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How to Apply Effects to an Image in Google Slides?

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One of the most important in every presentation is the image that they are on it. In every production, we always search for ways to improve our presentation and look more professional. Also, our repose is to look more professional in our presentation. There are several ways you went to improve your image’s look in production, and in this blog post, I will teach you how to apply effects to the pictures in your google slides presentation.

Recoloring an Image


Step 1:

I am selecting the image that you want to modify in your google slides presentation.

Step 2:

go to layout options and open the Recolor tab.2.jpg

Step 3:

Here in this step, it would help if you chose the desired option. Also, if you want to revert an image to its original state, select” No recoiler.”


Changing the Transparency of an Image


As the first step, go to the google slide presentation and select the image you want to modify.

Step 2:

Here, you should go to the format options and open the Adjustment tab.1.jpg

Step 3:

To adjust the transparency, you can click and drag the transparency slider.4.jpg

Changing the Brightness and Contrast of an Image

Step 1:

Open your presentation on google Slides and select the image you’d like to modify.

Step 2:

Here go to the format options and open the Adjustment tab.5.jpg


You should click and drag the brightness slider to adjust the brightness.6.jpg

Step 4:

Please click and drag the constant slider for the last step to adjust the contrast.7.jpg8.jpg

Adding a Shadow to an Image

 Step 1:

For the first step, open the image you want to modify for your google slides presentation.10.jpg

Step 2:

You should check the box next to the Drop shadow for doing that; you should think of the format option. We are doing this to adjust the different settings for the shadow, such as:

  • Color: We will select the color of the shadow here.
  • Transparency: Like the previous one, you can click and drag the slider to adjust the transparency.
  • AngleClick and drag the slider to adjust the angle from which the shadow is projected.
  • Distance: Click on and drag the slider to alter the distance. The larger the space, the longer the shadow.9.jpg


I learn from you in this blog many unique ways to put an image on your presentation and make it look more professional. This blog post will help you a lot, but if you still have any questions or problems, you can ask us or add a comment.

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