Oxford University Press is an example of a reference list entry. The reader would be able to get all he needs to trace the origin of the information through this reference list entry, which gives the readers the author’s name, title of the work, publisher, and the year published.

how to insert references in powerpoint

How to add a citation in PowerPoint?

Adding citations in PowerPoint is a specific method but easy that you can do in a few easy steps:

  1. In the insert tab, choose the Header & Footer option.
  2. Select the Footer in the slide tab pop-up window that will appear on your display, then type your references in the field.
  3. Push the Apply to add references and footnotes to your slide.

Note that it’s important to add citations to your slides. This will show your audience that your work is based on research and strong pieces of evidence.

How to add a bibliography in PowerPoint?

Adding a bibliography in PowerPoint is like adding citations in easy and simple steps.

  1. Go to the Insert tab and choose Header & Footer.
  2. A pop-up window will open. Choose the slide tab and then select Footer and write your bibliography in the prompted field.
  3. Finally, select Apply to add your bibliography to the current slide of the PowerPoint.

Note that you should bring all information about the sources, including the author’s name, publication date, title, and others.

How to add references list in PowerPoint?

It’s like previous methods but different.

  1. In the Insert tab, select the new slide drop-down.
  2. in the opened slide, choose the “Title and Content” type of slide.
  3. Now, use the new slide to create a reference list by writing them down or copy/paste references in the content section.

Note: According to the citation style, your reference list should be formatted. 3 citation styles are commonly used: APA, MLA, and Chicago.

add reference powerpoint

The importance of including references in your presentation?

There are many reasons why insert references in PowerPoint is essential. Here are some:

  • Justifies Research

If you have references in your slide, it could show that you are done with this presentation yourself. It also shows that you don’t just discuss the topic but have researched it thoroughly.

Think about yourself as a member of the audience and then consider it. Do you believe in someone who presents his findings with no resources?

  • Helps you to stand out

Referring to other people allows viewers to see the differences between your thoughts and those of others. This is important because only some of the material in your PowerPoint presentation will reflect your unique perspective.

Sometimes, even though you disagree with the source’s views, you may still be asked to offer your own viewpoints or clarify any misconceptions. When the audience sees that the presenter has a unique stance that interests them, they will be more confident in you. You are likely to climb the career ladder.

  • Recognizes the source of information

No one chooses a source they don’t find useful in their presentation or when citing it in research. Citing a source is a sign that you are likely to be knowledgeable in the subject. In addition, it shows that you have done extensive research on the topic. Also, it would show the effort and hard work of the presenter to the audience.

  • Avoiding Plagiarism

By using capitation, you can avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as using others’ work, ideas or research on your own work. It would be best if you considered the PowerPoint plagiarism checker while using other sources in your presentation. You can use online plagiarism tools before publishing or presenting your work.

insert reference in powerpoint

Tips on how to put references in PowerPoint

When you insert references in PowerPoint, it is crucial to provide adequate information and data.

Use the right citation style in your presentation to avoid copyright issues.

Highlight the sources you are using in your presentation, and if it’s direct from the source, use quotes.


Having citations and references in PowerPoint presentations could upgrade the quality of your work. Because it shows that you have done all parts of the process, and it’s not just a copy-paste presentation. We introduced you all possible methods on how to add references in PowerPoint to make your PPT presentation better than others. Follow our guidelines and enhance the quality of your PowerPoint presentations and your own reputation, among others.


Should I add references in a presentation?

Referencing is a technique for strengthening the credibility of your findings and arguments in your presentation. In addition, they help demonstrate to the audience where you got them from. Whether you present your work in a formal or professional setting, you must try adding references to it.

What is the difference between a bibliography and a reference?

A reference list includes only sources you have cited in your assignment. But, a bibliography refers to the list of all sources you utilized to generate your ideas about the topic, including those cited in your assignment and those you did not cite.

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