How to Align Objects in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow?

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We should learn many ways to improve our knowledge about presentations, make good presentations in PowerPoint, and look more professional. In this blog post, I will teach you to align objects in PowerPoint automatically and manually so you can do both.

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Automatically align the object in PowerPoint.

We don’t have much time to align every single object, so one of the most significant ways to do it faster and easier is to align them automatically. Also, you should know positioning a single object is just as important as a group of objects because it can be your focus point or the one you want to align other elements around. 

Here I will teach you to align a single object in an exact location on the slide.


Step 1:

choose the element or organization of factors. If you need all items on the slide, you can use manage + A to pick them. Instead, maintain your control key as you click everyone.


Step 2:

Here is the second step: go to the Home tab and then move to the Drawing section of the ribbon.


 Step 3:

click arrange to display a drop-down listing of alternatives.


 Step 4:

Hover your cursor over Align at the bottom below position items.


Step 5:

Then you should simply select a position from the pop-out menu.


At the top of your list, you will have a horizontal alignment for the left, center, and right. Next, you have a vertical alignment for the top, middle, and bottom.


Also, if you are lining up a single element, you can simply combine this alignment for a precise location; this can be top-center or bottom-left.

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Manually align the object in PowerPoint. 

Here I will teach manually aligning objects for those who want to line up their items manually or need further adjustments. 

In these cases, we have a few PowerPoint features to help you if you are interested.


Smart Guides 

This can appear without any sitting adjustment in your PowerPoint. As you move elements on a side, you’ll see these handy guides appears. 

When you move an object, you will see the smart guides appears on the slide. As you move, these can help you to line up your elements based on the left, right, bottom, or top. 


Guidelines and guides

 You can use adjustable guides and a grid to line up objects. You should go to the view tab, move to the show section of the show of the ribbon, and you’ll see checkboxes for both gridlines and guides. 


Here you will see some gridlines in the background, which are very useful lines that appear. You should know that they do not become the background and are only visible to help you lay out your slide elements.


 Here if you enable guides, you’ll see the read and dotted lines appear, and you should know that the back lines are the ones you can adjust. By adjusting the black lines to the red, you can more easily align your objects using both, so place your cursor over one and when you see the two-sided arrow, drag it to the position where you want it. 

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