How to announce your new job on social media?

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Are you starting a new job soon? LinkedIn is a great place to make an impactful announcement. But how do you craft the optimal message? In this article, we’ll outline the elements that go into creating an attention-grabbing job announcement on Linkedin. We’ll cover how to add your experience section, activate the “notify network” option, and write a personal and succinct message summarizing what you will be doing and expressing gratitude. Read on to learn tips for developing your own compelling job announcement!


What a LinkedIn job announcement should feature?

To get the most out of your LinkedIn job announcement, make sure to include some essential components. Keep it brief – two to three sentences is recommended. In your post you can include details like your new title, excitement about the new opportunity, gratitude towards any previous and current teams, a picture and hashtags. This allows you to deliver an effective message that captures the highlights of your journey so far!


An attention-grabbing hook

We’re ecstatic to announce that we have some big news for our followers. Use language like “I’m excited to announce,” “I’m thrilled to share,” or “Big news!” to draw attention and pique interest in your post. This will help set up the announcement that comes next.


What you’re looking forward to

I’m excited to join this new role and I’m looking forward to the opportunities it provides. Whether it be a chance to pivot into a different industry and gain new knowledge, take on greater responsibilities, or get creative with my job scope, I’m confident that this job will help me grow both personally and professionally.


  •  An image 

In order to make your post even more engaging and visually appealing, try adding a relevant graphic or image. This could be something like your office set-up or the company’s logo- whatever best represents the work-related nature of the announcement. Try to find something that stands out and is eye-catching so people will be more likely to take notice of your message And don’t forget – you can always create original artwork specifically for this purpose!


  •  Tags and hashtags

Tags are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way to ensure your post’s visibility reaches a wider audience. Making use of both @ tags – which allow you to call out certain people – and hashtags at the end are great ways to maximize reach. Consider adding these elements into your posts for further reach.


  • Provide details

Informing your network of the exciting change in your career is pivotal – and announcing it on LinkedIn can make that happen! When posting about your new position, add some details about yourself and why you are eager to join this company. What are you looking forward to? Why does this opportunity excite you? Those insights will get others invested in your accomplishment.


  • Keep it positive

When discussing your previous employers on social media, put forth a professional and composed representation. Express gratitude for the opportunity to have worked for their organization, commending them on positive aspects if those exist. If it was an overall rewarding experience, express that as well, noting any growth achieved in one’s area of practice as well as any impactful/influential managerial figures. Constructive criticism should be avoided if possible.


When to write about your new job?

When announcing your new career position, consider the best time to do so depending on your current circumstances. If you’re just starting out in your professional life, there’s no immediate rush to announce it. However, if this marks a significant change in roles or jobs, make sure you wait until everything is finalized with the new company before telling anyone at the existing company that you are leaving – especially not over social media where an unsympathetic colleague could leak it! First of all, make sure you tell your boss directly and then once this has been done already taken place create two separate posts about the transition: one about leaving and one about beginning a journey in the new role. This demonstrates both gratitude for the previous post and excitement for the venture ahead.

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